Steem on its way to 0.10 USD in December? Then rise to 50 USD in April?

2년 전

Crypto-Haters told you so... why didn't you sell a new Porsche for a 1000 USD if you PROBABLY can buy it back for 500 USD a week later?
If you are a firm believer than this is hard to do... Traders have it easier... they just sell because of some Elliot-Wave analysis... but short term trading is like playing Roulette, sometimes you get lucky, sometimes not.

SMT's should have been out for 7 months already... if one would have known that in January... but there is no way to have that known then.. what would have happened if SMT's had been out in March 2018?

No one really knows... I think it would have made the price skyrocketing...

I think we are still really good on track for 50 USD after SMT introduction in March/April... so do not sell your Porsche for 1000 USD just yet... better wait until the prices become good again. This is at least my stance... if prices go even lower I will add to my position even if I have to sell a kidney.... This technology recipe is really so much more...

Last year somebody predicted an increment to 5 USD when Steem was 1 USD and then he predicted a downfall to 29 Cent with a later rise to 15 USD using Elliot Waves...

As the rise was harder to 10 USD I think the Crypto-Haters might get lucky and ready to buy YOUR Steem for 10 Cent... They will be overjoyed when Steem reaches 50 USD in a year. :)

Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, no investment advice.

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i don't see it falling below 30 cents... based on , my guess... actually this last gut punch has been pretty severe, i doubled up my last fiat cost averaging buying steem this afternoon


I think anything below 1 USD is a gift... so congratulations!

Even if it falls to 10 Cent you got an excellent deal... I will wait until it gets there though... I think enough people are stupid enough to dump 1 month before the SMT introduction.

In my playbook SMTs will have this skyrocket because it will be on everybody's radar and many will not be able to sell having it powered up.


sounds good, new follower /// be safe out there ! (-:

Was missing your posts from such a long time you were absolutely on point with your analysis :)


Thanks blazing, I have been very busy lately. 😉