Why Steem May Be The Hidden Gem Of Cryptocurrency. By Gregory Mannarino

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Call me a bit biased, and I probably am, but as cryptocurrency goes (as a "currency" not very volatile which is critical for any crypto to act as a currency), I like Steem.
Moreover, in my opinion the social network platform Steemit is revolutionary in that you can actually earn Steem by simply posting! This is the future of social networks, I have no doubt.

**The fact that in relation to other cryprocurrencies Steem is relatively stable, makes it ideal to actually act as a currency. Plus, Steem has a social network which gets bigger every day giving it more steam, so to speak.

Want to join Steemit? Click here: https://steemit.com/


Here are some current stats with regard to Steem.
Market Cap.
$556,915,111 USD

Volume (24h)
$6,143,910 USD

Circulating Supply
246,296,198 STEEM

Find out more about Steem. Click HERE: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/steem/

Gregory Mannarino, "The Robin Hood Of Wall Street."


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Bitcoin for store of value, Litecoin for buying coffee, Steem and BitShares for the win.

Totally agree. Steem is the future of social networking, it's just a matter of time till people catch on to the fact that large corporations are making bank from taking advantage of user activity. All people have to do is switch to a better platform (like steemit) and then they can profit from their own time rather than let corporations profit from it.


Agreed, instead of giving your content to Facebook to profit from, you can use it to help yourself and other people in the Steemit community. Well said.


Look, I just gave myself .01 and gave you .01 too, LOL.


Well said. I couldn't of wrapped it up any better myself!


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Anything that moves people away from Facebook has to be a plus right?

Steem is indeed the future of social media, we're lucky enough to be in it before the herd!

I just bought some more today. Made a profit on another coin and I was thinking what's the best value now and Steem was it.


I just sell all my earned SBD for more Steem.

With SBD so high, you can buy a nice portion of Steem. Which could be worth a lot more in a while.


Already done resteemed sir@marketreport

I hope Steem price will follow SBD. I have been converting SBD to steem thinking that it was pegged at $1. Stephen Kendall said the peg has been removed so it is now allowed to move freely

Couldn't agree more the future of steem is very bright! Glad I'm here as early as I am...................


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steem is best from all others @greg this blockchain concept is brilliant and hope one day steem will rise up from all other cryptos ever btc

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Thanks again, Gregory. I have a little Steem, thanks to You. Resteemed and Upvoted.

Plus SBD is super fast for transactions and is a fraction of the cost to send compared to Bitcoin.


Yeah, I just sent steem through blocktrades to binance and it was almost instantly there (exchanged for bitshares)

i like your creativity and crypto news.
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Thanks Greg, you brought me to steemit. Tell Greg Hunter about this, so I could upvote him too. Greets from Switzerland.

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Good Analysis,hope for the best !!

rumor is its going to coinbase soon

Steem is best 👌

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I just bought some more today. Made a profit on another coin and I was thinking what's the best value now and Steem was it.

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Steem is the future of social networking, it's just a matter of time till people catch on to the fact that large corporations are making bank from taking advantage of user activity. All people have to do is switch to a better platform (

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Steemit as well as most blockchain-based social media platforms will be the only way to go in the future. I think we got maybe 2 more years as more come online and start offering more attractive features before they really blow up big. Holding it over the longer term should pay off very well. In the shorter term we should start seeing a rapid rise into the space especially this spring. HODL. Can't stress that enough.

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Steem is extremely undervalued! Just wait for the SMT. Resteemed as always great work, Greg

I was thinking exactly the same thing last week while picking my brain about volatility and the need for stability for a cryptocurrency to actually succeed as a new form of payment.

I say: Steem!

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here in this situation....steem can changed the any situation..whatever we think..
it's a great platform to earn money no doubt.

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I'll check out YouTube for thumbs up action... :-)
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STEEM is really going to do well

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Are you going to do a youtube video on this as well Greg?

i love steem and steemit is my life now bcz i dont need any job and i stay with steem forever man

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I agree steem has been fairly steady in terms of price, as for the platform I am very impressed. I joined back in July 2016 and I was not sure how long this would last. In my opinion it is still going strong and getting better everyday.

I think everyone on steemit is a bit bias towards steem :)
But sbd is looking bullish as f*** right now, so thats where my bet is at as of today!

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Funny, just got done buying some steem myself, today :) Resteemed!

