Witness Voting - Announcing @theusersparty

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I have a sneaking suspicion that there are a large number of accounts on Steem that are not using their witness votes. Truth be told, individually, small users(in SteemPower) won't make much of a difference anyway. It's also one of those things I think people do when they get really into Steem. I think there's probably a lot of people that just want to use the platform, earn some Steem and are not really all that into how the sausage is made.

For those people I think it might be a good idea to use someone else as a proxy for your witness votes. Basically if there's someone who IS into all the things mentioned above then you can just vote for what they vote for. I had the idea of creating a separate account specifically for this. This account would exclusively serve this purpose and only post about information regarding the witnesses on the list, their achievements, why one has been added or removed.

I was hoping there was some tool to find out how many people are following and what the impact is, but as far as I know none exists right now. That threw a bit of a monkey wrench in my plan because I thought it would be nice to be able to incentivise people with a little upvote or something for following. I'm sure you read that as bribe, but hey, call it what you want.

My thoughts are that we could create something of a manifesto, like these are the things we value and we want prioritized, and the witnesses that we support would need to in general be in line with those views. I think everyone has enough votes to where this wouldn't need to be insanely strict, but there's definitely some people here that while I think they are honest actors that want what's best for Steem, I might strongly disagree with how we achieve that and what the best path forward is, that's fine, I might not know what the hell I'm talking about and maybe they do.

The Users Party (@theusersparty)

I think for Steem to be successful there are three main pillars.

Investors - Developers/Entrepreneurs - Users

All of these are necessary for success for Steem, but if I had to rank them it would be

  1. Users
  2. Developers/Entrepreneurs
  3. Investors

There's a bit of a chicken and egg situation here but I think users are the most important(right now) because it's the main metric to get more of the other two. Companies operate at a loss for years building and developing their user base. Of course there needs to be some seed funding, but if Steem as a blockchain were a company, I'd say we are already past that stage. There are multiple products in the market and I don't feel we have much to sell to new investors without demonstrating some success in one or several of the products that are out.

The applications that are out are primarily social applications and Steem was primarily designed to power these sorts of applications. I personally believe in this vision and our witness votes will reflect that.

I believe in developing and innovating based on that vision. The best way that I see to do that is to improve the user experience for Steem applications. What does that mean?

  • Making the entire Steem experience easier and more intuitive for the end user.
  • Developing tools that empower the end user
  • Developing services that empower the end user
  • Developing features that add value for the end user

Basically it's all about the end user. I believe if we create a place that users want to use, that solves some problem, that fulfills some need, that creates new opportunities for users, we won't need to search for investors or developers, they will flock to us.

The other aspect of this that indirectly affects the user experience here is marketing and user retention. Witnesses that support these efforts(for example, curation groups) will be supported.

So now I want to list the witnesses that I currently plan on voting for and why with @theusersparty I'm currently personally using all thirty votes, but to be honest some are a bit random. For example I think once someone just asked nicely, and I voted for them because I had free votes, but for this I'd take this a bit more seriously so I'd love to hear from you all who you think is worth supporting if your thoughts are in line with what I listed above.

