Steem Trading-Tipp> Steem 0.10 USD? According to Crypto-Hater soon...

2년 전

The Goldman-Sachs-Fake-news has archived that the Alt-Market collapses entirely... Steem has fallen in one week almost 50% and Traders are waiting to enter again at a few cents...
Whales should dump everything once and for all.... all the whales but the Steemit developers...

This way Steem gets more distributed and people who really believe in it have a chance to get really in at bargain prices...

Everyone should understand from the first second that the Goldman Sachs news was only meant for manipulation... and if this is stupid manipulation they should not be dumping... They should be buying...
Now we are not at billions in valuation... we are at a point were the whole project will be worth a 100 million... Traders say, I sell now and buy back at a 10 million valuation... 10 times more Steems you will get... Fantastic... the thing is what if there is no idiot wanting to sell Steems at a 10 million marketcap and nobody sells it to you for a cheaper price?

@ned seems to be prepared to dump as well, why not dump now and get a few hundred-thousand for 50% of your holdings??
I think he is way smarter than those dumpers this week... he is getting ready to use a spike to the upside to sell... nobody knows how high this could be.

Disclaimer: everything is just my opinion, no investment advice. Go to your government-licensed advisor if you want that.

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What the lowest you think steem could go to in satoshies term will we see something shocking waiting for your analysis soon


I think that such a project at a 200 million valuation is a real bargain... Will there be someone stupid enough to be willing to sell for less, I would say some people are stupid enough to sell even though they do not need the money.
If they have something to dump they will dump. At any price or any fake news.