60 SBD Mega Giveaway Contest: New Milestone - 60 Reputation Score!

3년 전

The time has come! You have helped me hit the 60 reputation (profile) score on Steem!

Hitting this number has been a goal of mine since my start back in December of last year and I am excited to see what the future holds.

I could not have hit this milestone without you, my loyal follower, and without the help of @dtube, @dlive, @jerrybanfield, and many others who supported me over these past 5 months.

Let this milestone serve as an encouragement to you my friend. One of the reasons I set this goal is to show others that it is possible. You can do whatever you put your mind to.

With that said...help me celebrate!

60 Reputation Score.PNG

To be entered in the contest, please complete ALL of the following:

1. Upvote this post

2. Leave a thoughtful comment below

3. Resteem this post

4. And follow @kenmelendez

That's it! Super easy!

Thank you guys again for helping me achieve this milestone...you guys rock!

Can't wait to see you in the next vlog. Until next time, remember...YOU ARE AWESOME!

Take care.


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Congrats :)
It is indeed a great success to hit 60 in just 5 months! You must be really proud :)

Congrats! Soon enough you will be 65 like me!


You know it @bwells! Higher and higher is the goal!

Congratulation. 60 reputation is my dream too. Hopefully, I will get there soon.


Yes @simonpeter35 just keep on moving forward my friend. You WILL get there!


Thanks buddy, let's keep moving forward.

congrats man! once you hit 55 that isht goes slow as hell.


@kiefpreston.com don't worry about that, just work on getting your content upvoted by large accounts such as DTube and DLive. DTube has been a cornerstone for me reaching this goal.


Congrats Ken! Have been following you since day one and i must say you're a very hardworking and passionate person and are thus very well deserving of this. A week or so ago, I was reading one of your posts and i was certainly wasn't as informed and enlightened as you, just know it taught me a lot that day. So I can tell you've done countless hours of research, because Climbing the ladder of reputation from 50 - 60 is not an easy thing compare to 25-50. I know you have really put in several efforts to achieve this.

You deserve many more milestones ahead. Today is the day when you can sit relaxed and have a review of your journey till now. Don't forget to sip on the beer while going through. :)

Amazing man you are with endless possibilities. For now, just enjoy!



@jordanlove I always enjoy reading the comments you leave on my posts. Appreciate you bud and am super happy to be serving the community with inspiration and motivation. Cheers to you my friend.


Congratulations on the achievements you have accomplished. keep the spirit to reach the maximum limit. My prayer is with you.

Congratulation on your great success bro. Wish you will get an amazing journey in the upcoming days. It is the first day I saw your post. Hopefully we will be connected in future days. Have a blast bro.

Congrats!! Great achievement!! I´m working on the 60 since quite a while and I guess it will take some more time. It is funny how easy it was for some time and then from 55 on it gets really slowly. Glad you made it!

Nobody wants to turn 60 in real live but everyone wants the 60 on Steemit!! 😁

Keep on Steeming!! 💪

@kenmelendez wow a big Congratulations to you! You are so much blessed. I know that you have work so hard to achieve this milestones, I have nothing but full support and appreciation. Another success , milestones here on Steemit, another opportunity to inspire and encourage other people. Here is my congratulatory video to you

Ken, I wish you nothing but success as you continue to progress here. Continue to be hardworking and be that inspiration to everyone. I commend you for your generousity. Hardwork really pays off. Continue to reach for your dream here, I will be looking forward for your future endeavors. Job well done, cheers!
Another important thing I've notice from you is that you seems to be very approachable and humble, I can really sense the sincerity in your posts. I guess you are very optimistic in life, reading every posts you do are full of positive outlook
You have come a long way !Dreams are essential I believe,Without dreams, there will be no ambition to chase. There will be no goal to reach. We will all be nothing without dreams. Whatever your desire and heart wants follow it!


@zam398 WOW WOW WOW. You made a video congratulating me. I haven't had anyone do that before. I appreciate you so much and am thankful to have you in my life. Lets continue rockin' this Steem journey together!



Welcome , I really wanted to have a very sincere and honest message. Godbless Ken

That is a short time to get 60 rep well done @kenmelendez you may even have 70 rep by the end of the year 🤞. Upvoted, followed and Resteemed...

  ·  3년 전

Congratulations bro Ken,for 5 months on steemit hitting 60 reputations was an awesome milestone bro!

We are proud of having you here in this platform,you really did a good job and a good example to those fellow steemians to reach their goal or milestone on steemit.

And thank you to a great and loyal followers you had,specially @dtube @dlive and to our very owned @jerrybanfield..


Keep on steeming and inspired other fellow steemians.


Bien ^_^


Yeah @jerrybanfield has some interesting posts and it's nice getting an upvote from @dtube nice!

  ·  3년 전

indeed friend,he has a lot of interesting post!

Congratulations to you my friend @kenmelendez, its great achievement and great prestigious in steemit platform, success always for you, greeting friendship and brotherhood from me @abialfatih in aceh indonesia, I have upvote and resteem your post to more than 2600 my followers

Nothing is impossible. First, I want to congratulate you @kenmelendez for your new milestone which is hitting your reputation at 60. A celebration that comes in our mind with reaching a goal. In just 5 months and counting in your steemit journey, it is indeed a great achievement.

Wishing you a Good Luck for your another goal and another achievements in the near future.

Hearty congratulations dear. Wishing you greater achievements here on the block chain

Many congratulations @kenmelendez , you deserved the success. Few days back I had seen your video Jealousy on Steem and How to Overcome It, which was so inspiring and motivational for many of us. That time only I could smell that the guy has spirit.
Steemit is a developing platform, while the platform for publications is gaining popularity outside the crypto community, its stealth crypto currency has reached the third place in terms of market capitalization after BTC and ETH. The success lies in having people like you, @jerrybenfield, and many others, who make us proud to be here. I follow your posts now and surely recommend to others. I wish more and more success in future. Thanks.

