How To Onboard The Masses

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@nealmcspadden wrote about what he thinks is the fundamental problem with Steem. I think what he is saying is that the problem is that crappy Trending is keeping new users away and that Trending is crappy because stakeholders have to use methods that make it crappy to get some ROI. His suggestion is to build ways for stakeholders to get ROI without ruining Trending or the reward system in general. I think STEEM is on its way to becoming a utility token used for governing the chain and renting out Resource Credits when powered up but I don't think it's a good idea to go there yet because we need more decentralization of stake.

I think the problem goes deeper than that. Those features that most of us here love and cherish are the problem. This platform is simply too good for the masses. The masses don't want to get paid for their efforts or even true ownership of their content. Back in 2017 when I first talked about Steem to people I knew I met a few who couldn't get past the idea where the money came from. For them it was a real problem.

Fortunately, this one is trivial to solve. It is made even easier by the fact that the masses do not have any clue as to the difference between a front end and a back end. Even some seasoned Steemians struggle with the difference between Steem and Steemit.

The solution is to develop a Steem front end that allows users to sign up and log in using their Facebook or email accounts or whatnot. All the users would be posting to Steem via proxy accounts controlled by the front end. The user would be allowed to choose between a personal proxy account they could later take full control of or an anonymized proxy account. Every user would have a personal light Steem account for the purposes of receiving and sending STEEM, SBD, SMTs and a select few other tokens and not having any other capabilities. That way, they could tip their favourite authors or otherwise transfer tokens between themselves and other users.

The users of that front end would be completely cut off from the reward system and the front end wouldn't show them any rewards. Trending would not be implemented at all. Instead, they would see posts from those users they follow and content curated by algorithms. All wallets would be hidden. Buying tokens with a credit card would be made extremely easy. Cashing out into fiat should naturally be also possible but slightly more difficult and costly. A marketplace should be created where spending the tokens would be possible.

The masses are happy to not get paid. I'd go as far as to say they are happier for not getting paid for any of their online activities. Should their work get upvoted by the users of other Steem front ends, the owners of the front end would pocket any such rewards. That would be clearly stated in the Terms of Use, which most people do not even read anyway. Those who choose a personal proxy account would have the opportunity to gain control of their rewards as well. For as long as a personal proxy account remained controlled by the front end, Steem Power held by it would be used by the owners of the front end as they see fit. Not only would rewards earned by the users with anonymized proxy accounts belong to the front end but any revenue generated from their data sold to advertisers as well.

This type of front end would recreate the kind of frictionless, easy and demonetized user experience that billions of people have been proven to love. Buying pressure on STEEM would be created by the users having a light wallet at their disposal for the purposes of commerce, payments between users and tipping their favourite users. I've never seen anyone on Facebook throw a tantrum because they're not getting paid enough. I have seen youtubers who make videos about controversial topics complain about being shadow banned and demonetized but when I have suggested that they use DTube I've been met with complete silence. I say let them suffer. Let's recreate the same shit they are used to wallowing in elsewhere on a Steem front end.

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Hi @markkujantunen friend

Sounds good everything you mention in this publication and I agree with you, however there is a fact that is human behavior something that is so unpredictable and they are very right when you say that people do not make an effort to get what they want and That is a defect is worldwide.

I particularly promote this because of the constant benefit that I have received, of course it is not easy but I have achieved many things, and I always tell my students and yet they are not interested.

Greetings friend, I hope you and your family are very good.

I particularly promote this because of the constant benefit that I have received, of course it is not easy but I have achieved many things, and I always tell my students and yet they are not interested.

I can very well understand that in a country with the economy in good shape very few people would be interested in earning pennies available for newbies without a network or much in the way of SP on Steem. But Venezuela is undergoing a full on economic disaster. There are large numbers of people on the streets who haven't eaten in days. Many of your students must be struggling financially. Yet, you haven't been able to get any of them interested in joining Steem. That's nothing short of astonishing. Do they like wasting time on mainstream social media?

All I can say is that thinking outside the box must be rarer than I have previously thought. Steemians are truly a special breed. If normos prefer to be exploited, then they should be provided an opportunity to do just that.

I hope your family is well, too.

It seems like this is the way to go. Then I should be able to get my friends associated with Steem when they literally just have to login with any other social media account to interact when they already visit my blog page to read my stuff.

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Then you could interact with them.

Dear @markkujantunen

Does trending page really matters that much? Even if only best quality posts would be displayed over there, would that change anything?

Reality is that the biggest problem for majority of users is lack of visibility. Personally I hardly know anyone who does even bother to visit trending page any more.

Back in 2017 when I first talked about Steem to people I knew I met a few who couldn't get past the idea where the money came from. For them it was a real problem.

Indeed. Similar experience here.



I visit Trending from time to time. I've put the accounts of some projects that I find worthwhile on autovote for the good curation rewards.

Trending is the landing page of Steemit. Every new user looks at Trending. If the quality there is low, then their impression of Steem will be equally poor.

"Back in 2017 when I first talked about Steem to people I knew I met a few who couldn't get past the idea where the money came from. For them it was a real problem."

Indeed. Similar experience here.

This is why a front end used with Facebook/etc. accounts that only posts using proxy accounts and that gives all of its users only a light account might just be the killer app that Steem needs to moon. It's a depressing thought but what can you do. Most people are idiots.


Hi @markkujantunen

Thank you for your kind comment. I appreciate it a lot.

And perhaps you could also visit my latest post and share your own view on discussed topic. I would love to hear your opinion.


I brought folks over back in the day that were earning double digit rewards but could not get past the idea that this was shady or illegal.

Interesting idea. I think you are right and people would rather stay ignorant. Ignorance is bliss is a saying here!


No one has called this illegal but the shadiness has been implied. What that boils down to is people having not been taught to understand the value of their time and their data and online identities. When you maintain an online presence for a few decades, the value you generate each day adds up. Throw in an early adopter bonus for having been on Steem since the early days.

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