Double edged knife

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It's just fascinating reading discussions in discord channels and as a matter of fact reading some posts too, where at the first glance of a green market...people tend to remember how it feels to dream big.

Sometimes I do the same...but just for a while. Then it is as if reality(?) life(?) or maybe that very same feeling of the last 17 months in which most people's dreams turned into ashes, doesn't let me feel the joy. Even if it doesn't last long.

Many people around here have a really big variety of coins they are holding. And that's a good thing. You see, all it takes is one of them to skyrocket and Bang there you have it.

I on the other hand am only holding 5 coins that I strongly believe they have huge potential. Needless to mention that my largest holdings are in steem, both in SP and in liquid form in wallets. The real reason why I haven't vested more is because I wanna take advantage of the situation when prices rise and via trading, I could possibly double or maybe triple fold my holdings.

And while most people focus on the price...I don't fall for this. I like to watch the overall behavior...highs and lows...volume and such.

I assume you know that a day and a half back Steem hit its lowest low, right? Yet the price looks steady at about 0.38$. The only reason behind that is that BTC is dragging prices up or for now...we should be thankful to BTC I suppose...

3960 Satoshis....yeah...that's how low we dived against BTC

Better days will definitely come for our blockchain...and until then make sure you party whener you see that green on the board....I am trying to do the same...but keep failing miserably.

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I think the SBD supports the value of STEEM so if you want your STEEM to go up in value, you or other people need to hold SBD. I am trying to hold on to more SBD to help support STEEM.


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I'm having mixed emotions about this also. But at the same time a strange feeling that all of a sudden things turn around for the better. Fingers crossed man.


I don't know if it turns out to be the wisest choice of my life or one more shitty situation i got myself into..but ...fingers crossed as you said man

But if STEEM is one of the coins to take off then BOOM...... And we have every reason to believe that it has a big future from what we can see being built.

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