Ken, I remember starting to contribute to this platform and feeling so out of place; wondering if the content I was sharing was going to be worth anything to anyone. I think stressing about it was hindering me. However, as I continue to be consistent, it has felt much more comfortable and noticed that little by little, people have taken notice. Even if it was able to help one or two finish their day strong, for me, that makes me happy. Thanks for all you do to contribute! Great job!

Hi @kenmelendez, I'm @jacksartori and I'm your new follower. I didn't become your follower to win the prize (that doesn't interest me) but because I found your account very interesting. In particular, the post "DLive Debut> How to Quickly Develop Your Steem Authorship" was an inspiration for me. You deserve all the success gained and I congratulate with you for reaching this goal.
Keep it up...
See you soon by @jacksartori :)

Wow that's so cool! Steemit community is growing fast! I resteemed and voted 100% ^_^ Thanks for the contest!

Very nice, hope one day I will be like you :)

Waoo you are so great in achieving this reputation so fast ... I salute you can reach this high level ... Success bro ...

Oprah Winfrey said
"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams"
And now a days my dream is to earn a better life for my childrens. And it is not happened without money. So i am here in your contest to get some SBD @kenmelendezh


I have a dog pepper, a cat Fluffy, a gold fish Locks and a komono dragon bity.

I'm not a really thoughtful person lol. However, I am lowkey jealous bro! I started last December as well and my blog ain't shit compare to yours haha. I wish you the best of luck!

A 60 reputation in 5 months is pretty good achievements. I wish I can reach there some day. Congratulations for your achievements. Steemit is growing fast so are we.

I really congratulate you. I imagine the great effort and constancua that you have dedicated to achieve this goal. I will follow you and try to learn from your example

Happy friend for this remarkable achievement, may always be a successful person,
Upvote and resteem done ..

Hello @kenmelendez congratulations for this Milestone, my thoughtful comment for the contest (which has helped me a lot) is the following: "Do not get discouraged if you can not win, because you always win, since you win or you learn and win is to learn" This means that if we do not achieve victory we must learn from "defeats" and turn them into lessons.

And when we learn, we never lose :)

Congratulations @kenmelendez, bigger you sooner as I am wishing you a reputation of 70...you will surely get there...

You have achieved many goals lately. It is really wonderful to find people who motivate on this platform. I have several months on this platform and if there is one thing I learned, success is achieved only with effort and persistence. I am always aware of your publications and they are really good for which I feel that you really care and well here are the fruits of that effort ... congratulations again for continuing to achieve your goals and of course the road is just beginning, there is much ahead But I know that together with you we will continue celebrating many achievements. I appreciate a lot for being an example to follow and I really hope you keep growing and that many users including me, we are a reflection of you on the platform creating fun and quality content every day.

Greetings dear @kenmelendez and again Congratulations.

By Somewhere in the world.



Pls i will really appreciate your help, days back i dont log-in to steemit just because my phone is not gud, so i need to buy another phone. I'll appreciate your help so much. Thanks


amm bueh I'm in the same ... I think you answered my comment which is super weird ...

First that I win I want to congratulate you for this, have shown that when someone focuses on achieving something there is no one to stop it, if you want it you achieve it there are no limits, you limit them, you hope they follow your achievements, you are an example to follow since we have seen how few people really achieve their goal in this. And this is the case, for example, steemit I returned my work, my main source of income that has helped me but I have had important losses but it is not an excuse to keep going because as I said in the beginning if you want you can do it, I send you a big hug from Venezuela

Bro if u remember i said it 2 days ago that i was willing for your to go to 60.
Now you have doomed it. You have turned a 🐋 whale to me..
Now you will see what it is to be the boss

Thats awesome man. i remember when i started, i didnt think i would get far. but now im ... well, im stuill not far... then i realised the other day i had hit 600 followers and 500 posts... a week later, i had +100/+100 and i was like, oh my... this is getting intense :D

keep up the good work.
i dont get noticed by the @jerry banfields or the @dans of the platform unfortunately. it used to bother me. but then i just thought 'u know what? i enjoy sharing. as much as i need the money, id rather make the smiles on faces.

i probably could use some coaching on making my posts a bit more 'informal. but ... yeah... runs out of words

Hi @kenmelendez

In truth, I congratulate you sincerely, you have achieved your goal:
to reach 60 reputation is the dream of all!

Keep working as you have always done, with dedication and dedication, with optimism and perseverance ...
You will continue to achieve success ...!

I only hope, some day close, to experience first hand, that joy that today you contagious us for your achievement

Congratulations distinguished friend!

Congratulations @kenmelendez! 5 months is great achievements, I am really glad you are here Keep up great work. Good luck with your trip in this communitas.

60 is a great score, and the timeit took is remarkable. Congrats. A thoughtfull comment.... :) since I use steemit i have met a lot of great people of which I think symbolizes the power of steemit. @steevc , @slobberchops , @conradt , @tijntje , @melbookermusic to name a few. It is about engaging with people all over the world with the things you love or love to write about. For me it's slowly entering my DNA 😆 . I also learn a lot about the daily lives of a lot of steemians, great to see so many people of different cultures interacting. An example wich I often use in private life. Not to mention (my passion) music. I thought I had a broad musical knowledge, but learning new music every day... thats for me the power of steemit in a nutshell, have a great day !!

Congratulations, that's an achievement. But never forget that great achievements require a lot of patience and time. And all those who have achieved great things have been great dreamers.

Congratulations @kenmelendez, a reputation of 60 is a great achievement, I hope you keep growing in this wonderful community and that you can achieve all your goals. Your friends will be here to celebrate your triumphs with you. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences with us, greetings!

congratulation, I hope you will reach 75 score even faster. That's a motivation to continue with my blog here



U're great m8 :)

Nice job dude! Isn't ranking and building on the steem blockchain just like a real life RPG? I love it haha, I feel like I'm leveling up my character in a game a little bit. Keep the great content coming! Thanks so much for running the contest best of luck to everyone!

