My Dog is Worried about Steemit

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My dog is worried about Steemit. I told him that he was being immature and that this was just the way the world works. I reminded him that in a Free Enterprise system, a person can legally establish Property Rights in their own creations. In this case, @ned had helped create something that didn't exist before; he grew it and improved it until it was a success; and at that point, he decided to cash out. End of story!

My dog just lowered his head and growled at me. Now, he's not a huge dog, but, I took notice.... He weighs in at just a little more than 50 pounds, and he knows how to handle himself. Normally, his black lab go-along-to-get-along side predominates. But in this case, he squinched up his eyes a little, and his pit bull side let me know to tread lightly. His grasp on the finer points of property rights is all hypothetical. But he well remembers that his previous owners had exercised their property rights in his family by: Spaying his mother; selling or giving away all of his siblings; and dumping him unceremoniously in a strange neighborhood. (Luckily, of course, that was my neighborhood – and when we met, it was a case of mutual love at first sight. We've been together ever since.) So, his practical take on Property Rights is not at all hypothetical. He views the goings-on with @ned, much as a Russian anarchist, circa 1915, would have viewed the Tsar going about his royal palace business.

I hunkered down next to him, gave him a hug, and hands-on proceeded to explain to him why I wasn't worried. I admitted that it had also been disorienting to me when I first heard the news. But I went on to explain to him that this could be seen in a positive light, regarding my Matrix-8 Platform (about which I had been lecturing him over a period of months during our evening walks). The insensitivity with which this change of events had been announced—or in this case, not announced—underscored one of the principal Dreams that Steemit had identified and fostered. Netizens want to know that it is actually they who are in control of the platforms which they populate and into which they breathe life. They're tired of being conned – and seeing their innocent enthusiasm, honesty and cooperation being manipulated, co-opted, monetized, and eventually sold to the highest bidder.

As I stroked his smooth coat, I reminded him that this was my dream—our dream—too. I pointed out to him that it was this Universal Dream which would eventually lead the way. Not totally convinced, he pointed out in his turn that anybody can dream – but that Steemit was a reality – and that now it may be gone! I acknowledged this point but argued that it was the Dream which drew folks to Steemit – not the bells and whistles of the platform. And I further argued that those bells and whistles—primarily, Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies—were now a dime a dozen. They can be found in any cyberstore as off-the-shelf, open-source programs. I emphasized that what was still missing was a platform that would ensure that Control and ultimate Ownership fell to the platform's Members. For my part, I assured him that I would continue to devote myself to proselytizing for that Dream—as implemented by my relatively easily configured Matrix-8 Platform—until it was a reality. With a wag of his tail, he licked my face, letting me know that all was well. The look in his eyes promised that he would help in any way he could.

For anyone else who dreams as we dream, please see my Combination Introduction and White Paper at

Together we can do it,

John Huckel

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One clever dog

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Hey JH, I'm super happy you're back posting on Steem. Your presence here (and in each moment) is needed. Here's hoping I see you here more often.

I watched the Justin and Ned talk on DLive tonight and thought (but didn't act) on giving you a heads up, then joined the witness chat in Discord, jumping in for a few words on air expressing my optimistic outlook for Steem, especially due to the potential of billions of new users due to the upcoming Matrix-8 Multi-Level Governance platform to be built on Steem.

By the way, I encourage you to tell your dog that although Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies may be available of the shelf for a dime a dozen, the Steem community (Steemians as we are known) are something special and worth more than money can buy. Also, that's probably why Justin bought Steemit Inc. and @ned's STEEM (note. He did not and cannot buy the Steem Blockchain or community), so the Matrix-8 Platform still has a safe home on Steem (imo).

As I replied in a comment on this post to Steem witness @pharesim earlier, I feel gratitude for @ned for his work on helping create Steem and know that he was always doing his best despite how it might appear otherwise to some. Happy to hear you telling dog about Ned too.

I've also been checking out / connecting with other witnesses to use all my witness votes, including @ura-soul (check out our conversation on this post - and I encourage you to also vote for him) who says he will read your white paper soon.

Will catch up with you very soon re. other outstanding matters brother.

Steem on
Atma (Steem) Love
#thegreatliberation is coming!

Holy crap this was a good breath of comic relief, despite it bearing truth. Loved it :P

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You got some love from a member of @thealliance family!
Keep up the great work and join us in The Castle sometime!
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First of all: Great post and great writing. Love this dog of yours; Very clever guy :)