Do You Manually Curate, or Auto-Vote?

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How to do you curate? Do you go around choosing what to upvote yourself and actually curate? Or are you not paying attention to the content and just auto-voting authors or following a trail? Maybe a mix of both?


Finding content and curating has been a challenge for many, if not most, on the platform since near the very beginning. Many give up and just autovote. And many now just sell their votes. For those that do curate content themselves, would you like to see a site that would help you do it by organizing with others and forming groups or communities?

I'm going to try to finally do what I was going to do 2 years ago, but didn't, because Steemit Inc. was supposed to be rolling that out. Hopefully in not so long, you will be able to try it out :) Until then, Steem on!

What do you think would be a good name for such a site? Let me know what you think! Peace.

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100% manual. Some authors I virtually always upvote when they post because their posts are just that good. But I don't automate anything - I want to be in full control of everything I do and do not upvote. It would be nice if it were easier to find the great content though.


Find good communities and writers and you will find great content! Thankfully you're following krnel here so one block down.


Yup, keep the control and reward it because you think about it a bit, not just giving the votes away with no conscious.

What is great content? How do you find it?


Yeah that't the thing - what qualifies as "great" is going to be different for everybody. Personally I found some by looking at the New, Trending, and Hot lists, but those are very hit and miss. Scouring posts with particular tags of interest helped too. Then from the ones I did like and follow, their resteems helped a lot more, as well browsing the lists of who some of them follow, plus seeing the occasional good commenter who stands out. It's a slow process though and tends to keep your feed very niche, with little chance of being exposed to something truly new unless you purposefully go looking for it.

I manually curate every day. I usually try to comment on at least ten articles that are not mine as well.

I can pretty much name a handful of others as well. It is rare and we know who each other are.


I've never done the auto ...anything.

It kinda detracts from the point of steemit, doesn't it? (as opposed to being a financial instrument)


I think it detracts from it completely but it shows who's on here for community, knowledge and fun and who's on here to extract just monetary value.


yeah, very true...


Well curation is rewarded fora reason ;) It's to incentivize voting, but for anything that will likely get more voters to up your curation rewards. Imagine if there were no curation rewards, people would on;y vote on what they like, and autovotes would be rather pointless for the most part :)


Kudos for doing that. I remember back in the day when I was more devoted to Steem and commenting around and finding posts in the "created" section. Lots of time involved.

I manually curate but blend it between the "new page" and drop a vote on something that will reach at least the threshold vote to earn an award. This is only currently because my vote isn't sufficient enough alone to reach the .02 dust threshold. Once it reaches that threshold I will be more specific with my voting habits. I have been below 50% vote power for a couple weeks now so I'm spreading my little wealth around as much as possible, good ol' street walker.
I do however spend more of my time voting on things that come from my followed pages and groups. I am part of the @naturalmedicine group, although not an often poster, but I do follow their shares and vote on as many of those that I can because that's important content here!
I also try to find new people and support them. I've found a couple over the past several weeks so I try to help out the newcomers. I explain the best way to connect with people is via comment sections of large blogs because I know how difficult it was when I started. Not to try to get brownie points but I usually point them to your blog because you are a large account, get lots of comments and followers, and actually talk with your followers when they comment something meaningful on your posts. Hopefully they follow through with my advice!

Reading the comments here, I like that most of the people that follow you are into manual curation. I think that's important! We are still standing strong against these auto-vote bot groups.


That's a good police to upvote on post that have passed the threshold or else risk it being removed and ending up with only vote power lost...

Yeah, try to connect through comments on like-minded topics for the newbs, and drop relevant links to their own post is what I told someone recently.

Manual curation is still.strong, its the heart of curation ;)

100% auto lol, definitely all manual.
Even authors I absolutely love put out some material that I don't necessarily want to upvote at the same %.
It's very time consuming as you know but in the end I want to know what sort of content I'm voting for. If we're not actually consuming the content then what is 'proof-of-brain'? It just might be an idiosynchratic twitch I have, I can't auto - bleep blop bloop.


