PIVX first cryptocurrency that becomes the creation of the Zerocoin protocol

4년 전

PIVX first cryptocurrency that becomes the creation of the Zerocoin protocol



This new PivX wallet manages a PoS algorithm (Proof of Stake), based on the 0.10x version, whose purpose is to find elements of transactions proportional to the number of coins and not the number of hours invested. This cryptocurrency begins with the execution of Zerocoin, a cryptocurrency also called Zcoin (XZC) that allows each transaction to be personal.

The purpose of PIVX is to get advanced technology where each person can be given the power to decide on what to do with their money, how to manage their own funds in a fast and secret way.

The PIVX uses a management system based on blockchain that guarantees its sustainability, where a better system of private transactions is achieved, guaranteeing a next-generation cryptocurrency. Within its characteristics, account for transactions of small durations, with a reward system and low commissions that cause transactions at very low costs.

Today, the PIVX has a capital market market of $ 210 million with an average of 1.5 to 2 million per day in volume and is used in more than 174 countries.

The best way to acquire PivX is from exchanges (Litebit, Bittrex,
Changelly, Anycoin direct or BuyUcoin), buying bitcoins and replacing them with PivX. The different methods of payments are with Bank Cards, Transfer or paypa

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