  1. @yabapmatt
  • Creator of Steem Keychain and co-creator of Steem Engine. I think Steem Keychain dramatically improves the User Experience on Steem and it's made in what I feel is one of the best ways to develop something for Steem, in a way that can be used by everyone.
  1. @aggroed
  • Creator of Steem Monsters and Steem Engine. So I actually think @aggroed is more focused on the business end of the spectrum, but I think he's by far the most successful in that area, and should be supported.
  1. @blocktrades
  • Without blocktrades, Steem would have a huge gaping hole in the experience here. It's the easiest way to buy and sell steem, beyond that @blocktrades also actively curates the community, developed the SPS, supports contests etc. which improves the user experience here a ton.
  1. @curie
  • I wouldn't be here without @curie. When I first started on Steem, after my first few posts I'd began to think it was pointless to post here(keep in mind at this point, I had no idea how anything worked, I didn't know what a curation trail was) then I got my first @curie upvote, and it revitalized my curiosity and kept me going so that I wanted to learn more. I feel that what they do here fills a void that they can't fill alone, but it makes a huge positive difference.
  1. @steampeak
  • Steampeak is hands down the best frontend for Steem in terms of user experience. I'd love to be able to support them in whatever way possible.
  1. @blockbrothers
  • @blockbrothers are behind the app Steemify which is extremely useful and again fills a void here on Steem. Basically it sends push notifications to your phone, for customizable events that you set to be notified for. At this point it's an absolute must have for using Steem in my opinion.
  1. @stoodkev
  • @stoodkev is behind the Steemplus chrome extension that makes Steemit usable. They are obviously working to improve the user experience and that's why I support them.
  1. @c-squared
  • c-squared is a curation group that curates more frequently than say @curie. So while I think curie is great, they are trying to cover everyone and I get that they need to spread the love. That typically means less frequency for individuals and I think c-squared does a great job filling in the gaps.
  1. @helpie
  • pretty much the same reason as c-squared. Another curation group that helps with the lack of discovery here on Steem.
  1. @oracle-d
  • Oracle-d created Steem Ninja along with other stuff, but for me the big achievement is Steem Ninja. Steem Ninja allows for quick account creation and for payment with paypal. It's the best solution we have currently for account creation for brand new users that are not potentially already into crypto.
  1. @partiko
  • Partiko is the best mobile experience currently for Steem. Their app takes this whole confusing mess and makes it relatively simple. It's obvious that they have user experience in mind.
  1. @busy.witness
  • Busy is another frontend for Steem, and depending on your taste, it might be the one for you. It's definitely still a better UX than Steemit and I'd love to see them continue to develop.
  1. @good-karma
  • good-karma is behind esteem which has a mobile and desktop version. Again, a great frontend for Steem depending on your preferences. I use it often.
  1. @roelandp
  • @roelandp organizes Steemfest as well as created the steemwallet app. I haven't taken part in a SteemFest yet, that's the next level community connection I suppose. Even though I probably won't be going to one anytime soon, this is obviously valuable.
  1. @ocd-witness
  • Like the other curation groups ocd is a huge help to the community by curating and overall improving the user experience.

So for those that don't know, you have 30 witness votes to use. Personally I'm currently using all thirty, but some are a bit arbitrary as I mentioned before. I want to leave the last 15 up for discussion. If you agree with the basic ideas of what @theusersparty stands for(I'll write up something more official later) then consider letting us vote on your behalf.

Later I'll do a post on the @theusersparty account that has detailed instructions on how to let it vote for you as a proxy and the full witness voting list. Right now I want to fill the other 15 slots and I'd love community feedback for that. Also if you're a witness and you feel like these values are in line with yours or you'd like to make your case for why we should vote for you feel free to. I'm not trying to be a Nazi about this, if you feel like you're adding value, just make your case, I think we all would benefit from it.

My goal is to create an incentive for witnesses to want to prioritize users. If you think we should be prioritizing investors, that's cool, this might not be for you. One of the things I think is great about Steem, is we can all pursue what we think is best individually, in groups, in factions, whatever, and if we have the same goals in mind, only one of us needs to be right for us all to win.

If you'd like to help, please resteem this post for visibility, the more input the better.

Let's be proactive and make Steem better together. 😁

(edit) I figured I'd just go ahead and put the instructions in this post just in case

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This is a fantastic idea! Witnesses can seem complex and some that can seem important to the community are really only after profit at the expense of others. I had really struggled to find ones I definitely wanted to vote for, I will be signing up for this for sure.

