Steem and Voting - An Important Read about TWO Things - We Need You People!

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I will keep this short and to the point.

Vote for STEEM on Twitter

STEEM currency has a chance to get into super big market of China, we are close of winning a pool to get added to BTCC exchange.
All you have to do is login to Twitter [or create account and then login] and vote in this pool:

This will open doors to new investors from Asia and this guys have volumes.

Paging @andrarchy @ned @zurvanic @roelandp and other people to push the voting info in this crucial time.

Vote for STEEM Witnesses - or Let Me Do It ForYou

Witnesses are the guys who take care of all forks [code changes] in Steem, who help to pass transactions fast. Stability Reliability Security we could say.
If you want to vote yourself you just have to go to and click arrow up next to name of guys you prefer.

If you dont feel you know enough of how cryptos and Steem works yet would still like to vote, you can pass the voting to me.

Scroll down to the text You can also choose a proxy that will vote for witnesses for you
Put my name there and click SET PROXY.

$$ This has nothing to do with payouts or voting on posts. Its only a voting for guardians of Steem and they should be choosen wisely.
I change my votes often based on how witnesses act, if they miss blocks and such, so im an very active voter.
Let me do the job for you - i already do it for few people and you can say im active on Steemit.

Follow, Resteem and VOTE UP @kingscrown creator of blog for 0day cryptocurrency news and tips!

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Sweet! I have been adding info about voting to footer of my posts lately. Lets keep pushing!


Btw i was the original finder of this pool for Steemit many many posts ago ;)


i know. that is when i followed you. :O

i was thinking of you today, and i was like "what a man. what a find."

you deserve every credit.


Shame no tamim vote here :)


thank you for the reminder. :) added about $5. :)


hell yeah!!! steem is a power house. we dropped a bit and need to catch up again


been with steem fir a while and i agree, i never thought ETH and STEEM would be neck and neck




that we iz. the steemit choo choo train just keep steeming shiz.


dam, I just had my friend vote and its STEEM 39% ETC 40%

it is going down to the wire!!


Wow, this should give Steem some bragging rights to the naysayers


41 to 39 now for ETC :/


Today I created Twitter account to support steem. Voting for steem is awesome.


Wow. This community is getting stronger by the day. So cool.


I can Russia today this? What does that even mean? :p


kingscrownBTC kingscrown tweeted @ 26 May 2017 - 02:13 UTC

vote for #steem $STEEM #steemit on #twitter… of @yourBTCC #china #bitcoin #cryptocurrency

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Just set you as my proxy brotha, and upvoted. Awesome and informative post.

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Thank you for mentioning voting for witnesses, that is important part of this platform, unfortunately ignored by many.
Every single vote does matter!


Trying to do my best for STEEM platform

This is SO true! Did you look again? We are exactly neck and neck with ETC. LETS WIN THIS


Lets win this!


Yes! As far as I'm concerned every post in the next 24hrs should be about this. Everyone here has something to gain

I have voted and also did a video post earlier today. The more people we reach the better chance we have. Personally I would be happy to see any of those coins get through with Steem of course as hot favourite. If I was BTCC I would include them all onto their exchange. Will be interesting to see what transpires.

I also posted a reminder as officially poll should have ended in the meantime - seems they extended the poll for one day - current standing 42-38 in favour of ETC - but still 23 hours to GO - let us nail this!


39/41 now ;x losing by 2 %


still 18 / 19 hours we have - anyone ordered some bots for our victory :-)?

I care about Steem but don't have the time to keep up with the witnesses, so I set you as my proxy. Steem on!

bobbyclee Bobby Lee tweeted @ 20 May 2017 - 08:48 UTC

@YourBTCC Congrats to all 4 finalists!
Final Round, Battle of Digital Currencies:
Which should @YourBTCC offer?……

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Just saw the 40%-40% tie... This is a tight race and a load of exposure for us to the entire world of cryptos! Awesome!!! All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Stats as of this moment:

We're SO close to getting this won, keep strong!!


ETC is really fighting


No joke! They have their swords out and are swinging right now.

Quick update on the situation

I literally just voted... From both of my Twitter accounts.
I'm a brand new user on steemit...and I absolutely love it. Anything I can do to help the community as a whole, I will. We are neck and neck right now... Hope we pull it off.
Upvoted and followed... Would appreciate if you'd do the same.
Only 4 more followers and I hit 100!
Thanks for your support
Go Steemit!


