Being An Early Adopter Can Be Massively Rewarding


It's comical that anyone needs to be persuaded to create a Steem account for themselves or have one created for them and to start sharing their lives, thoughts or creations like on mainstream social media or content delivery platforms. Because of the decentralized and tokenized reward sharing model, getting on board now is like becoming a Facebook user in 2005 and getting Facebook stock as a reward for making posts, commenting and liking the posts and comments posted by others.

Imagine that. Wouldn't you be beating yourself up for not joining if that had been the case? Of course, Facebook is a corporation and the whole concept of ownership by users was completely alien at the time.

The best part of the whole deal is that, from a financial perspective, there is no downside or risk whatsover to adopting Steem. No Steem user ever has to invest a single cent in the platform to use it. I recall buying STEEM for the first time at least six months after I became an active user of the platform.

Whenever you feel like whining, crying and hollering and gnashing your teeth about how terrible Steem is, remember that whatever you have earned here you should be grateful for. The value of the tokens credited to you by the blockchain exists thanks to investors who believe in the future of a user owned experience of social media and online publishing. Yes, you can earn something on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube and the like but it takes a considerable length of time to build an audience large enough to bring in sufficient ad revenue for the platforms to even begin to pay you anything. On Steem, you can and typically will start earning STEEM from the get go, however little at first but you'll still earn something right away.

Also, there is no way for a single inscrutable entity to suddenly take away your visibility or to even take down all of your content for violating "community rules", enforced by some harebrained algorithm that reads a Finnish language text unaware it's not English, recognizes the abreviation "kys." meaning "in question" interpreting it as "Kill Your Self", which results in the account being suspended for months. True story. Happened to @gamer00 on Twitter. You will encounter none of that bullshit here. Whatever bullshit comes your way on Steem, can be brought up with the community and if found unacceptable, can be mitigated by the community.

Just some thoughts of mine before going to sauna and drinking that beer I mentioned in my previous post. Please use the Facebook analogy when you go onboarding people you know, if you find it useful. Gotta go now. See you!

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I'm with you on this Markku, the facebook analogy is really good

I hope you enjoyed the sauna and the beer. Let's go onboard new users :-)