Steem back to 0.07 USD? With DTube, DLive and 500 DApps more? SMT Release Date June 2019?

2년 전

It seems like all the resistance levels have broken and now Steem is on its way back to 0.07 USD... Many traders are enthusiastic that they can sell now for 95 Cent and be able to buy it back for much less...

Market sentiment is quite dark, although Bitcoin was earlier already at 5800 USD a few months ago... Steem is making new lows for the year...

I think all the people at the sidelines should use this bargain and bet some money on it now... Not when it is at new All-time-Highs... but generally as they do not understand anything regarding this technology, they do not want to buy when something is down... for them something which goes down must be broken. They want to satisfy their FOMO when crypto is at all-time highs...

Release Date

The market ignored as well the good news that these boring features should now not hold hostage the coders anymore so that they are able to finish Communities and above all SMTs...

But at the current pace one should expect that @ned should have the SMTs ready many months after closing this latest update on September, 25th.

My bet is June next year.

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I think STEEM is one of the most undervalued cryptocurrencies on the market, with such a strong technology, tons of Apps, the unique concept and the creative community. Stay positive and Steem On! 👍

Stay positive my friend and everything is going to be fine, we have the hard fork 20 on the way and a great community behind Steemit.

well i guess whenever steem comes in cent its the perfect time for the bull run what's say ??? and seems like HF20 is a big hope this time


Hopefully the support at 6,000 holds and we get above 10,500... Then Bitcoin will have a real Bull Run and cryptoinvestors a lot of money to invest in alts, the new generation. :)