Right on, represent the manual heart of.curation that steem would die without ;) imagine if everyone was autovoting... Brain-dead curation at its finest :P I understand for some projects and easy support, but for individuals the proof of brain manual.curation should be the majority of votes.

100% manual. They're my votes, I'm going to vote them myself dammit!


Damn straight! arh! :P

I only manually curate, at my sole option. I reckon that's a key feature of society on Steem, and look forward to the day when a bot-free environment becomes available.

I draw a blank regarding a name for your site. I hope to soon see it, though.



Me too, but it seems like something that may never happen (no bots here) :/

I'll say a mix of both.

I'm top curator at curie, at the break for the moment, and currently writing science curation for Helpie - with steem look up filters things are much easier to find.
In some other projects (teamserbia) I am in trail and manually curating from a main account and steemSTEM always hides some gems for a nice read - with crowdmind we only do manual curation.

So yeah, I'm leaning more towards manual curation, with just a sprinkle of automatization. :)


P.S. I really like all the things you bring up and discuss on network. :)


You're a busy guy ;) Good things you're involved in. Must take a lot of time. Kudos! And thanks! :)

I think that in the year that I am here, I have upvoted for almost all the post that I have read, even with which I disagree. I don't remember having upvoted something that I did not read, at least I have not done it in months.

But really my upvote is of little importance with these prices, it becomes almost merely symbolic, as a way of marking as read.


Hehe, yeah, just as a way of saying "hey I read this, here's an upvote" :P That's good too.

I always manually curate, which you probably figured from the books I have left as comments on your posts at times, lol. I would never auto vote simply so I might garner an extra crumb of Steem. I prefer to read what I vote on, and talk about what I have read.


Indeed hehe. Autovoting is what many do, as someone gets support, then you can just autovote at a certain time and get in before the regular support comes in to raise the curation you get.

We use for our curation group. Then manually curate via the 5 curators we have.

I usually read someone's entire post before I curate it.

Personally for my account(truthforce) I have it follow the Informationwar curation trail on Steemauto at 100%, because I usually browse/read everything from the informationwar account anyway.

We are totally open to using a service that is better and I actually have some ideas on what such a site would need. I have suggest improvements for Steemauto before but they were not implemented.


Autovoting is helpful to lend automated support to a group or community, like IW. But even then, I like to apply a % I want, and I don't agree with all the votes given by IW curators at times, and don't vote at all. I've seen some 3 paragraph posts, or some things that were bleh... and everything gets the same vote applied, right?


How I see it for the IW is that we want to get a lot of people involved in it. The majority of things that go trending on reddit/twitter/facebook aren't very long usually, but can get a ton of people talking about something important. Every post someone makes is more information stored onto a blockchain(text at least is), and I think that as long as that post is IW related it should get some kind of upvote. With the overall goal being that we are creating a library that people are contributing into that would be very hard to delete.

For shorter "ok quality" posts it is supposed to be a lower vote. Longer posts that are quality should get like 20% to 25% usually.

It really depends, it could be a long post that isn't the best quality and that could get 10%. A long great quality post could get up to 20% to 25%. Or we could be at 100% Voting Power like we are right now, and I am going to upvote stuff with a larger upvote than normal to drain it down a bit so the 100% isn't wasted. Sometimes nothing gets curated because it just happens to be the 5 curators are busy at the same time.

I personally don't agree with everything that we curate either. There have been a few times where I took back something that was curated due to the nature of the content and past history with trolls/bad actors who we upvoted. For the most part the curators have the discretion, but they do have guidelines.

I do manual curation because I have more control on my voting power by that.