Steem is the way to go forward. In love with steem :)

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I agree it is a interesting platform. People who comment are also able to accrue steem where as Youtube you do not get anything. Also steem does not demonetize things that they do not agree with. So it has a lot of upside.

Many many thanks for sharing this post.

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The monetization of thinking. Reward good content without the middle man. Simple yet powerful.

I agree with you on steem as a crypto and steemit as a platform.


Steemit is no doubt the future of social media.
No matter what topics are discussed, the information cannot be censored. If there is strong suspicion of crimes committed like in the #Pizzagate scandal. The information cannot get censored. Contrary to Youtube where tons of information gets censored.
I resteemed and upvoted your post Gregory.


Steem is my favorite Blockchain project allowing users to earn for contributing is such a powerful idea

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Agreed and no doubt about it. Bought some SP today. Its amazing to see that it increase on the value.

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Looking to continue adding some as I can, I add little to here and there as I can afford, that’s what I love about this, post and make money and friends, learn about crypto and how to Invest what you can afford will still make you money , you don’t have to take the money from rent or food, just a few dollars here and there, and as greg said steem is a great place to be!

Moreover the knowledge that you can provide and also take from steem is really amazing.


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STEEM will rip the face off everything :D

Magnificent article. The popularization of Steem is beneficial to all users. Thank you for doing it. Good luck to you and good.

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Hi everyone! Just created a Steemit account here on the encouragement of this wonderful person. Gregory, thank you for all your insightful videos and hope you will be making them.

Resteemed and upvoted... I agree with you on the Steem platform outlook. Would just like to see more people using it.

Greg, I just got accepted to Steemit today! Thanks to you, watching one of your videos on Youtube...you urged your followers to invest in themselves, and sign up for Steemit. I had no idea what the heck you where talking about, but now it's crystal clear ;)

Funny story...I was looking at coinmarketcap last week, saw Steem and it's marketcap, and was wondering to myself "I wonder what makes this coin so special"....hah!

Where do you see STEEM in a year's time? 10? 20? 100 or more? I kinda feel it would be in 20 range. Thats still 10X.

Wonderful post @marketreport i always visit your blog and avail by it also upvote your posts😊

because of you Greg I am on steemit. I am very grateful for your vids. - thank you


Same here...I think it was his video on Friday when he mentioned we should "invest in ourselves"...had no idea what Steemit was, and not sure I would of found it this early on without his advice!

Yes, I also like the performance of Steem lately, a moderate steady upward trend. Some other, like Verge or Cardano, make leaps of around 100% - in one day! That looks a bit too eratic for me. Even if that looks tempting, caution is advised I think.

Steemit is really a trail blazer , taking the lead in a model that all future social networks will follow

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Steem ♥

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Been on Steem for a few months now. While I haven't earned much Steem, I enjoy the platform. Very user friendly. I see the potential.

Agree with you. opinion the social network platform Steemit is revolutionary in that you can actually earn Steem by simply posting! This is the future of social networks, I have no doubt.thanks for the excellent update post.

As the first player advantage and the oncoming additions like @DLive, Steemitchat, and others with more to come... it will be the community online future.

With that comes less trading, less swing in value... totally agree, more stability and value as a currency.

I take BTC, LTC and ETH in trade for digitized IP, but I would never buy anything with BTC as example, as that $100 item will could become a $!,000 item quickly.

I can't fault your thinking there Greg. I don't know much in the crypto realm but I do believe Steem has 'legs' ;)

Steemit definitely has good things going for it. I still think it's under the radar for many people.

Really good job bro thanks

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steem is the hidden jewel of Crypto

Hey store owner and entrepreneur
a new coin in town you'll love for sure.
it's steem dollars and its hot with steem
better get moving and join on the team
Down at Craigslist they accept it for trade
Better get smart and make the grade.
crypto-currency is the wave to ride
better get on board and enjoy the tide
The old fiat system is a thing of the past
but Steem dollars there a gonna last.

Its a very unique platform and encourages quality on the web. It gathers serious contributors who can even financially gain from their efforts. Crypto currencies are more likely to survive if they are at least backed by something and a powerful social platform like steemit is a clever idea. Other cryptos I fear will suffer once the Euphoria dies away, as is already happening, but there is definitely a future for some of them. It must worry the banks and especially the central banks with this new independence from their controlled systems. Where will Bitcoin be end of 2018 ? Hard call, but my guess would be MUCH lower.