HEY YOU GUYS!!! Community Forum Today, 8pm-11pm UTC On MSP Waves (In 1 Hour) | Stop Complaining And Come Be A Part Of The Solution

11개월 전

Time to stop complaining on the sidelines and instead be a part of the solution, yep.. I said it.

That's right, after a bit of a holiday break the forums are back on! Today (Thursday) at 8pm UTC over at The PAL Network On Discord. @Pennsif will be running the 3rd installment of his SOS forums and this one is all about dAapps, Apps and Development. He has quite the line up scheduled and you can find more about it Here. Edited To Include His Brand New Post

Current Guest List Incudes:

anomadsoul - witness and co-founder of SteemOnboarding
crypto.talk - developer of Partiko
disregardfiat - developer of DLux
dreemsteem - founder of Spunkee Monkee
fredrikaa - co-founder of SteemPress
hightouch - founder and developer of Fundition and OnGame
hr1 - expert in AI-enhanced curation and founder of Steeve app
imacryptorick - co-manager of the Israeli Steem community and founder of the Steem Promotion Task Force
jarvie - developer with SteemPeak
paulag - witness, and steem data expert
prc - founder and developer of DSound
project7 - co-founder and designer of Steemhunt
starkerz - co-founder of Oracle-D and Promo-Steem
thecryptodrive - witness and CEO of Buildteam
therealwolf - Top 30 witness, developer and owner of Smartsteem
upheaver - witness and developer

The best part is that it is a discussion and with the interactive chat, everyone can get involved.

Why Is It Important?

For far too long we have been solely dependent on Steemit Inc. to take care of everything related to The Steem Blockchain. Remember Steemit is NOT Steem, its simply the first App build on top of the decentralized Steem Blockchain. Whaaattt?!? I know, it's true though and while they do hold a large stake and therefore have a responsibility to the chain.. it doesn't mean they should do everything.. and honestly, we shouldn't want them to.
No offense to the company, but we have all seen that they aren't so good at some things. I mean, that is to be expected though.

So, we can sit back and complain about all the things they suck at.. or we can do something.

While many will choose the first... it has become apparent that there is quite a large group on individuals here who actually want to make some positive changes. And it starts by coming together.

It's All Talk And No Action

Bullshit. There have already been positive things to come out of these talks already, @soyrosa, @therealwolf and @starkerz's work together got Steem listed on The State Of The Dapps website for one. People have been coming together to fight abuse, build tools, organize and well.. stop complaining and do something.

Every action starts with talk, if it ends there.. fine, complain. But let's stop attacking something before it even has had time to make a difference.

Before you build a house you talk about it, make plans, redo plans.. over and over (ask me how I know). You don't just pick up a hammer one day and start building. I mean you could, but it probably wont turn out so great.. and definitely wont be the most efficient way to do so. YOU HAVE TO MAKE A PLAN BEFORE YOU START THE ACTION.

These discussions have led to people pulling their talents, resources and ideas together to help improve Steem over all. And you should be a part of them.

This Is Our Blockchain

Yes, yours.. mine.. everyone's. Just because you aren't a witness, dApp owner, or some sort of community leader doesn't mean you have any less to do with this place. We are all stock holders, we all have a vested interest here.. and what happens to this place effects all of us. So, stop complaining and get involved.

Everyone's voice is important, and everyone has the ability to contribute to the change.

So, Let's Get Shit Done.

I'll See You In An Hour

Much Love And Steem On,


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Good stuff!
TIMM is working on a market analyst perspective solution. We're live. Come check out https://mentormarket.io/.

Thanks I'll try to tune and would love to contribute. Not any kind of huge blockchain influencer but believe I may have some helpful and novel ideas.

But reserve my right to complain and ALSO work towards a solution.


Hahaha I like the fine print!! 😂 deal

Great marketing!

In the SOS-discord @bigtom13 @bluerobo @imacryptorick @pennsif @rycharde @starkerz @shadowspub and me are just setting up a call-to-action for community-based strategy-building. Any gif you would recommend for this?



Thank you Haha!

I can maybe help with that, getting readers attention is key to getting interaction.

I had seen some of the conversation and wondered if h21’s idea of having an interface for communicating would help with things like this? Am I understanding it’s an idea of how to poll the community on what actions we should be focusing on? If so, wouldn’t these polls be better on the chain or at the forums instead of the discord server? I’m not quite sure of the plan so I’m trying to understand.

I do think there have been a lot of people actively engaging at the forums that haven’t done so at the server. So to get the most people’s input doing so at the forums might be a good idea.

Also, might want to make sure there is a balance in the server, as currently mods have no admin rights. I think if it’s going to be the place for community discussions and decisions, it should have a balance of individuals “in control” to show its truly a representation of the community. Otherwise many will not take it seriously, and if we want to have the most impact, we want them to.

I’d love to help in any way I can, but I’ve been a bit confused of what is exactly happening. Feel free to reach out to me on discord if there is anything you think I could be of assistance in! Looks like a great way to get an idea of what the community wants, and I think that’s important. Great work!


Thanks for your comment. Yes, your completely right - the forum is where the people are. We want to make the poll a life event within the show, so tht the audience has the possibility to discuss the result.

The server was just the place to do some preparations. Now we are in the test phase. We try to explain everything in this post:https://steemit.com/steem/@impactn/where-to-go-setting-up-a-strategy-for-the-future-of-steem-test-stage-1
I do hope this post does help against the confusion I've caused. If so - great! If no - we'll have to change things. I'm on the discord under @traveller7761#9847
Would be great to chat these days how to make this work real well. Good participation will be clue to it.


Hi @llfarms It would be great to have you with us to discuss how to proceed with the strategy building in SOS-Forum. We definitely need some marketing to get enough votes for meaningful results. Please check the doodle for date and time being convenient for you https://doodle.com/poll/bgb5sqwaskad6qba


Hey there @impactn! I’m not sure what the poll is for exactly? A meeting? Can you DM me on discord to tell me more about it? Currently I will not be supporting the SOS forums but am still working with the community on solutions and community focused forums. Marketing is definitely something that is being discussed and I agree that it’s very important. Feel free to reach out to me on discord @llfarms #8837

I couldn't make it though I was intending to, I was feeling a bit under the weather yesterday. But I'll try to catch a recap


Awe poor dear! I hope you feel better soon ❤️


Serena wrote "go and find some trees" and honestly today we went for a short walk to visit an Oak with over one thousand years... just a solitary humongous Oak in the fields, I wish you would have been there with your camera, so pretty. Now I feel better, have felt very overwhelmed and sleeping badly lately.



I think the gif really sells it ... 😜


I only clicked on the article because of the gif tbh. :)


Hahha! See! Marketing is very important 😉


Yeap. You had me with the GIF. Brought me back to 7th grade. Lol.

Do we get a baby ruth bar? Wait i missed it.


I haven’t had a baby Ruth bar in ages.. I always get it confused with a payday bar. No worries... turned out it was just a bunch of talk after all.


Well foruma are for talking. Thats why we have so many of them. 😉


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