HOPES Bigger than fear

2년 전

We call it life.
Always trying to do something to make things better than what they are as the moment, right?! But what is ''better''?
Are the fancy and expensive material possessions giving you the comfort you need at the current situation we are all in?!
Aren't we just seeking that comfort and peace and apparently nothing can bring it to us?!
The bottom lines are pretty clear and we just blind ourselves to it! We do not need a better car, what we need is the feeling of being whole and being just okay and yet we do what we aren't supposed to do; We continue killing ourselves for the things we don't actually need and we have lost many many skills just because of that blindness.

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I have a personal way to deal with things, because of course the only thing I can actually control in this world is myself;
Fear is good to wake you up but it also has another side that can paralyze and keep you in that dark hole which most of us want to get out of. Hope in the other hand can actually get you out of the darkness of thoughts, it can open your eyes to the life you can have after the hard times. Hope is the boat we are riding in the ocean of chaos and unknown.

'' HOPES Bigger than fear ''

Peace! <3

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