Bitcoin prediction and banks ban Bitcoin purchasing with credit card

2년 전

Hello Steemians!


I didn't post for a couple of days here, I kinda fed up with Steemit community malversations, Whales picking up all the reward pool for themselves, and voting bots that are just not profitable.

I have been diving a little bit more into another sphere of crypto, and I gotta say there are so much more potential along side the steem.

So first things first, Bitcoin price is about 10000-10500 usd and if bitcoin dont breach the 11k threshold, it will be expected to fall to 9k,8k,7k and so... pull out your BTC to USDT, and wait for dip and buy it and watch it rise. It will be expected to happen in a couple of hours. This is only mine predictions so trade on your own responsibility.

Another huge thing that happen a couple of days ago is that US and UK banks banned any kind of trading with cryptocurrencies with credit cards. Coinbase have reported enormous fees with transaction, making the crypto traders really in a bad spot.

So withdrawing bitcoins to fiat and vice versa with your cards are currently banned by major banks with the excuse that people that trade with cryptocurrency due to the drop of BITCOIN from 20k to 5k making them in a big depth and that they cannot be recovered.
Market is to unstable, and banks are trying to stop the millions in revenue because they cannot control it.

Facebook also banned advertising crypto and ICO, and we will see how this will be resolved.

One thing is for sure, they cannot shut down the cryptocurrency and making people benefit from that.

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