All posts on this are welcome, we need traffic


I just hit 100!

Congratulations @kingscrown!
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Great post, most folks do not know that the witnesses often post and that is how a Steemit friend knows who to vote for. Thanks @kingscrown

I tweeted it @ like 100 people on Twitter.

We are right there. We need to make this happen!

Have already voted for steem, have also told my fellow friends and my cousins on twitter... ;)

Good here I leave this link to see if I can help with this thanks and sorry for the inconvenience

I don't really know a lot about cryptocurrency however. I just started using the site and it looks promissing. The website has a purpose, it's like social media but I benefit from it. STEEM IS THE VOTE.

Praying steem gets in..

i have already vote!!! and reestem some post!!

Vote for STEEM. We need about 5000 vote to beat ETC

16%DOGE - Dogecoin
41%ETC - Ethereum Classic
39%STEEM - Steem
04%XMR - Monero

Yes lets do this! Great post as usual, I hope your post will motivate a few more steemians to vote!

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 08.02.23.png

nice.....resteem and upvote for your post....

looking pretty good! We can do this!
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I'm fairly new to the Steemit platform but i'll have to say that it's very interesting! we definitely need to pierce into the Chinese market! once Steemit does, let's just say that Steemit expansion will be exponential :)

Oke, ready to be implemented

Thanks for the info will go vote!

It looks promising! This is good!

Numbers are at:
DOGE: 16%
ETC: 40%
STEEM: 39%
XMR: 5%

Need more votes guys!
1 day and 6 hours left now...

We came back from last place and now are neck and neck for first! Please vote! STEEM ON!!

Great new, yay! Happy weekend everyone! :D

Here is the link.. is everyone goes?????

Drop from 40 to 37

Done and resteemed!... C'mon Steem!!! Also voted you for witness!

How does etc have such a large community and control of enough Twitter bots?!? Surely ETH should have been neck and neck with us not ETC. Almost feel like our REAL community is being trolled


It's still quite close...

Wondering if anyone with influence in the Russian, Aceh, Spanish and other international Steemit communities is actively pushing this?


@chitty can you do spanish for us? @hipster could maybe help with russian, aceh not sure @levycore maybe


I sure can..give me some minutes.

Voted! :)
Please check out my blog and let me know you think. Many thanks!


Huh tried at least. When I enter your nick @kingscrown and press vote, it says the acc doesnt exist. Will try later again. :(

"Transaction failed: Steem account doesn't exist.Dismiss"

Set you as my proxy.

I follow you, upvote and resteemed this post :)

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@kingscrown, thank you for discovering what BTCC was up to. it has really brought the steemit community together. cheers to, ma man!


Indeed this made a good community action, a lot of people meet each other and started workign together towards our goal!

Let's hope for the best. I up dated a post on this voting too. I think everybody should post since not everyone is aware of this. The more the post happens the more the chance will be to top the list.

I is our right and everyone should make their vote count!

Ok we have taken the lead now lets push push push, keep voting, resteeming, promoting and we can do it!!

And so far this is proving the power of a good community!

First STEEM and now PIVX are picking up! I only regret I couldn't buy the dip because COINHAKO didn't have any coins. Well, at least my losses are being erased.

Hmm I have not checked out my witness votes in a long while. I'll have a look and see if they are still accurate!

Thanks for the reminder :-)

Currently tied people! Do not stop promoting!

DUDE!!! I can't take it! We are down now 2 points??? DO WE ALL NEED TO OPEN MULTIPLE TWITTER ACCOUNTS?? LOL


If you see the blue poo make sure to like and follow for more updates :D

thank you

alt text

฿ = 19Xn8cuE6DMj62XjyVipbPrdN8frFYv1XA
Ξ = 0x06c046a7cf3a7870cd1a295483f234ac650abb6d

Come on guys! We have took the lead, don't give up now!

Upvoted, Resteemed, and I was literally just wondering last night whether I should delegate my votes to someone since I'm not savvy on the blockchain, so whatever votes I have are yours. Thank you for your diligence!

steem on

I'm seriously considering delegating you my vote.

I'm new here so thanks for the info. Set my proxy to you until I have time to do the research.

lets vote!

You have my vote!

so close! back at 39% now with eth at 40%

We came really close in this contest.

All Steem account holders win if this goes through! Thanks for keeping us up to date and posting @kingscrown.