Earn 10% Steem with 1 Million EPC By Just Rolling Dice


LOVE Rolling Dice at Epicdice

If you love to gambling and specially at steem platform than this post is for you. The rewards are waiting for you steemians. Just read this post and earn Steem with 1 Million EPC. Here, i am giving my referral link of epicdice dice game.


How to Earn Steem and EPC token

  1. If you are new comers at @epicdice and just use my Referral link to wager minimum 10 steem on epicdice gambling game then I will give you 1000 EPC as rewards.
  2. If you are old/new @epicdice and using my Referral link to wager minimum 1000 steem on epicdice gambling game then I will give you 1.5 steem + 10,000 EPC token as reward.
  3. If you are using my Referral link and wager more than 2000 steem. I will give you 10% Steem of house age with additional 10 times EPC token of your wagered steem.

These all rewards are given by me @mehta and limited to total EPC token 1,000,000. The Steem rewards has no limitation. This is my minimum commitment. If any other sponsor i get for EPC token, then we will offer more rewards. I will let you know, if any updates is there. Stay tuned for more offer.

How you get these rewards

  1. Just use my Referral link to playing everytime at @epicdice.
  2. Comment on this post after completing above mentioned task and informed me, how much you (your steem account) wagered in that period with using my referral link.
  3. This offer is ends on 07 June, 2019 at 08:30 IST.
  4. I will send your rewards after this post payouts.

Note : Please, don't gamble more than you effort to loose. Because anything can happens. You can win or loss, so ready for every condition.

Love to Gambling at Epicdice

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  ·  작년

Can check out Steem-Roller.com too if you're looking for another site to gamble on. It has investing too and STEEM dividends to investors without having to gamble.

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  ·  작년

Eso sad i wanna roll some dice but i do not have up to that steem in my account. I am having below 10 steem as a new user. Can i still enter?

  ·  작년

If you want to roll and gamble then you can still enter. You can start wagering with mimimum 0.1 steem and add. Happy to see you.

congratulations @mehat

@magic dice dapp exit scam which is simmiliar to epicdice . had 50 k magic dice tokens there but all worthless. @mehta pls don,t promote all these .

  ·  작년

@sandeep126 thanks for suggestion. You want to say that if someone die in accident then don't drive the vehicle. But I don't think like that, if you don't like leave it. Gambling is always not good things. if anyone like it ok, if anyone don't like, it is also ok.

Congratulations @mehta!
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