Why You Should Take 50%/50% Payouts and Not 100% to Get More STEEM POWER (For Now)

2년 전

With a 50%/50% payout, you will get more than 2x the monetary value in USD compared to a 100% payout. This allows you to get more STEEM as a result. Here is how!


As of writing this, on Bittrex STEEM is worth about 0.00030740 BTC, and SBD is worth about 0.00033600 BTC. That translates into about $3.24 USD and $3.54 USD respectively.


STEEM/BTC: 0.00030740 BTC
SBD/BTC: 0.00033600 BTC


SBD/USD: $3.54 USD

When you get a post payout, some of it goes to curators and some of it goes to the author (you).

An example of a post that pays out $20.38, the author gets $16.16 and curators get $4.22.

The $16.16 is paid out as 8.079 SBD, and 2.406 STEEM POWER.

Half (50%) of your rewards are given in STEEM as it is currently valued in the market, while the other half (50%) is paid out as half of the total author rewards. The current market price of SBD is ignored, because it is assumed that $1 SBD is pegged to $1 USD. Since SBD is worth about 3x that of USD, you get 3x more value for half of your payout.

Given the current price on the market of Bittrex, here is what that translates into in terms of USD:

50%/50% Payout

Author payout: $16.16
8.079 SBD

SBD/USD: 8.079 SBD / 28.59966 USD
STEEM/USD: 2.406 SP / 7.79544 USD

Total: $36.3951 USD

If the payout was in 100% payout, that would only give SP and no SBD, which is about 4.812 SP (2.406 SP x 2).

That translates into 15.59088 USD for 4.812 SP as of the writing of this post, which differs from the total payout of the post for a reason. The reason for the price difference in the previous calculations is because the price of STEEM and SBD changes, so the payout example I am using had different STEEM and SBD values compared to when I am writing this post. Sorry for the discrepancy.

100% Payout

Author payout: $16.16

STEEM/USD: 4.812 SP / 15.59088 USD

Total: $15.59088 USD (now) or $16.16 USD (when payout happened).

As you can clearly see, $36.39 is more than $15.59, meaning you get 2.33x more with a 50%/50% payout than a 100% payout. Choosing a 50%/50% payout gives you more value -- in terms of USD -- compared to 100% payout.

You can then go buy more STEEM and power it up into STEEM POWER.

Getting a 50%/50% payout is the winner. I had started to use 100% payout again for a few days before I realized this. Oops. Learn from my mistake, and get the most value from your posts by choosing 50%/50% payouts for now. When SBD goes to $1 USD again, then maybe you will want to choose a 100% payout.

Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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I started with 50/50, But I was searching for the answer Where the other 50 % is going?
at 50 percent we get half sbd and half steem, but one payout date we get sbd's and one-fourth steem, but We should be receiving the same amount of steem too.
That was confusing me.
now it gets cleared,
Thanks for giving such a great info :)


Hehe, glad to help :)


:) Glad to meet you :)

Excellent work dear friend @krnel very explicit, has mentioned very important points to make this determination.
Thank you very much for sharing this reasoning.
I wish you a great day
P.S. You have my vote as witness


Thank you for the support ;)

very true! as SBD goes up in price it becomes even better a payout


Yup, people should leave the default 50/50 on unless they know why to change it hehe

Jeezus! I didn't even think of that. Thanks a lot for the tip!


Yeah man, I looked at my author rewards and realized it hehe ;)

Yes I did that mistake on my first days.

Steemit should have some sort of warning when choosing the % especially so new people can know the differences.

Because when you read 100% power up, it sounds so much better than 50%/50%


Well, I think finding out how things work on steemit is hard to do in general... The default is 50/50 though, for a reason ;)

Thank you for this. Someone told me recently when I did one of my articles as 100% SP that I shouldn't do that, but I couldn't really understand why. (Though I did stop doing it.) This makes it crystal clear.


You're welcome :)

There's been a lot of FUD about SBD and how the value will go down. I don't believe it at all. There's a NEED for SBD. If you're holding STEEM, most people power up that STEEM. Then it takes like 3 months to power down. I prefer to have SBD so that I can pay people, trade, or do whatever.


If you need the money quick, then yes, always go 50/50 ;)

When I joined Steemit in July 2017 I saw a lot more people doing the 100% way but now I only see a few people that do it.


Yup, that's why ;)

Yeah, as long as SBD is over 1$, it's always going to be better to choose 50%/50% payout.


True it is. I wonder how long that will last....

Great analysis and evaluation 50/50 payout is more profiting than 100% payout...


Thank you :)

Thanks for this enlightenment and convincing calculations but top steemians are still project the 100% to power up. I will stick to 50%/50%, this is the zest for minnows

Im only just figuring this out about the payouts - I always thought they were in USD but surprised to find that the payout is almost 3 times that ammount!


This site does a fantasitc job of explaining it

In my case since I am new in this platform I only knew that there is 50%/50% pay out. . . 😂 and yes that’s true 50%/50% pay out is way better

Thank you very useful information .. good luck

thanks for ,this along with a brilliant detailed analogy of your thoughts .

I got into cryptocurrency and enterpreneurship by curiousity. The first 2 crytocurrencies i heard about was bitcoin and thebillioncoin(shit coin) then artbyte. I personally bought an itel android tablet used for NGN 15,000. That is where it all started

  ·  2년 전

Nice you post

would be the best, but in my case I'm from Venezuela and the sbd are my only income XD so for now I can not do it

Yes you are right.

Good to know, top post.

This a smart advice knowing sbd can shoot up and you can get more Steem with it