So much success in such a less time. That's great. I am thinking of joining dtube. I know dtube is not the key for your success. Its your hard work. But I want to develop my confidence on vlogs.
Congrats on your success and wish you more success.


I am very happy for you, in 5 months to achieve reputation 60 is a success. I managed to reach my reputation in a year, but I was not very active.

You are an example for newbies and I'm glad I discovered your blog, you have quality content and I appreciate your work.

Best wishes @kenmelendez!

Hello @kenmelendez it's a pleasure to say hello and see that you have reached that incredible goal, I hope someday to get where you are. It is not easy to have that status and for that I congratulate you enormously. Thanks for everything and we will continue to support you throughout the Steemit community. Congratulations!!

You have come a long way on this platform and sure have worked hard for your success. Its no surprise you have achieved reputation 60. Congratulations on your achievement sir.

"Life isn't about finding yourself, but about creating yourself"...
-Thank you for Organize this contest, which gives the participant the opportunity to interact and learn. Greetings.

me parece genial que hayas logrado un objetivo fantastico, te felicito por tener empeño y coraje de cada dia estar para esta plataforma y para nosotros. me encanta ver el entusiasmo de las demas personas para inspirarme y para no decaer en ciertos momentos.. espero que sigas por ese buen camino de exito y felicidad, un ejemplo a seguir, y un ejermplo de que nada es imposible... recuerda tu eres tu propio limite en la vida!!!

Congratuuuuulaaaations ! I am super happy for you :) I also setted up some goals and feel motivated by them. Goals are easily helping to see the own progress and push much more. Thanks for sharing all your experiences !


Thanks Tibby! Your goals video was awesome, I commented the other day. Glad to have you as a friend :)

Hello @Kenmelendez,

Thumb Up @kenmelendez

Firstly, I congratulate you on your achievement - reaching a milestone that seems very difficult for many. I am of them. It took me complete 4 months since December 2017, to move up on the slope of reputation 57 t0 58.

At a point, i was discouraged, seeing my friends moving so fast. So many thoughts ran through my mind as per what could be the cause of my crawling reputation. I inquired form @steemcleaner to be sure i'm not on cheetah's blacklist. It was negative. So what could cause it was a serious headache for me: a dream i wished i could wake up from.

Then i remembered a line i read in one the motivational posts i read back in July 2017 when i joined this platform - "That reputation moves faster between 25 and 50, and begins to crawl from 50 upward". So this gave me a concern that i might not been doing something right.

Last month, i finally left the miserable benchmark to 58. I was very happy about this. Just as you did i also plan to do when i attain 60. This told me that when you set your mind to something, with determination and persistence, it will become yours.

"Reputation shows how well we doing on steemit", not how far we've gone.

"Congratulation once again."


Congratulation @kenmelendez you're such a great inspiration to me. You may had encounters hard times, but it never stop's you from believing in your goal that you can do it and you really did have a great spirit in doing you're best and determination to finally deserved to received the milestone that you deserved to have and to your goals here in steemit. How I wished I could possible have this kind of great success thanks for sharing one of you're great achievement with us. Thank you also for sharing you're blessing with us through this contest.

More power to you @kenmelendez and More Blessing to come in you're Life GodBless you!!!

Congratulations! I know how I felt whey I hit 500 followers. I am at 56 reputation and 615 followers as of this comment. I wish you much fun, and great content making!

Whatever the mind can conceive, believe, it will receive. Indeed beyond every reasonable doubt you have paid your dues and you deserve some accolades my friend.

Reading humble stories like yours encourages me to keep at what i am doing everyday here on steemit. I love your acknowledgement to @dtube @dlive @jerrybanfield that is great because the principle of loyalty is highly needed in the journey of growth and success.

I salute you my friend once more and i must say you are an inspiration to me. I promised myself to keep at the momentum till i get there too.

I have followed you, upvoted your work and resteemed your work.

Thanks for sharing this valuable piece of wonderful, awesome, inspiring lines from you.

I am me @brightfame

What kind of comment do you still ask for?
We're not there when you keep late nights inorder to put finishing touches to your vlogs and blogs.
You think out something from nothing in the name of originality to impress your fans and create a name/brand for your self. How is my comments needed for that?
You earn steem, spend data and time to give back what you can and now that the reputation and follower base has increased your talking of helping you?
No you had helped us too and wait a minute (Did he mention giveaways?
Then I must stop ranting and be polite).
Hello @kenmelendez, kudos on your increase.

congratulations I hope it continues to prosper every day more

Wow that's great 😊.congratulations for your achievement.Wish your golden future on steem community.

Wow! That's quite the achievement in just 6 short months! Very encouraged by this fete. I'm gonna go back to grinding harder now knowing that anything is achievable.

And that wallet is setting higher standards too!

Congratulation for the milestone. Now is time to go for more!

Congratulations! I started at end of December and I am at 52 reputation so you have done well. Glad to see that happening. Can be frustrating at times on Steemit but lots of people do well also.

Wow! So swift? I'm happy for you @kenmelendez. We actually joined this great platform at the same time, but here you are; already ahead me with a reputation of 10, which shows how hardworking you are on your blog.
Love you for that!


I just upvoted and followed you...

Quite an achievement @kenmelendez, an inspiration to all. It's hard to get the ball rolling but you've shown it's possible. Great leadership.

This is indeed a motivation for me. I have been here for about 3months and I am on 31. Going through your profile has thought me the essence of patience and consistency. Indeed, the hammer that shatters the glass, forges the steel, I congratulate you for not giving up and I'm glad it is paying off for you. Congrats once again.

congratulation for your success.i remember you as long as I live:)

Congratulations for achieving your 60 reputations! Continue sharing your thoughts and enjoy steeming! Best luck on your next journey and more power!

Congratulation bro!! You have really tried by reaching this reputation. I also wish to be like you.. Great jobdone bro. Keep up the good work!!

