Hot Steemy Action!



I gotta admit guys, that was a seriously impressive jump earlier this week. 44 cents! Unfortunately it was a fairly sharp rise and a fairly sharp fall surrounding that value. It begs the question how this happened.

Meanwhile here is the scam list:
@drugwars (@hightouch)

You can see my previous posts providing my reasoning but I am open to a dialogue on this in the comments below.

Anyone who can successfully prove that they are not scamming people will trigger the following actions:

  1. Removal from the list
  2. A statement of apology by myself
  3. A period of 2 months, active defense by myself on your behalf
  4. Retroactive deletion of comments by myself
  5. Fiscal compensation, if my wrongness was especially callous and unfounded.

I only call out people by their name if they have shown themselves to be especially egregious. In this case, @hightouch has shown himself to be significantly malicious and of bad character. The same cannot be proven for the founders of @actifit, although they exhibit the behaviors of manipulative dishonesty.

Considering the low level of offense generated by @actifit, they may very well be able to successfully appeal.

I do not consider myself an arbiter of Steem above others, nobody is, but it is up to us to regulate the community ourselves. I still think that Steem is on the way out, but if it is significantly overhauled (and I mean massive changes) then it could be much more viable. I am always open to public debate. I will later make a post explaining what I think should happen, but if a demand is made for immediate answering I will provide a very brief synopsis.

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