Buy some stuff from me with your Steem or SBD! (Raspberry Pi 3 spare parts + 32GB Class 10 SD Card + Reader + more)

9개월 전


So what do ya say? Send me $15 worth of Steem and I send this to you in the mail. I'm starting to do a little de-cluttering, so I might do some of this more often if people buy my junk.

Here, you've got a CanaKit box, a couple manuals, a long bread board, an IDE ribbon, a GPIO breakout board, some LEDs, a couple switches, a bunch of wires, a 32GB micro SD card (has a Pi distro on it, haven't messed with it), a USB micro SD card reader, some index cards with raspberry pi info on it, yeah you get what you see!

So please, buy this from me for $15 USD worth of Steem or SBD and I'll mail this to your house if you're in the USA! I'll do it for a little more if you're outside of the USA if you're really that into it.

Who knows, I might even throw something else inside of the box (probably gonna). I dunno.


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Can you send it to India?


You could probably get all of this way cheaper closer to you. The shipping to India would be pretty expensive.


Yeah, you're right...
By the way, will you come back to Steemspeak anytime soon?


I dunno? I've been cutting Discord and stuff like that out for the most part lately. Been trading the time I spent in Discord for doing other stuff. Who knows, I might come back and say hi sometime, although I think my focus might shift more to IRC.

Nice junk. 😜 I can't buy my friend.

Don't need anything but cool idea man.
We could all sell stuff we don't need to use anymore for hard cold steem.
Bu the way,I think that could be a grat initiative on the blockchain.
Happy new year @Matt-a .

@matt-a, sorry to see you have less Steem Power.
Your level lowered and you are now a Dolphin!

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