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We've known for quite a while now that Dan Larimer has been working, at least conceptually, on Steemit 2.0 - To me this is not only rational, but expected. Being the brain that came up with the idea, and seeing it survive for now three years after it's inception, would give anyone, not just him, an emotional attachment to the concept of blockchain powered social media.


That being said, I never saw it like a bad thing, like a race that if Steem was to lose would symbolize the end. To me, it's always made sense that competition would bring about the best eventually, and I would go as far as to say that the reason why development on Steem has taken off, is probably very much connected to the dormant competitor.

For as long as I've been on Steem, going on almost two years now, I've read thousands of comments about the economic gamification of the Steem blockchain. Truthfully, there's been a combination of irrational melancholy of the nonexistent good ol' days, with what I can only describe as total apathy for the valid concerns of Steemians. So without a doubt, seeing that Steemit Inc has began the conversations on this front, gives me hope that we are finally trying to do better.

My expectation is that if we implement the new curve for rshare assignment, we will find ourselves still battling abuse, but the game of said abuse will probably take on another form. Abuse is a consequence of human psychology and it truly can't be avoided altogether. As they say, where there's a will, there's a way. But, this has never meant, nor will it ever mean, that we had the best solution implemented already and that attempting to polish it, to improve it, is wasteful.

If you are comfortable with math, I would encourage you to visit Vandeberg's blog post on the proposed idea. It's actually broken down to a very simple explanation that most people should comprehend. That being said, if you are too lazy to understand it, what's important is that with the proposed voting curve, vote farming would not be as lucrative as it is today and in theory it should help incentivize curation.

I'm careful to say it's going to work perfectly, but without a doubt it would be a move in the right direction in my personal opinion.

I'm also going to speculate on what Dan Larimer might actually do with his Steem 2.0 idea, and go out on a limb to say that he will probably go with the n^2 curve as Steem once had. To me, if both platforms would be operating at the same time, that would give us a good indication on the best system of distribution and content discovery, as It would not be irrational to assume a cross pollination of users.

It is a race for better, but to me this a reason to excited, not worried.


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Excellent review @meno and you are right, we all, especially beginners, need optimal curation!

if i am not wrong you had a story about the scorpion few days ago, people that are gaining and milking the system will do it again, that does not mean that it we should not try to fix it but...
I have just a rough idea how this all works so can't say anything smart about it. need to check out Vandeberg's blog.

I am deeply concerned that this community thinks the problem is that the system isn't complex enough. Complicate payouts and who wins? The people with the most stake, because they have the highest incentive to figure out the new system and game it while everyone else gets fleeced.

No one seems to bring up the fact that Steem's learning curve is already too high for new users. Doesn't seem to stop anyone from wanting to change everything.


It is complex, but along the same lines. Facebook's algos are extremely complex, but normal users, day to day users don't need to worry much about them.

I can see a future to where an economy is built into a blockchain that is complex under the hood, but simple to interact with, and maybe that's the only way to win.

Different approaches are great to explore as long as the community remains flexibile to seek the best option to promote growth and adoption. The social media aspect has plenty of space to grow both centralling and decentralized as many continue to participate globally.

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He create a project, get investors, take investor's money, and leave. I remember the movie, Wolf of Wall Street to Dan. His good at it. And he love what he is doing.


there was some rumors about him leaving EOS, but it hasn't happened yet...


That would be huge lol :)

I really agree @Meno, so we continue to strive to realize what is expected. according to the phrase "where there is a will there is a way".

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Everything seems reasonable, dan larimer is a smart person

I'm a fan of experimentation. Other chains have experimented with different curation and "creator" reward pools some with success and others not so much. If we do want to get this going many of us who have discord groups should get together to encourage our users to do a really solid and lengthy test of the software before deployment.

"Where there's a will, there's a way" I believe steemit will advance to the next level, all we could do is wait.

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The thing is be a better in the way of development is a good thing to do and achieve. Dan larimer idea no doubt it would be great for STEEM but best is yet to come on STEEM .

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