Post 100% Steempower do it for Steemit

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Who else is annoyed at the amount of 50/50 posts?

I have to be honest, and I hope that none of you authors take ofense to this. But I dont like the fact that most of the posts out there are 50/50. I have done nearly every single post 100% Steempower and Im here to stay, but I have to wonder how sustainable it can be if people are cashing out everyday.

I feel so strongly about this that I even made a silly MEME!!!

I love Steemit and I want to see it succeed proof of that is in my timeline if you want to find out more what I have acomplished so far.

As far as upvoting is concerned I have decided that I will give priority to 100% posts and this will of course affect my Steembot-army as well.

I can completely understand that some people would need the revenue right away and I dont dislike the 50/50 option I just dont like that its being abused.

Look at the feed and tell me that Im wrong.... !!

So tell me am I being unfair with my opinion or am I on to something here?

obv this is going to be a 100% post

Make to resteem this one

Kind Regards


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It seems to me that 50/50 is interesting to do when you want to have some SBD, in order to have the possibility of promoting any post. Moreover, you still can power up the steem you get (what I do).


Ok I agree its nice to have some sbd in your account for spending or promoting. But I have noticed several accounts, that cash out and power down at the same time. Im just saying there is a very large proportion of 50/50 posts and very few 100%.


Well, I can understand that people having a lot of steem power, want to power down at some point. Steemit is designed to give the opportunity of getting some rewards for your posts. What would be the point if we couldn't cash out ? And some people probably need to use in real life, what they earned.

It's part of the design. Plus, some are cashing out to fund projects to improve the network (ads, apps, etc)


Yes this Is a very important part of it, I like the option, and understand the need for financing, just saying its exagerated like 8-1 50/50 posts vs 100%


Hi @mallorcaman
I always take the 50/50. You might think I am insane, but on a daily basis, I convert my steem dollars into steem and daily I power up all my steem. You might wonder why I would do this when I can just automate to 100%? I just love to see the dollars and steem and the action of powering up. If you don't believe me you can check out my actions on my account.


Ok another very good point, that actually sounds more fun. I guess my worries are unfounded for the most part. Thanks for your very interesting and insightfull reply.

I keep a little liquid Steem. My thought is that if the price of Steem soars and I decide to cash in on some to pay off some debt, I won't have to power down my account to liquefy it.

I don't know much about it, but I always upvote 100%. I'm not sure what the difference is except that if I like a post enough to upvote it...I go all in!


Same as me, I was going to include that in the post but I dont want to offend my regular upvoters that dont do so. All in 100%

The great thing about free market economics is that there is no set guidelines. I don't mind if people cash out 50% or 100% Steempower. It is up to them. All I ask is that people keel writing and posting their content.

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I always use the 100% option. Then again I don't have that much steem power yet!


You will :)

OK. I will do more 100% Power Up posts.


I never noticed if yours were 100 or 50/50 I guess in the end what it boils down to is good content or not. I just noticed that most posts were missing the steemit stripes in the feed. Thanks for your reply @artem-sokoloff

I post 50/50 but i've never cashed out. I do this so I can donate steem if i want to to other accounts. The SBD is left to build up, if the price crashes again I can then spend it to buy steem, if not I have SBD.

I have been accumulating some SBD by posting 50/50 for a while, however I am not going to take it out. I want to have some to be able to use it. I have never taken any money out of steemit (In full disclosure I took 13 steem out a long time ago but brought it back, I removed it to test sending and receiving).

I'm certainly here for the long long haul as well, I just want some SBD for future use (like emergency funding of @steemSTEM should we eventually give away all the funds the project has).

For me, i have no idea what i'm doing, I just find fun in posting comments and responding with voting up what I like, creating some posts and then see what will happen. Me 50-50 but not exactly sure why :-)

well, I don't do 100% but I also don't constant withdraw my STEEM and/or SBD. I leave some of it available in case of a real life emergency and I need to draw it out. Eventually some of that will get powered up.