I would love to see crowdwitness in this list, I see they have left their own pitch. They do a lot behind the scenes, offering support, encouragement and backing for projects, trying to keep the passion alive in the community and being part of things, offering time and advice which can be even more valuable. They very much feel like the type of people I want representing me, I am especially grateful for their bananafish support, there are less and less sincere and engaging contests, their backing helps keep this going. Thank you very much for putting all this together, I can tell it us going to be really useful.


Thanks so much @calluna! I’m glad you find it valuable 😊 Also it looks like people are coming out in support for crowdwitness and that’s exactly what I wanted to have this chat for. In the next couple of days I’ll be posting the official announcement from the @theusersparty account(I’ll resteem it here) that will have the final witness list. Thanks so much for your input!


Hello @midlet, first of all I love your approach. The chicken and egg is a well know and feared issue for every start-up or platform. It should be tackled only by adopting a strategy that prioritize a smooth/friendly user's experience. Steemit should have a content coordinated creation vision/mission other than just focusing on technicalities and letting the other side of the Moon, the creative-marketing part, to the goodwill of many worthy community leaders. I totally want to recommend you the @crowdwitness. One year and 3 months ago I started the Finish the Story contest, later evolved in the @bananafish community. I'm a bit apart from Steemit now for family reasons, but I can say that with all the contests and ideas we had, that of partnering with @crowdmind was the best one. @svemirac and @hidden84, their leaders, are between the coolest steemians I ever met. They're switched on, fun, clever (make a screenshot as I wont repeat this twice :-P) and I also like the fact that in their offline life they're real professionals (and don't just stay on steemit 24/7, typing like there's no tomorrow). They helped the @bananafish literary community in a sincere and concrete way, funding our contests and giving us a space in their discord and blog. I believe you and them have something in common as they believe on the power of the crowd and the beauty of synergies born when ppl join their strenght.


Thanks so much for your input @f3nix! You’ll be happy to know I’ve already added @crowdwitness to the list of witnesses @theusersparty is voting for 😊


Also, voting is live so we’d love your support in following the proxy! Every bit helps.


Awesome! Thanks for sustaining them/us 😊 I will surely check the proxy, many of those witnesses are also my favorites. Allow me to invite and welcome you in our discord. Cheers!

Awesome initiative! Yes, there are some influential people that do the same, but then again - they don't discuss amongst themselves, nor have an open discussion about where to cast a vote.

Usually, we would upvote and resteem this post from @crowdmind account but as we see it as a conflict of interest I will just state our case. :)

Crowdmind is community project dedicated to empowering the wisdom of the crowd. We represent a team of market communications professionals and scientists. We decided to put our knowledge and resources and together with steemians unleash the full potential of blockchain trough:

  • Crowd creation initiatives, crowdsourcing creative tasks and all other activities that encourage the crowd creativity.
  • Crowdvoting
  • Crowdfunding
  • Crowd Wisdom: Special attention will be dedicated to content which contributes to science debates, problem-solving and promotion of the platform.

How do we do it?

  • We are rewarding every crowdsourcing call and activity we find and talk with people about its potential, giving them suggestions and helping them reach their goal.
  • We also do interviews with active steemians so everyone can learn more about great people among us.
  • Recently we started collaborating with several communities on steem and supporting their contests, projects and community users with additional snax rewards to be distributed as much as possible.

Why is it important?

If most of the creative calls today are based on hit and run contest – there is a little to no chance for participation which can add true value to STEEM and attract new users. We need much more engagement from everyone to keep the wheel spinning. And also massive shout out to all the groups out there welcoming and supporting new users.

Our witness is on separate account - @crowdwitness and it is supporting other communities too:

  • @teamserbia(about 50 active users in May; trail vote)
  • @teamaustralia with centerlink curation group (trail vote)
  • Scientific community steemSTEM and yu-STEM (vote on the selection of articles)
  • @Bananafish writing community (votes and liquid donations for one of the greatest contest that happened on this platform - intro post).
  • davinci.utopian translation project - they do a great job in localizing projects including all steem projects, so far they have supported various steem projects as well - the ones that my translation team(Serbian) worked on are: steem whitepaper, steem bluepaper, steemit, steeminvite, actifit, esteem surfer, esteem mobile - they also have a witness node > @davinci.witness - I would suggest them for a vote too, and @enginewitty with the alliance community project.