  ·  3년 전

Admirable what you have achieved in such a short time friend @ kenmelendez, congratulations on this achievement, I have much more time than you and I have managed to reach level 47, but I am still working to advance on this great platform... Greetings....

Congratulations for this achievement @kenmelendez, the perseverance and dedication with which you do each of your posts is paying off, you are an example for many of us who have not yet reached that level, nothing is impossible, thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and Joy through this post. I hope you continue with your quality publications and that you are still part of this great family Steemit. Congratulations again!

Congratulations from Nigeria

A very big congratulations to you @kenmelendez, you have really come a long way. Your vlog is one to emulate and learn from because to get to reputation 60, it shows the amount of hardwork and energy you have invested in the platform. My prayers are with you as begin another milestone to a higher reputation. Congratulations once more

Wow! Congratulations bro! You are an inspiration!! I started out in December too but I have not been consistent as you have been.
I have given myself the task of studying your blog for the next one week and drawing lessons from it.

I see you hitting 70 soon!

I am behind you, watch your back!!

Good to see hard work and dedication finally paying off. More steem ahead, pun intended.

congrats on the achievement of yours and yes it takes a lot of dedication and hard work to be here :)

For every Steemian that is a dream while once it is achieved than on to the next one of 61 :)

Hope you get there very soon buddy :)

It is not easy to reach 60, it was felt when it started past 47. Congratulation @kenmelendez!

At first congratulations dear @kenmelendez for your great success from my heart.This reputation is your prize for your hard working.So just carry on and try to do your any type work from the heart with full concentration.God must help you.

Nice video man, I hope that as soon as I get out of high school I can get the time to be more active in here! This is a great post brother, I am not as successful as you on Steemit! I am working extremely hard to get to where I wish to be in my life, good luck from now on buddy! I will participate in the giveaway (I just upvoted and resteemed your post, I already follow you!). Thanks mate, I am glad of having the chance to participate in a way for me to get more Steem power! :D

Congratulation kenmelendez! Your post has appeared on the hot page after 41min with 52 votes.
Thanks to @souldelas.

Congratulations on hitting 60! Very nice accomplishment within the half year.
I got introduced to steemit by @verhp11 last January and I am really starting to love it here.
Thanks to steemit I reconnected to my hobby photography, listened to a lot off great old songs thanks to some challenges. Finding more and more great photo artists to follow, listened to some interesting vlogs and read a lot of interesting stuff here.
I have quit the way ahead to 60 but going for it.
Congrats once more and have a nice day. On to 61

It's great to see your success! I appreciate your benchmark contests/drawings, it is a clever way to promote yourself and engage in the community. Will you (and perhaps your family) be attending the Steem Creator's Conference in September?

Wow! Way to go man! I really cant wait to get there too. Steemit is a whole lot of work🙄 I tell you! But keep up the good work and thank you for making steemit amazing! By the way your wallet looks juicy 😄😄

I can understand your emotion, because I am excited with my number 42. I am beginning, yet I don't understand how works some things. How do you feel looking us from up? Great job! 😉

'Let this milestone serve as an encouragement to you my friend. One of the reasons I set this goal is to show others that it is possible. You can do whatever you put your mind to' - @kenmelendez

I think this is worth the SBD you want to give out, especially for people like us. When I look at my blog and see the cents my posts attract, it makes me to wonder if I'll rise in this platform like others. Stories from people like you; stories like the one you share gives us hope. One day, I hope to tell a similar story too and give back to the community especially minnows just like you're doing now.

Thanks for uplifting my spirit. I wish you greater milestone @kenmelendez.

Hello @kenmelendez in the first place, congratulations! It is a great achievement, I hope that one day I will have that reputation, that I will have many successes! once again congratulations!

Congratulations Ken on your achievement, it is true that where there is a will, there is a way. Thank you for giving back with this contest, take care!


Pls i will really appreciate your help, days back i dont log-in to steemit just because my phone is not gud, so i need to buy another phone. I'll appreciate your help so much. Thanks

first of all congratulations for your achievement, I am one of those who think that you achieve what you propose what you have to have is constancy, patience and perseverance in life to achieve the goal set in life and success in your new projects.

Congratulations for your achievement, in life you can reach all your goals with effort, dedication and patience always looking forward. On the way we are presented with many tropies and we fall but we must get up and follow the path because life is of resistance and perseverance always looking to reach our goals although some objectives make it difficult to achieve it. Success in your new projects and always remember the thought of Albert Einstein:

@kenmelendez 60 in 5 months, nice! Upvoted and followed. I will resteem too, think my followers wouldn't mind winning 60 SBD. Nor would I.

If you're interested read my posts too. Becoming a follower and leaving a comment (relevant to my post) frequently could give you some free exposure too.

I been here since August 1 2017... Almost 1 year but my rep is still on 53 it's because I'm not a good writer or blogger I survive here because of the logo and design contest... congrats on your success!

Wow... :o I wish I reach that achievement! congrats!

Congratulation on your 60 Rep Bro!

felicitaciones y mucho éxito amigo de verdad es muy bueno saber que si las personas se esfuerzan y le ponen ganas y dedicación a todo lo que hacen podrán alcanzar sus metas por mas exageradas que sean! ánimo amigo que (60) es poco jajajjaja ¡ÉXITO!

Great success bro.
Keep it up
And Congratulations 👏

congratulation to you my friend, your effort us really wort it for you to be able to reach that reputation for only 5 month, what you did is impossible but you made it, you're success.

hi @kenmelendez Im your new follower as i checking your blogs.. You given me an inspiration that starting on December until now on 5mons. You hit a 60 reputation score... i wishing you more support and lots of followers,witness the cool dad with an extra talent you had. And thats the main reason having you this hits of 60..
im looking forward for your blogs that given me idea. And motivation....

Kept steeming
Have a blessday

Congratulations from Australia!

I joined January this year but it was difficult for me to start on this new platform. It is only now that I had the courage to start posting, it's good I found this post because it gave me the encouragement I need. Your achievement is such an inspiration. Congratulations Ken.

