The Swag Key: A Modified Version - Create A Page On, Where Users Can Select A Specific Post Editor.

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This post will generate potential SWAG for project ULOGS hailing from the Philippines as well as open the micro-programming-task  involved, up to interested developers or programmers. Each GitHub issue   created by project ULOGs is kept as simple and "micro" as possibly to   put "everyone" into the picture. Even in the presence of time   constraints, you should be able to find a task to handle. These applies   also to hobbyist programmers and enthusiasts as much as it does   veterans. 
If you are interested in carrying out this task, simple  indicate in the comments or reach out to @surpassinggoogle using this discord URL: 

Below is a modified copy of the micro-programming-task seen on issue #9, seen as an issue on ULOGS Github: 

Project ULOGS decided to adjust the prior issue creating a now modified version in order for to render perfectly on mobile.

See below:

A Modified Version Of Issue #9: Create A Page On, Where Users Can Select A Specific Post Editor

What we want to accomplish in this task overall is a page on a freshly-created URL "" as indicated by the screenshot below: 

Users will be able to get to this page above, when they click on the areas of highlighted in the images below: 


Summary Of The Task

You are expected to create a page like this below, on that contains three segments each possessing a drop-down that allows users to chose specific editors. 

 The three segments are:  

  • Ulog-Knowledgebank
  • Ulog-Fanlove (BeLikeTerry)
  • SurpassingGoogle

For now, here are the list of editors under each segment and the URL( s) each should link to:

Ulog-Knowledgebank > #ulog-diy (Fresh DIY per day) > 

Ulog-FanLove (BeLikeTerry) > #ulog-ned (Emulate, Learn, Gratitude, Celebrate etc @ned) >

SurpassingGoogle > 1. #teardrops (Share your teardrops moments, happy/sad/un-fell etc) >
                                          2. #untalented (Share all levels of talent/attempts/out-of-the-boxness) >

When the page on is ready, users should be able to click on the dropdown/up for any of the three segments, to select an editor leading to their desired editor URL. 

i.e for instance, if a user clicks on the drop-down for Ulog-FanLove and selects the editor titled "#ulog-ned", it should load up the #ulog-ned editor on as seen below: 


Reference issue #8 

Below, i will place the raw text for the wordings that should be on the page, from top to bottom: 

#ulogging to create a better world of "true celebrity-hood" for "Everyone", once and for all.

the above is a welcome header! 

The art of ULOGGING is a conscious effort to "mine the human"  into its **"awesomest version", while reshaping the entire INTERNET and  creating legends, icons, great men and women, brothers and "True Celebrities".
Together ULOGGING, we will remove "all barriers to entry" for content-creation, content-curation and steem-promotion, "making steeming as difficult as 1, 2, 3".
We will own our very cookies; we will re-tap into our shine and recover lost shine. We will fly. ("True Celebrity-hood" for "everyone" once and for all")
In due time, we will celebrate breakthrough with the @teardrops Smart Media Token; "@surpassinggoogle".
Special Note: Everytime you make use of to post, comment etc, you are supporting steemians, projects, ULOGGERS etc by being their "true fans". Too, you "mine the human" some more, becoming "true celebrities". You will also give back to steem/steemit in gratitude as we contribute a "negligible sum" from our rewards with Steemit INC as beneficiary. 


We like to reward #ulogging contributions born solely out of "your  experience" per day. We seek to incentivize you to learn something new  per day, for the sake of #ulogging. This way, "not a day slips emptily  by" and not a day aren't you capable of reshaping the INTERNET; touching  your "true fans" and attaining "true celebrity-hood" etc
Deposit to our Knowledge-bank by trying one of our #ulogging editors  from the dropdown below. Withdraw knowledge by using the search box  above. 

ULOG-fanlove (BeLikeTerry)

To become like me, you will need to stubbornly become the "awesomest version of YOU". @surpassinggoogle
Choose an editor from the dropdown below to be "true fans" of a project,  community, ULOGGER, steemian etc by using your #ulogging to emulate,  show gratitude, learn about, write about, share moments with etc (per  day for freshness).
e.g you can learn about Ned for the sake of #ulogging under #ulog-ned  etc You will also be able to do likewise for projects, communities etc 


Note that integrates 4 websites into one. Thus, we are  integrating all the paradigms from SurpassingGoogle, Teardrops,  Un(dis)Talented into, so that instead of 4 standalone  steem-based websites, we can have one grand website that "mines the  human" into its awesomest version.
When you see a great man/woman, a legend, an icon, a "true celebrity"  etc you know it. You feel something. It is different. One reason is;  "great men", "legends", "icons", "true celebrities" are still a rarity  on Mama Earth. When we remove this rarity, we Surpass Google. @surpassinggoogle Use this segment to "mine the human" some more. 

Note: Some of the existing and open issues were edited to feature new mock-ups based on the more recent state of

To have a quick glimpse into how the issue was modified and simplified, below is the former structure proposed for

Project ULOGS has decided to simplify matters by using a drop-down modal as opposed to a catalog of thumbnails, making the page more mobile-friendly and reducing cost with regards to load times.

In general do well to visit project ULOGS here: for all open issues and if you find one that interests you, you can decide to do a PR directly, leave a comment here or contact @surpassinggoogle here to discuss charges per micro-programming-task. 

All open issues were edited today, in line with the current state of Mock-ups have been updated accordingly.

If you want to support an extra witness and you support "steemgigs". To vote, simply visit and upvote "steemgigs" or click Here to do it on one click!  

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