Here is our website: https://www.crowdmind.io

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on discord, or just crash into our discord room



Thanks so much for breaking down what @crowdmind does for STEEM and adding to the conversation.

If there are other people that feel like @theusersparty should support @crowdwitness feel free to chime in 😊


Yesh yesh! Crowdmind is supporting other communities too even though they aren't that big yet! So they need more support so they could support other communities more. :D


Thanks for the input @hiddenblade! :)


Appreciate the shout out and support for my fam, @thealliance! Love what y'all are doing and am happy my vote is helping you guys out😎

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Great job. I love many of the same witnesses, for now...

I am not supporting ANYONE who hasn't made a clear concise statement to the community about how they justify consensus or not on HF21


Thanks @whatsup, and thanks for adding to the convo. I think this would be a great discussion for witnesses to take part in and make clear their intentions.


And the trick is to get enough voting power that the witnesses will want to talk to you and court your support. Go @theusersparty!

Great idea and initiative! I believe many people indeed have no idea where to start when talking about voting for witnesses - and having a proxy to vote on with some clear goals is a safe solution for them. I can agree with most of these witnesses although last time I checked Busy didn’t seem to update their servers anymore... and there’s been no development on the frontend for ages now even though a full overhaul was announced at SteemFest3.

Anyway, keep up the good work and I favourited this article to see where you’re at after I come back from my travels!


Resteemed this article.

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For Steem, I think Witness is a very important role.

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Excellent! I’m in full agreement. I was getting agitated reading posts about the potential plans for HF21 and thinking a lot about just this sort of stuff. Just a couple hours ago I unproxied from blockbrothers and started hand picking some witnesses, but I’m pleased to see your choices aligning with mine. While I overall trusted blockbrothers as a proxy, a few of their witness choices (mainly those that run bid bot services) didn’t quite align with me, and there wasn’t a strong communication around vision & witness choices. Of course, that’s understandable as they’re not set up exclusively as a proxy PAC I guess you could call it!

I’ll be glad to be a proxy participant to a project like this. If a fairly solid proxy group aligns around such an organization, it could even be beneficial to consider running a witness node down the line. It would also be nice to have a source of news and organization around guiding participants in the upcoming proposal system too. Left unchecked it has the potential to just be a piggy bank for the largest stakes.


This is actually piggybacking off the comment you made about a lot of users not voting. I thought, I bet he's right. So I just want to make something easy for all the little fish and any big ones too if they want to represent what's important to us, because alone we don't really have much of a voice.

I'm totally open to suggestions on organization and expansion as well, just hit me up on discord if you wanna chat.



Slow and steady! A big thanks to you for taking this initiative. I honestly don't know where you find the time and energy for everything you do! First step is just what you said, to elaborate on those values and voting criteria and then maybe we (everyone) can have an open discussion in the comments to revise if needed. Then we can work to promote it to the scores of users that have no clue about the witness system.

Also, just poked around. Check out SteemD for a tally of the proxied voting power. It's under "proxied vsf votes." Just proxied to the account and it's showing my vest contribution accurately.

Screen Shot 20190530 at 12.55.43 AM.png

edit - reread your post and yeah, I don't know of a tool that would allow you to see where all the different proxy power was being delegated from though...


Awesome, will do, and that's awesome! I'll check out SteemD and see what's useful there.
edit - Well it would still be useful if I could just see what the power is too.



you can use this tool ;)



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I'd like to see @crowdwitness in the list. @crowdwitness is doing great thing attracting users to projects and connecting them to each other, communities and apps.