Hi Sir @kenmelendez!!! I would like to congratulate your for hitting 60 on your reputation in just 5 months, it's really amazing! Anyways I am wishing you more success more blogs which are inspiring and hope that someday I'd be able to reach what I have desired. I'm your new follower and expect me to drop and read all your blogs. God bless always.

Congratulations on reaching reputation score 60 @kenmelendez! You did it in a very short amount of time which shows that the community really values your posts. It took me way longer to reach that milestone. Have a wonderful day and Steem on!

Congratulations brother!!!! Congratulations and celebrations!!!! You are such an inspiration to all of us here in steemit especially to all minnows like me. Hitting 60 reputations is not easy but you made it!!! Offcourse with the help of the mentors who gives tgeir undying support. Thank you so much for making this, because this give me an idea and motivation to keep steeming and keep spreading love to all steemians by blogging some brilliant topics that we can read and apply to our life.

Once again, congratulations and keep inspiring everyone. You deserve it and you are a good example to us. God bless you more brother and enjoy all the success that happened in your lives. :) "KEEP THE FIRE AND BURNING IN YOUR HEART"

That's so cool you hit 60! Congrats! I'm a newbie and hooked, loving this platform, trying to get some confidence to make some live videos.. It's funny, put a fiddle in my hand and I'll hop on any stage in the world, without it I'm a little bit shy. LOL!! Keep rocking the inspiration and followed ya! Always remember to never forget and never forget to always remember to KimmySomeLove!


Wish you always happy and lucky.

Congratulations for reaching the 60 reputation. I am a newbie here. This means a lot and I am persuaded to follow your footstep. Nothing is impossible. Congrats once again

Wow. Congratulations @kenmelendez. You are truly an encouragement. I am just 2 months old on this platform. You have set the pace. I believe I can do better following your steps.
Keep on steeming

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Waoh, congratulations on this great milestone, but anymore curious if you couldeave some hint on how to earn faster on Steemit, you have less than a thousand follower and you have joined since December while some have joined since the and haven't come close to you, this is a great feat I must confess.
Following you to lean more.

Congrats mn 😊 👑 , I couldn't be happier for you , today I just followed you . I saw your post for 500 followers , wow now you have like in 600's , wow that's so awesome. I know how much hard it is to get followers and reputation. And even new topics to write. I feel really happy for you. And this contest you're doing , is really nice and generous of you. Not everyone who has , has the mind to give. And God is seeing this , so god will surely bless you more. Not just for giving others , but for your good mind.

Again Brother , my hearty congratulations to your achievement!

God bless you more. Keep being awesome.

Congratulations Ken. I commend you for the hardwork and patience you have put in to achieve this. Plus, I love the simplicity of the contest. Congratulations again.

YAY! To be honest I was just scrolling down my friend's post now and I saw your post resteemed by her so it's my first time seeing you here. And I don't have much to say it's just that congratulations in reaching 60reputation in just five months! WOW! I think you are worthy to be followed so I'm gonna start following you now and learn from your post how you reach 60 in just a short period of time.. I think you are awesome steemian!

Congratulations. All a model to follow, congratulations for that achievement. You are teaching us that hard work pays off. I hope to soon be as big as you, and provide high quality content to all Steemers. Greetings from Venezuela.

The four steps are ready, thanks for the opportunity! C-ya!

Congratulations @kenmelendez, when you set out to achieve a goal nothing is impossible, the only obstacle is yourself and what limits us is when we make excuses, keep it up and you can achieve what you want.

Very good contributions friends, and well deserved your followers, I hope you continue reading with the passage of time so good content and always reach much higher. Psdt: some day I will reach my 60 followers hahaha, greetings friend :D

Congratulations, dear. I must be having some sixth sense. I was looking at my wallet and thought to myself- having a few extra SBD's could sure help me and then, I come across your post. Great offer by the way and good luck to the winners

  ·  3년 전

Congratulations @kenmelendez, the journey of a mile actually begins with one bold step. Your consistency on steemit have really paid off for because so many people that registered December with you must have relented due to so many reasons but you kept on pushing forward. I celebrate with you. Big Congratulations and more success on your vlog

Happy what you have accomplished, never stop, rekindle your spirit, congratulations and success for you @kenmelendez.

Congratulations.You deserve it .

Hardwork is key to success.

Steemit is give and take platform. Only those who have bulk of potential can hit the set limit so fast. I think it is the fruit of your hardwork .
Need of hour is to keep going and don't take this repo as destinatiion but consider it as one milestone and aim at a higher goal.
Keep doing sincere efforts and success is bound to touch feet.

Congratulations, Ken. You deserve what you did.

I have been joined Steemit for more than 3 months and my reputation is 52. So I understand how much you have worked hard to develop your own blog.

It proved that you gave readers useful information for themselves and their lives.

It proves that you has received the trust of your friends on Steemit, whom maybe you has never met face to face.

It proved that you had found your own worth. Find out your strengths to develop it in the right way.

Keep up good work, my friend.


I think that is one of the most important goals for anyone who is in steemit, achieve to be known or have a great reputation in steemit, so little time you achieved great things, I'm happy for you, I'm a great follower of you and your content , I hope you achieve everything you dream of conseguri here in steemit, congratulations and I hope you continue to meet the goals of many with this event.

@kenmelendez Congratulation and best wishes to you :)

I don't wanna be a partybraker and surely won't downvote, but
Steemit FAQ - what is considered spam or abuse?

Asking for money, views, upvotes, follows, or resteems.

Steemit shrinks the world and makes true the adage, Global Village. Steemit's strength lies in its ability to bring together many people from all around the world who have a belief in the power of community. Like all microcosms of the real world, even this virtual microcosm, there are worms; but, in the end, as in reality, virtue - and intrinsic goodness - rise above the vices created by malice and ill-will. I wish you well in your endeavours, Mr Ken Melendez, and Happy Steeming :)

Congratulations! I have been on Steemit less than 2 months, so I know the amount of work it takes to see that rep number climb ever so slowly. Great Job!

