Mr. Sun, I do not like you and wish to pee inside your behind. But you are a child and that would be pedophilia.

4개월 전

We get it, Ned gave you a Sore Dick Deal and now you are throwing a temper tantrum now. Supposedly you were even warned that the community would temporarily suspend the steemit stake if you didn't TALK TO THEM. And you didn't talk to them. And they froze your stake.

download 1.jpeg

Sure, you "met" with them. But that was a joke. I'm not in any inner circles around here, but I could see plain as day how petty and childish you were being about the whole sore dick deal Ned sold you. Hell, you even wrote us this lovely blog.

Screenshot 20200519 at 9.10.07 PM.png

Now, I don't want to be a total Debby downer so I thought I would mention a good thing you did for us. Thanks to your actions, the community that once called this place home is stronger than ever. Thank you for that. Truly. The one good thing you did for this place is allowing us to fork into a chain that is currently more successful than the one you purchased. BY A LARGE MARGIN.

I'd pee in his butt.

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