GAPS PROJECT: Blockchain based Artificial Intelligence prediction service



I’m sure you’ve been seeing the rave around Artificial Intelligence (AI) lately and its potential applications in diverse fields. Most notable is the budding blockchain field. You are wondering where and how does Artificial Intelligence meet the blockchain?. I was like that too at least until I stumbled on this project called the GAPS Project

GAPS project stands for the growth of Artificial Intelligence through the predictive discussion community service.

What does this mean?

Every individual is unique, we are all blessed with different abilities and strengths, our logical thoughts process are different. We think differently. But in all of this, there is hardly any breakthrough in terms of consensus for human discussions. Even if there are, it hardly scales.

We all have our different truths and these truths represents our worldview. What if there are others like you? How do we form a body of intelligence from this common knowledge? GAPS brings into play the powerful force of Artificial Intelligence and the consensus attribute of the blockchain to build a predictive discussion platform.

How does GAPS work

Growing Artificial Intelligence prediction service (GAPS) works through the the consensus of humans correct discussions. Humans debate and discuss on stuff that are vital and general to all. The truths based on the correctness of answers is fed to the Artificial Intelligence and it becomes stored. This is more like creating a large super computer of the future that can predict anything.

WTF does Blockchain come in?

Like I said before, GAPS utilizes blockchain’s smart contract, decentralization and yes of course the compensation feature. Every participant of the collective discussion is rewarded with tokens. And just like bitcoin that operates a Proof of Work (POW) algoritm rewards its miners, GAPS operates on a Proof of Discussion (POD) consensus and rewards participants who are committed to the debate platform through their stakes.

GAPS is a project worth checking out for the curious minded and anyone who wants to be a part of the future of collective intelligence.
Check out and read more on their website…

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