Wow what a wonderful, successful friend now the goal is 70 !!

I wish there would be a correlation between our reputation and the earnings, the higher the reputation the higher the earnings and should be absolute regardless of the quality of the posts. Although at least the posts is relevant even if it is a short post.

Anyway that's just my innocent wish, LOL, congratulations for reaching the 60 reputation, when I reached 60 I was so happy but now I wanted to have more hehe, human nature right? But at least by targeting to increase our reputation it also means we will be working hard for it.

Keep on steeming and be an inspiration to others!

Congrats on meeting your goal. I myself have been stuck at 53 forever now but it's my fault. I don't have anything interesting to write about. Anyhow keep up the great work, wishing you all the best.

congratulations @kenmelendez the effort of today, is the success of tomorrow

remember...YOU ARE AWESOME!
This line makes me respect you even more everytime I stumble across intellectuals like you it gives me a sense of pleasure and provides a drive to do more.
You are such a beast performer you uploaded so much yesterday that I barely moved my eye away from reading them.The magnetic personality was my favourite.
I too started out here like you but I couldn't garner much support and you can see my rep looking at this post has given me a new zeal to keep HUSTLING for what I want.
Thank you for being a big time inspiration and I'd congratulate you at the end because rep 60 is not an end for you and even you know it and you will see how you surpass 70 soon enough .

Congratulations for your reputation 60, it shows that you have strived to reach your goal. May God bless you and enlighten each of your steps. Success.

Reputations are scores but the most important is your SP which I think you know, getting to 60 reputation in 5 months aren't no joke because you put in a lot of work. Congratulations on your milestone the sky is not your limit but its your beginning. More reputation to come in days ahead but I wish to see you hit over 8 million SP in months to come because you really growing rapidly and fast.

Congrats Man I am also pushing myself forward looking forward for 60 reputation,Thanks to @JerryBanfield for introducing me to this amazing platform.

Congratulations! I had the opportunity to see your blog and you have done a great job and you are an example for the little ones that we look forward to achieving that goal. Continue doing the great work that I already take as an example, congratulations again.

so good
have a nice time

Congratulations on the milestone

If there is anything a person with good intention craves for in life, that things is a good reputation....... Wao joining in December and having such rep is a hit

I joined December too but here I am..... Grace and favour found you right?

Keep soaring..... Congratulations again

Hearty congratulations @kenmelendez. This is a really great milestone achievement that a lot of us look forward to. Cheers mate, looking forward to more of your content

Dear @kenmelendez, congrats for new reputations, that's great achievement.
I love the contest and give away, it is one way for newcomers to grow and get an award. and I think, I've done the best in every contest I follow, but there's always better among the best. hehe
Thank you @kenmelendez for holding a very helpful thing for beginners or minnow.

Hi buddy, first of all, congratulations to this great achievement! Well deserved, hard work pays off! I hope that a lot of Steemians will participate your contest, so far I experienced a little lack of participation (talked about it in yesterdays video) but your contest sounds promising and I wish you all the best with it!
Take care, steem on and have a fantastic day! Cheers from Barcelona!

Congratulations @kenmelendez, good things happen to good people. You deemed it fit to organise a giveaway because of your success and it goes to show how generous you are and your good deeds and diligence is why you attained such a milestone here on steemit.

Congrats!! I see you on getting to reputation 70 real quick

Congratulations for your achievements, all of us who work at Steemit know that to achieve that goal you need a lot of perseverance and effort. We all start like little fish in this great ocean but with work we can grow as you have done. Many successes.

Congratulations for your growth, may you grow quicker in coming day. 60 reputation in 5 months is unbelievable achievement.

What your mind can conceive, you can achieve. Congratulation @kenmelendez

  ·  3년 전

Ohh thanks so much for this contest @kenmelendez seems easy enough...
Congratulations on the new achieved feat, it really is a thing of joy, keep up the good work

Nice job dude! Isn't ranking and building on the steem blockchain just like a real life RPG? I love it haha, I feel like I'm leveling up my character in a game a little bit. Keep the great content coming! Thanks so much for running the contest best of luck to everyone!

buen dia amigo pase visitando,felicitaciones, buen trabajo,soy venezolano,no domino mucho su idioma pero aqui estoy ,esperando su aporte y apoyo en mis pots sabre agradecer en la situacion que estoy viviendo como venezolano. saludos

Wow very nice of you i would buy a few shares of steem basic income for people thanks fr the opportunity :)

what up Ken.. congrats on the 60 rep. we are both celebrating the milestone, i just hit 62 yesterday myself! keep up the quality work, remain a beacon we will shine together always! much respect!

Congratulation! Soon enough you will be 70R !! GOOD LUCK ~!!!

Congratulation @kenmelendez, for you are celebrating as you reach 60 reputation.
Keep moving forward.......

Congratulation! Soon enough you will be 70 !! GOOD LUCK ~!!!

Happy friend for this remarkable achievement, may always be a successful person,
Upvote and resteem done ..

Hello @kenmelendez, congratulations on touching the 60 reputation Mark. I saw your posts and I think you deserve this. You have given us all a great opportunity to win some reward. I believe that you are contributing to this platform, which is actually admirable and appreciable.
I have followed you as I want to see more good stuff from you.
Life is really tough, but enjoying every moment and sharing your enjoyment with others is a good deed. I thank you sir @kenmelendez for this opportunity once again.

Congrats for this achievement. I hope you keep growing up like you've been doing and soon you can hit the 70 reputation, my best wishes!!

Dzięki :)

Congratulation @kenmelendez. Your achievement is awesome... Keep it up 👍👏

Well done that's a very good achievement

muy bien que has logrado tu meta, no es facil subir de nivel en steemit. cuanto tiempo duraste para llegar a ese nivel?

