Lunch with the kids pay with Steem

3년 전

Today I took my amazing children to the @metropolisbar for a nice lunch I had a texmex wrap and they had the Spagueti bolognese. The food is great and to be able to pay with Steem makes it even more fun and tasty.

In total we paid 29.55 Steem

Dont forget to come to Mallorca and check out one of the bars/restaurants where you can pay here locally with Steem.

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Delicious steems

Great! Pay with Steem and Spaghetti alla bolognese sound really great! ^_^

There is a restaurant that gives option to pay with steem? Holy moly guacamole!! Why I only know about this now!

Man whoever gets to go there must be so lucky. I'd love to spend some of my steem on a texmex wrap. Who knows once I can cash out that's the first thing I do..

  1. Fly to US
  2. Go to @metropolisbar
  3. Get a texmex

I was busy promoting steem as payment before my separation and depression. Im hoping to start rocking the boat again soon might help the healing process.


Welcome back! Will be around to ride the waves from your boat-rocking!! 🛥 🌊 🏄

steem on boy! great proof of bolognese!

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