Steem road to 2$ and beyond

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It seems to be a big concern for many what the current uptrend rally of bitcoin will result in the altcooins and here in steemit obviously the steem coin itself. regarding the closure of the crypro winter and bear market there is enough signs which dictate the end of bear market so far. althoungh this strong uptrend rally doesn't necessarily means a bull market but sustainability of this uptrend following by new capitals entering the market will eventually lead altcoins market to higher highs.


Since the bitcoin seems to be entering the 2nd impulse wave of its new bull cycle i believe it wont retrace more than 0.382 Fibonacci level (because it was strong rally in which case it will bottom out often in 0.382 level or in 0.5 level). regarding this stage it will be a fine opportunity for altcoins to gain a ton of profit because although their downward move is fast but their followup of bitcoin in uptrend rallies always lag. And wave 2 of bitcoin will be slow in process which provides the foundation to flourish beautiful gains for altcoins in parabolic moves.

So i can say this with strong confidence:
Happy Altseason in advance


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Very confident. I share the ideas of steem in uptrend.

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Thanks my friend. I am very optimistic about it. Actually with the recent massive uptrend of bitcoin who isn't, right? 😂 it's just a matter of time and i think we are very close to it.

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