Very bad day for crypto and steem

2년 전


Today is again a verybad day for crypto as well as steem. Sellers are making merry again.

Where steem can bottom, nobody knows exactly. Moreover, some bad news about steem are also wandering on internet. 70% employees of steem has been fired due to this crash of crypto.

If it is true, then i am worried about future of steem and my investment too. I have purchased some steem 3 months ago, and it is very bar news for me.

Anybody with clear vision can, please, guide me. Thanks

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Don't worry my friend. Look at long period not short.
A will have a few turbulent days until people try to create a schedule about the updates of Steem, but when they start to delivery the changes, it will increase again. Don't see the price, see the value inside this blockchain!

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