RE: Time To Wake Up and Fix Steem's Voting Problem

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Time To Wake Up and Fix Steem's Voting Problem

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Socialism is a bit of a rubber-concept. You could use socialism in a broad general sense meaning a system that takes care of its poor, but almost all western societies except the US has a public health care system for example. If that is what the progressives mean, we Scandinavians are socialists, but so are the Brits, the French, the Canadians etc.

And then it can be a system where you have collective ownership of the means of production. Like communism. We are not that kind of system. We are still a capitalist system.

I think that the US discussion has been a little off when it come to what socialism actually is since McCarthy or maybe even before that.

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The progressive left here in the States would like not only a State sponsored health care system, but like you free higher education, much more "social justice and income justice", much more government involvement in housing...well it's a pretty long list. So it is not socialism by the actual definition, but more of a hybrid like what the Scandinavians have. Unfortunately the US is 20 Trillion dollars in debt with over 100 Trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities such as government pensions, Social Security, medical care for the aged, etc. To this point we've been able to sell our debt to China, the EU and other countries but the well is running dry. So... kind of between a rock and a hard place. We're broke. But there always seems to be money for the military and expansion of the Empire around the world. Oh my... sure hope Steemit works quick before the Titanic goes down.


To return to the original topic of the posts this is actually why changes should be applied to the way we vote here on Steemit rather sooner than later.

Rettidig omhu we call it in Denmark (properly timed care). Taking care of problems early on to save larger efforts later. It is mimicked in this proverb (that really only give meaning in cold countries): He/she/they are pissing themselves to keep warm (the urine will give you frozen pants later).