Under current Market Conditions and EIP Steem soon 0.02 USD?

10개월 전

I was really against the Economic Improvement Proposal and for a linear reward curve and passive income, but that did not matter, the Steemit Inc team wanted to force every holder to do content discovery and so on... even if some people (like long term investors) are not able or willing to do this.

Now they will have to bleed until the development is ready. Not many investors are willing to pay for this and not be recompensated by the passive income for delegating their powered up positions.
They prefer to leave and buy back later when Steemit Inc has delivered on their SMTs, websites and so on. Which can easily take a year or more as I see it now... Perhaps they make SMTs a reality in March, but there are still many peaces missing until people will adot it massively and create enough demand to make Steem worth something organically.

Investors might be starting to speculate a bit earlier, but after that many disappointments and the holding fee plus Steemit Inc dumping more and more Steems in order to be able to pay for their expenses in the meantime, plus a bad market, I now see a 0.02 USD target absolutely feasible.

When it reaches this bottom I will reevaluate if it is worth to invest something in it if the development has progressed considerably and a release of the missing parts is probable or they reintroduce the linear reward curve.

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well you predictions has been really spot on and it seems so true to be happening again


Thanks blazing... if they finish all of what they say they will finish, selling all or much more steem due to the low prices, buying at those rudiculous prices would be an incredible investment... I at least will be buying like crazy... imagine 50,000 steem for 1,000 bucks....

if then the usage goes up 12 months later because of all of the creates smts we can see this skyrocket and exaggerate like 2017 again....

That is why I would not ignore this here... (This is no investment advice as always)