Congratulations on reaching 60Rep! It is an achievement that few have the persistence and patience to reach. The logarithmic scaling is a killer at these heights! I myself hope to be closing in on it soon...

Afraid I can't listen to the vlog right now, sneaking this message out in the middle of my kid's piano lesson!

Congratulations on reaching 60Rep! It is an achievement that few have the persistence and patience to reach. The logarithmic scaling is a killer at these heights! I myself hope to be closing in on it soon...

Afraid I can't listen to the vlog right now, sneaking this message out in the middle of my kid's piano lesson!

Uncomplicated article. I learned a lot of interesting and cognitive. I'm screwed up with you, I'll be glad to reciprocal subscription))

Wohooo Congrats Ken.
What surprised me the most is that you hit it in such a fast time. I joined in January and still around 48. You might have had super trending posts to reach to 60 so fast.
Good luck and good going.

Woot woot. Congrats on hitting that milestone.
Giveaway is a great way of celebrating your success. That is just going to get you more popular.

Is it really so easy?

Congratulations on this achievement... I am just coming up near the 3 month mark and have been sitting on 50 for a little bit now. I see others saying it slows right down at 55, I'm feeling it at 50! How long did it take you to get from 50 to 60 do you recall? Maybe I need to be setting 60 as my new goal. Goals are good, keeps you moving forward! Congrats again!!

Wohoo.... Congrats. I wish I had enough skills to climb the reputation tree.
My progress here on Steemit is super slow. I'm still in college and winning this one will be a big deal for me.

Wow.. I have so much to learn here on Steemit. This is just a great platform. So many amazing people here and so much to understand.
Decentralization sure is a revolution of this century.

Always keep your heart big for other people :)

Great job, congratulation on this great achievemente It proves to all of us that is posible, to reach that goal with hard work an dedication on steemit, i hope you reach up higher, greetings from Venezuela

👍✨✨✨🎉😊👏😁👏😃🎉Congratulations!...its also my dream to when I join back in March....

It's quite a milestone getting up to the 60 reputation bar here on steemit. I'm still far away from that but your success here has inspired me to be more and do more. Congratulations bro. Well deserved.

Congratulations for having achieved this reputation, it can be said that in perseverance and perseverance is the goal of achieving what you propose.

Congratulations, we must draw a path to move forward and break the barriers that stand in the way of our goals to achieve our dreams.

Congratulations man. That's massive. Wish you many more successes to come.


The most impressive of the human being are the values; you have shown that without them we did not achieve the objectives and unquestionably THE PERSEVERANCE was your encouragement, therefore congratulations for demonstrating once again that if you can! YOU MADE IT.

congratulations hehe I think yu really deserve the 60 reputation , I'm pretty sure months will come and you already belong with those whales with really really high reputations , I really love how you put passion with this platform because you won't reach your level now if you dont give your everything . thank-you for reinvesting your time , effort and knowledge here in steemit , thankyou for helping the community by releasing valuable and helpful contents . :) Goodmorning may God bless you more and may you continue growing in the future :) Good luck to your journey hehe steem on @kenmelendez

Way to go Ken! Thanks for lighting the path for content creators and those who want to build their reputation on Steemit.

Congratulations to you sir on this great milestone of yours. I know it took hardwork, patience and consistency but i can also assure you that it can only get better. I also see it as an honour for a minnow like me to partake in this great news. I look forward to you coming back to share with us your 70 Rep milestone. Cheers!!

Like the rest, Congrats for reaching a great milestone of 60. Visited your blog before I made this comment! Your great attitude has helped you to achieve such accomplishment. Being able to acknowledge those who had helped you also indicated your great humility as well as your appreciation. In all, your overall attributes of who you are have helped you to achieve. May you find greater success and more followers in steemit! Thank you so much for organising this giveaway. It will be a sure help for those who get this.

Wow , congratulations on a milestone reached , you cellebrated your 500 followers just last week and am happy for you , by the special grace of God , this will be the beginning to your sucess both in life and on steemit, i will like everybody to know that "when you fail try again for you are not a failure until you fail to try again".....
Please Extend my greetings to your kids.. .



Wow! I cant believe you achieved Reputation 60 in just five months! I have been on here a bit longer longer and not even close.

This is such an inspiration though. Congratulations on achieving that milestone and may you meet the next milestone just as easily.

Congratulations @kenmelendez
Great achievement...
Can you share whats your secret behind it..
Imean how was your startegy...
Did you got disappointed at any stage?
Sure feel free to reply ur journey story..
Keep smiling

Hi @kenmelendez, Congratulations, I am happy for your achievement. I have not used dtube very much, I want to teach Spanish and Portuguese through dtube (with videos) for free, I am a new follower, but my time , free time is short, but I will check your blog out.

Thank you for making this contest again, good initiative for people who want to improve their income by participating from the comfort of their home or office.

  ·  3년 전

Wow 😮 its really a great encouragement for me as i want to attain that height too and even more, with your post i see now that its achievable even in ashort time, patience is what i need and you have taught me that. Hopefully you have set yet another goal for your self, and wish you the very best on your next achievement @kenmelendez cheer 📣 📣 📣 @ogt

You know what, you totally deserve it!! Great job!! So super proud of you!!!

Hey Ken, keep progressing. This post just inspired me to write mine when my reputation hits 40.

Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dream closer.
― Marcia Wieder

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congratulations on the achievement of 60 hit .. although that I still far but is a great goal and happiness if one day I can achieve that dream. aamiin.

Congratulations for achieving that great achievement, I hope I can get as far as you or go further, I have almost the same time as you in steemit, you will see how to reach you! Once someone important to me once said to me "important things take time, if they do not take time and they get to the first, it's simple and nobody wants something simple" you could achieve that reputation in that record time and it's something to admire , and with time, you will be a great Whale!

Without more to say, I see you in the top! @kenmelendez

Congratulations on your mile stone achieved.
Like you said, this has been a dream of yours right from your start on this Steemit journey....
This is the dream of many others and me of course.
I hope to get there soon....