I curate. I do not autovote or buy or sell votes. I feel curating offers more of a personal touch to develop relationships with others. I would enjoy seeing your plan on voting in the community though. Blessings @krnel


Right on. I will try to get it done ;)

I participate in autovoting but just a little when i am absent here, and vote by myself as well for those posts which are interesting or important to my mind

a nice idea with the site! I'd like to try it!
names....or... I often create names for mobile app which are created by our team;)
acCURATE Vote, acCurate Team - I just like such word games;)


I only manually curate. I follow a handful of authors regularly, and I try to find new people to support. @myjob is a user who should get more support IMHO, BTW. She regularly posts unique original content, largely via dtube.


Manual is the way to go indeed. Otherwise... what the hell are we even evaluating or approving of with a vote... a personality, a curation ride...


As for a website for off-steemit groups, perhaps calling it something along the lines of dtribe or steemclans could work? I assume it would still be linked to this blockchain, and perhaps be accessed through steemconnect?

I read, comment, then vote.

But, when time is limited, and i have voting power burning, i just read the titles and vote away.

We really need groups on steemit. Public groups and private groups. And many other things that would help in sorting.


Yes, time is often limited ;) Yeah, my plan is for groups/communities, what have you ;)

I am auto voting for some authors who I support. At the same time, I am also trying to manually curate.

@steeveapp is making manual curation easier with their AI powered feeds and content discovery

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I do a bit of both, I have some folks I want to continually support on autovote, then spend some time mostly through partiko on my phone reading posts and upvoting manually. A new service for finding neat new content would be sweet.

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For me, it is a mix of both. Manual voting 70:30 auto-voting. I think this is a healthy ratio. I go through tags, the hot topic section and even link section in some discord sever to find contents I like. The 40% is for the curation trail I follow.

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I used to manually curate them grew irritated there have been no communities for two years. Now I sold some votes and occasionally check in to see if they’re ever added communities. These steem tokens have got to be the stupidest digression in history. Still not launched well aafyer the ico boom is dead and you chased away all the people who were bragging for communities.

I always manually curate, but I do have some favorite writers. Generally I stick to the what's hot list and read around. I don't always read the content, but I lean to mostly reading them (or at least skimming to get the important information). I tend to upvote news related content (politics, current events, crypto-news), things I find important.

Hey @krnel I just voted for you because I like what you are writing. I like your ethic of sharing truth for the masses in your news focus.
I like to search out good content providers and upvote their articles. If i find a good content provider I will follow them. My vote is worthless really at present but it all helps. As a new minnow I'm hoping to advance too, as I really enjoy writing original interesting content and appreciate any rewards of Steem or whatever. Good writing and informative news or info is what I look for and that is the ethos of Steemit. Any tips on how to progress would be much appreciated. Many thanks for your activist journalism fellow kindred spirit.


Thanks for the support. Advice would be... write posts and comment on other related posts and add links to your in the text when relevant. Then ppl can see what you write and upvote if they like as well, and you get to network that way. Communities form around like-minded concepts being talks about and commented on.


Good to hear, many thanks. I will act on your advice.

I prefer manual, why? Because it matches the content that I like.

All manually... No point of auto-vote because there are too many senseless posts around here. Especially in the trending and hot category...

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I do manual curation and set my autocuration only when i'm away from steemit like i'm sleeping will never let my VP go below 98% with auto curation though so when I log on I can use my VP to do the manaul good stuff

Always manual. I upvote some alternative news without reading the article. Important that they have a presence on steemit so I support them.

I only ever do things by's so much more satisfying...

I check my feed and trending/hot tabs once or twice, I upvote those who seem worthy and once vp reaches certain number, votes gets sold.

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Im doing a mix of both. I actually try to get on here and comment as much as possible to vote and things but I like to at least give all the tools a try.

Both. I tried manual for a long-time, but got busy so switched to an autovoter to stop me capping off steem.

We shall promote up voting manually.

Mix of both. Auto for those I support a lot and manually for the new people and people I'm iffy on and am too lazy to add autovotes on.

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