STEEM ranked top2 Best Blockchain In The World!

2년 전

Chinese IT Ministry released its raport about cryptocurrencies that i spoke about lately.

We knew STEEM will be there but now.. we got the position NUMBER TWO!

There are few funny things though. Gap between STEEM and BTS is huge, while blockchain wise they are pretty the same.
XVG is rated better in some things than BTC while it uses its codebase pretty much.
ARK and LISK gap is also pretty strange while its almost the same codebase.

Original text (just in case it gets edited later):





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Wow that is great!
Do you know more about the context? Why was the report created and what actions are taken on it?


"The CCID said the index is based on three criteria, technology, application, and innovation, but didn’t publish its methodology."

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This is great news in my eyes . Hopefully we start acting like a number 2 blockchain!

steemit will be great in the future and eos will be huge :)

I posted the same (but including a summary of the Chinese text in German) already one day ago.
My payout was <3$ :)
Tells me that something is wrong with the reward system.


The reward system is definitley flawed, I earn more writing coments, which take less than a minute to write than my blogs which take hours to write! But don't forget steemit is still in beta mode the algorithims are very complex and will take time to perfect


Sweet!!! That is what I like to see!

GO Steem GO!

I have been dedicated to promoting Steem for a year now! Let us keep Steem at the top!!!


Yes!!! GO STEEM! :)

Can't say I'm that surprised about STEEM but how did ETH beat NEO? That kinda floored me....I guess it's hard to know unless you know what fundamentals they looked at TO rank them. ;)

Awesome ranking for Steem !

Seeing Verge rubbing shoulders with Bitcoin and 10 places ahead of ZCash tells me that whoever did this had no idea what they were doing...


I wont put too many chips into what the results say... Looking at Steem's "9.4" Application Index baffles me. like, what the hell they talking about?


Just typed the same comment and then I read yours.

Wow, that explains why Steem was showing upward movement on some rough trading for other coins.

Great news dude!

Great news,i am proud for steemit and steem blockchain

And check it at blocktivity

steem change our financial crisis in the world

That's amazing news to hear. Steem > Facebook

THIS IS TOTAL NONSENSE. NEO have more points in application then Ethereum? :DDDDDDDD Neo is dead platform while Ethereum is very actively used. Also in list there is no BTC. SO they saying BTC is worse then Verge? :D


exactly how is NEO a "dead" platform?, not that i disagree that this report is wrong, but NEO is very far from dead, it has amazing new tokens being formed on the blockchain and due to the higher cost of launch weeds out a LOT of shit coins, its lightning fast and free.


I agree with you, Neo is a sleeping giant and defnitely not a dead platform. Neo is known as China's Etherium, and they use a blockchain algo that improves Etherium's model. It has closed loopholes that made Etherium vulnerable to hackers. But I think Etherium with the ERC20 token being used now with so many developing projects, at the moment the application base might be bigger than that of Neo. That might be why Etherium scored first place on the list.


The media is not reliable. You need to learn to think


Yes, I had a good laugh too...

This is truly phenomenal news for Steemit users and STEEM coin holders! I'm happy to be a part of the community here and looking forward to many more upvotes from followers! There's so much potential on Steemit, D.Tube, DLive, and what's to come next! Thanks for the update @kingscrown

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Good content is the kind of content that informs you and tells good tidings. Number 2 ain't bad. Thanks for sharing sir.


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This is amazing news for this community and it is another proof that Steem potential is recognized worldwide.

I wonder how come EOS is not on that list?

This is really great, I also saw it yesterday I was very happy.i even used that chat and convinced a friend to join

This is awesome!

The media is not reliable. You need to learn to think!
Why do they not consider the market value? Creativity is not objective enough.
News that is out of context is not trusted!

I believe in no time that gap between steem and BTS will be filled. This is a promotion well deserved. We are getting there No2 is not our destination, we are taking over

good to see steem position

This is big. It's also an excellent reminder of why the long-term future of STEEM is so exciting!


Wow, this is really great to see and read, and this is great because, this is listed by the Government of an particular country, this inturn shows what is the impact of the Steem Blockchain. And it reflects that, everything is falling on the right place means, this particular announcement, 1 million user accounts and the Steem at consensus in Net Neutrality Panel. Let's hope for the exciting time ahead. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂



Followed, upvoted and reblogged. Great piece for sure! Keep up the awesome work!


yeah suck that dick

Woow its great news for steem...

Amazing @kingscrown, steem is second😍😍
I'm sure, the success of stem is in the order of number two, because steemit users worldwide increased. I also hope there is a steemit community for women.😎

Ahh Good old Etheruem's ICO application, bah, useless, Komodo should actually be number 1. It will one day soon I believe.

steem rocking.

Oha..... WOW :D

happy to be part of such flowering system, thanks for the post

it an excellent news for all of us

Hello @kingscrown
This is a God news
Thanks and regards

Thank you for sharing.
This is great news for us especially in #africa where we think #steemit is playing it safer than any other cryptocurrencies!

@kingscrown, this is a goodnews to the steemit community, truely the steem blockchain really deserves accolades, and I do believe this news will create a positive impact to the steem blockchain and the steem token.


Steem is developing at a really fast pace


^ earning some upvotes right here.

I'm very proud of my decision to invest in Steem after this report @kingscrown..

咱们这个去中心化的行业不需要赛迪这个中心化机构来评级 哈哈

I LOVE me some good news about Steem! Thanks for sharing, @kingscrown!

excellent...have a look at my analysis of the markets yesterday if you will...

Of course I like to see Steem do well, but these supposedly objective ranking systems always come out weird. It's bizarre that Verge is present at all, every supposed innovation it has is client-level and superfluous.

The fact that Steem scored so high on tech and so low on application is weird as well, if anything it's the application of Steem that sets it apart (at least compared to other Graphene DPoS chains).

Congratulations @kingscrown!
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Yeah buddy! Thanks for the info and followed you.

Sweet! I hold 5 of China's favorite cryptos!

This great community is really great news for all of us here. Steam trading is better than any other blockkun we know. And its cryptocurrency of its user-use is really important. I would not be surprised if it was the top 1 in 5 years....

New term "Blocktivity!!!"
Activity on blockchain!!
Steem is the best!!!1525453060044.png

That is just awesome. I wonder if there is an instant messaging app launched on steem, the possibilities of encrypted messages , pictures and digital asset transfer at the same time.

But ....SBD is keeping it's free fall....

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If the Verge Blockchain is valued as Bitcoin I get an Idea of how much i can give on this post... not much.

Something that I like about this block chain is that it's INTERACTIVE, unlike most blockchain which are more complex and mostly used by crypto investor and traders. You can use Steemit if you are a writer, a Vlogger, or just a normal worker, it doesn't matter what you are. My hunch is that Steem is going to be the social media of the future, as AI is going to do the work that humans are supposed to do now, we will be rewarded for posting what we like. This is still small, but it keeps growing as fast as lightning!

There is good use for Steem. Most of the other cryptos are really just great ideas without any implications just yet. I feel like XVG should have been a bit further up the list though. But hey no arguing against the Chinese government. Just glad that they are looking into crypto

I want some STEEM not that great at blogging but am trying it out, I think I give all mine away hahaha

Am so happy I found steemit when I had the news I was overwhelmed cause I know my breakthrough in steemit is close, thanks for sharing with us.

never expect steemit do so well in China.