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QuickSteem - a quick, easy, reliable, inexpensive alternative to the sign up process

We all know it takes awhile to get on this platform as a new user. As frustrating as that is, it is currently necessary, and the result of having to check each account for phishing, spam and scam issues, among other things. This takes time, it costs money, and it requires some careful attention to detail and coding.

But BuildTeam has found a work around! No more are the days of the long wait, and you don't need to pay 20 steem to go through @anonsteem either!

Watch the Video Below for a Quick Tutorial on How to Use this New Feature

QuickSteem is a quick, easy, reliable, inexpensive process that has partnered up with a third party API to make this process happen. They are automatically checking and rejecting phishing attempts and duplicitous spammy account names. But the fact is, folks, anytime there is even a slight fee involved, this eliminates a considerable portion of those types of accounts, leaving the "vetting" process much simpler.

If that's the case, then why doesn't steemit charge for admission?

Good question! This is actually something the top 20 witnesses have to look at, and all of them have decided to make the process free to allow for accessibility and to reduce deterrents to new sign-ups. And this is a wise decision, as there are many individuals who would otherwise contribute positively to the platform, but who otherwise might not sign up if there were a fee. However, because of the spam, scam, and phishing accounts that also sign up, the process takes time! It is up to steemit to go through these accounts to determine whether they are authentic. They cannot catch them all, but if this was not done, steemit would be a nightmare. So we can appreciate the efforts they make to keep things as enjoyable as possible for the quality users on this platform.

Steemit Inc. will not be charging anytime soon for the use of the platform. However, it's nice to know there are other possibilities for signing up an account in a flash!

Only 4.6 STEEM???!!!

So for those individuals who don't mind paying a nominal fee, BuildTeam has made that possible. Whether you want to open your first account ever, or you have an idea for a new account and don't want to use your current account for that idea, QuickSteem is your answer!

Read their announcement here: Buildteam - Introducing Quicksteem: Create Steem Accounts with Ease

Thanks for watching the video, and let me know if you have any questions!

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Thanks for putting this very informative video together on our brand new product! We appreciate your support :)


My pleasure! I think you guys rock. I'm always on the lookout for teams and products that make this platform a more usable, viable, productive space.

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