Congratulations once again...

Congratulations to you 💐, the hard work you have done so far has finally produced good results, may you always be successful, and always in the protection and blessing of God.
Nice to know you @kenmelendez

Hi @kenmelendez just discovered your post I've recently hit 50 so wondering how long it will take me for that 60 mark. Keep up the great work mate. G'day from Australia

Felicitaciones Amigo, en cualquier idioma, llegar a 60 de reputacion es un Exito.

Congratulations Friend, in any language, reaching 60 reputation is a Success.

Huge congrats on your 60th level. It is a wonderful milestone. You have my upvote, follow and resteem on this great occassion!

Congratulation bro.
You will getting more success i pray.. ☺

Just saw the winner announcement on you 500 followers contest, and this giveaway caught my eye. 60 reputation in 5 months, that is pretty quick my friend. I started Steemit in similar time frame as you, but I could not get significant growth, may be I am not active. Congratulation for your achievement.

Well, what to say...I congratulate you on your great success and wish you to double it next year!!! Ok, I know it is not possible, but nevertheless, it is sooooo thoughtful of me! 😝

Congrats on the accomplishment!

Congrats on your new level, Hoping to see you make more achievement here. Steem on

Congrats on the second reputation score. As a member of the Steem platform in the upper rep ranks its good to see you giving back to the community and it is encouragement to show those following you what can be accomplished through hard work.

Major milestones in our steem career serve as marker and motivators, and also sometimes mountains. Where we wish to reach, where we have been, and how far we still have to go. Keeping that in mind I wish your future milestones be just markers, your mountains be motivation and you past a lesson learned. Good Luck and keep on steemin.

I really like how your milestone was reputation, not money or followers :-) Gratz on reaching it! Now to shoot for the next one, onwards and upwards. Good luck for the future.

@kenmelendez great post! Congratulation on 60 Rep! It is an amazing feeling achieving the goals you have set for yourself, I have no doubt, "reach 60 rep" was a note on your goals sheet. I too have set that same goal for myself, and have done very well so far! I'm at (56) Rep in 20 days, growing strong! You are one of those people who has helped me grow. Keep up the good work!

Coffee and Jesus for me also! Congrats on reaching a rep of 60. I am headed there myself. My goal is 500 sp so I am not always at low power and so I can reward good content. My wife and I are full time missionaries in the Philippines and all of our Steemit profits 100% goes to the folks we serve in the Philippines and Eastern Asia.
Congrats! The folks here call me
Daddy William

Congratulations @kenmelendez... 60 is a big number! And the fact that you're doing this to appreciate your followers, you must have a golden heart😍.
I wish you more reputation, more followers, and all the best steemit has to offer... cheers!🍹🍸🍻

Wow, congratulations on your graduation from minnow status to that of a steem expert indeed. it's not easy so I join others to congratulate you sir. I hope am not late, it would be awesome to share in your wealth of experience.


Congratulation @kenmenlendez. You have really done well during these five months on steemit.

P.S: @kenmendez i will be grateful to have the 60 sbds to support the promotions in Uganda. We have really found it hard to find some whales to support our activities in Uganda and we are really losing some steemians.

We are planning promos and having your support will be greatful from us. Please, in case you have a chance to talk with @jerrybanfield, inform him that a good number of east African volonteers need to get attention from the whales as cryptos are just penetrating in Africa.

here is our pictures promoting steemit in Uganda and we shall bee grateful to have your support from that 60 sbds.

Thanks @kenmelendez who has dedicated a contest that is very in need by my community ,,, hopefully I can get involved here well ...

im 59.6 rep goal for 60 aswell then plan to do a giveaway like this XD

Congrats Ken! Thanks for being such an awesome Steemian and DTuber! I really appreciate your positive energy and how welcoming you've been with me into the DTube community. I feel like we are on a similar wavelength and I look forward to all the future has to bring us both! Keep up all the amazing work you're doing here and I can't wait to watch your future videos! Take care my friend!

You are indeed an inspiration Ken. I think you had achieved that reputation level quite fast if you started late last year. There should be something that you do that most Steemians yearning to level up must do. I am glad I found you and your post because I am certain that I will be inspired and learn more from you. Congratulations on your goal achieved.

Wow! That is a real milestone Ken. I started January this year but my reputation level is nowhere near. You are a good example of someone who could help inspire me to learn more, discover a few more and have that drive to put my focus on. I must admit starting out with no help is very difficult here I had seen some who had thrown in the towel too early but I am still here searching for ways and inspiration. I am glad I found your story. Congratulations..

I wouldn't be surprised if you hit your next target. Congratulations for achieving another Steemit milestone. I know you have more to share to help this community and continue being an inspiration especially to the new ones like myself. Keep it up Ken.

Hi Ken, I am just starting here and i am inspired right away when I saw your post. It may take me a while but I know it can be done. I can see myself hitting 60 too just because you proved it can be done. Keep up the good work.

It is not very easy to achieve such a milestone. When i started on steemit, my reputation rose with ease, but when i hit rep 40 it became much more difficult as it wasn't easy rising up the ranks.

Hitting rep 60 is a major milestone achievement and truly you do deserve some accolades for this. I hope one day mine will reach that rep score.

Congrats on this @kenmelendez.

  ·  3년 전

Congratulation for the milestone. I'm pretty new here. Will read your other posts to learn more.

Wonderful And Congratulate For Hitting 60 Reputation It is very big milestone for me and for everyone so very congrats for hitting 60 Reputation.
Nice And Interesting Video.

Now Dreams Come True

Hoping to win this for my sons vaccine. :)

Just tried to resteem this post, but there is no longer an option for that... ideas?


@gabemunozoc I think after a post pays out, it can no longer be resteemed or edited. Please be on the look out for my next giveaway that I will be posting this week. Follow me so that you can see it. Thanks!


Hi my friend.. i am a graphics designer by passion and profession, let me know incase you need any help with your contest covers, photos, etc... I will be happy to help you :)