MacroHard Will Begin To Incite "Swag Into Coding", By Looking To Inspire Developers/Coders/Witnesses Through Micro-Funding. We Will Start With The Philippines.

3년 전

While we try to add "swag" to the world of coding using physical spaces, there is alot we can accomplish digitally before that comes into full-blown fruition. We look to add a "real-life paradigm" to the world of coding thus, eliminating concepts like "developing or developed (nations)" from the world of coding. This we will accomplish!

The plan was to adjust matters from the nooks and crannies of "nations that the world called developing", by establishing physical hubs that will build steem-based products, "coded with swag". 

The first hub was indeed rented and has had rent paid for, for the past 3 months. Macrohard though wasn't able to start-up fully, due to recent events that have involved family, health and unforeseen occurrences etc

However, while we continue to pay rent for this hub pending when it starts up, there is a lot we can still accomplish here on steem by virtue of "contribution". Macrohard was meant to start out small, in a physical space in the Philippines, then branch out into every possible nation. Basically, we had sought to gather steemians who are programmers (located in the Philippines), as often as possible in Macrohard hubs, "to code for steem with swag". 

We had sought to use Macrohard to spark interest in steem, in developers located in the Philippines, then do the same in as many nations as possible. @macrohard was going to maintain update posts, relating every progress. 

Apart from seasoned developers etc, we were also going to gather coding enthusiasts and spark an interest in coding in them, by virtue of steem. 

We were also to gather the mainstream audience and gradually have them coding, starting with steem.

Our edge was "coding with swag" & "teaching how to code with swag".

Now though as the first hub hasn't done any gathering just yet, we are looking to stay viable by starting a small mission on steem that maintains funds to inspire coding projects related to steem, especially, stemming from nations that the world call developing. On a large scale, we will look to use funds to sustain/stir inspiration in developers or coders who aren't experiencing limelight. 

We will use funds in a variety of forms as we don't believe "money" to be the ultimate driver as perhaps, "swag" does better as a driver. Thus, more utmostly we will look to use funds to stir "swag" in these developers, till they feel great within themselves because their fire is now deeply-rooted inside-out.

We will do update posts to help matters with regard to funding. Our update posts will take different formats. Where deemed necessary, we will do update posts on projects that we have inspired but mostly as a means to bring them to further limelight and inspire and unveil these developers and their projects, moreso than highlight every of our deed.

We have swag, so there are some things that we just won't do!

Our inspirational methods will take different formats and will carry swag too. Sometimes, it will be just timely. 

We consider community, the sound of it and the undertone of this sound, thus, we will consider community in the process of choosing projects and developers to inspire. Being located in the Philippines, we will start by looking to inspire developers (their projects) hailing from the Philippines, then branch out into inspiring developers hailing from other nations, "where nations are locations".

In some cases, our inspiration can take the form of donations. In some cases, we may decide to add visibility to their posts. Projects can be open-source or otherwise. Altogether, we will weigh matters on the go and decide what's better-fit. 

Let's see how things unfold over the course of the coming days as we seek out projects build around steem and look to inspire the developers involved. 

We may also branch out into supporting witnesses, applying all our paradigm both in the process of choosing those to support and with regards to "how/when to inspire".

Overall, we will look to incite "swag", celebrate projects/developers that have swag or educate "swag". Stay tuned to how things play out. 

"Code with swag" and we will pay you a visit soon and when we do, receive us with swag.

Note: Swag isn't generic

Macrohard also has a fashion line that will start in the Philippines. 

Our coders will never have to lose our on a dress-code.

Stay tuned in!

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