The Sub 12 Dip

9개월 전

Behold, the price of STEEM is now merely $0.1194.

The project is a total failure.

Vigilantes enforce their dictator like interpretation of justice.

Scammers and bots rule Steem.

Steemit was a method to make money for the creators, not for you.

Now they are creating a new social media platform, voice.

That's right, a new social media platform. Isn't Steem a social media platform? (Except of course the d.apps).

And yet they had the money to put $150 million into it. Where did they get that money? They got it from YOU! And now they use YOUR money to build yet another scam, one which is centralized, requires identity verification, which allows them to create and sell data on YOU. Which allows them to deliver targeted ads to YOU.

Don't be fooled!
Don't be a sheep!

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Fake news, bruh.

EOS and STEEM are not even the same project. Block.One raised a war chest for their project. The only common denominator is that Dan Larimer was involved in both.

Steem is dead because unless your in the purple circle you will never earn decent money on a post no matter how good it is. Even with steem being worthless the purple circle still wont up vote others good content. Greed as usual ruined it.

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