Waiting for the masses to join? Then we need to find a way to make things...easier for them.

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I was having a conversation with a couple of friends that came to drink their coffee at our coffee shop earlier today regarding The Internet. Each person has their own point of view on that matter, but they all do have one thing in common. And that's a Facebook account. And that, was one more great opportunity for me to try and explain to them what steem is...and maybe even persuade them to join this platform.

So I dropped a question that was like:

-"How much time do you spend on Facebook on a daily basis?...just give me an average."

Since they are both hard working guys, I kinda knew the answer right from the beginning...but I had to try, right?

-"I really don't have time for Facebook mate...a few years ago, I used to spend like 3 - 4 hours every day, but now...not even 20 minutes. I just log in during my break at work, scroll down my feed, drop a few likes here and there and that's it. I don't even upload stuff no more."

That was pretty much a knock out punch...and the game hadn't even started yet...

That of course got me thinking....
Many of us have real world problems. Some people live paycheck to paycheck, while others...don't even have that luxury. Some people have to work on 2 jobs in order to make things work (myself included). Some might have inherited debts...and of course there is a small group that has nothing to worry about...

Nonetheless, we are here. Our feeds may die on daily basis but despite the difficulties we are here...active. And I think that it is heroic. Yes, that's the proper word.

You see, the average user that we have been so desperately waiting for, has the "Facebook mentality."

What's "Facebook mentality"?

It is exactly what my two fellas described a few lines above. Logging in...drop a few likes see some funny stuff...and Bang...repeat tomorrow. If they try this "tactic" here on the other hand, I can guarantee you that they will probably quit in no time...

Things work in a completely different way here. It takes time...lots of interactions, mainly with people which you don't know and you'll probably never gonna meet. Create bonds...And if you are lucky enough to draw some attention, things are starting to roll...but slowly...and patiently. This is exactly why I think that what we are doing here is kinda heroic...

Note that I am talking about the average user here....

On the other hand, if you are not the average user and along with your subscription bring a couple million of steem with you, then yeah...you'll probably have a very pleasant journey...I can guarantee that too.

So how can we persuade friends / family members / neighbors to be part of this and leave their comfort zone?


Is this where dapps will do the "dirty job"?

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I've tried to sell this place to some facebook friends, but had to tell them that to get the monetary benefit out of it you have to put in significant time and effort. None of them came over, as best I can tell.

all fine!... compressing coal for diamonds and creating alchemy gold is not a simple process :) yet spontaneous... ;)

I think mobile dapps as @partiko are more user-friendly for the newcomers...and has some similarities with Facebook... I think partiko is a good start for getting the interest of some of them...the problem is all about Blockchain and cryptocurrency, private keys and so on...for that we have to spend more time

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the problem is all about Blockchain and cryptocurrency, private keys and so on

As for that there need to be steem schools and such....:)
Seems really complicated for them...not to mention exchanges...KYC...tranfers...banks...IRS...
Oh boy...it's definitely going to be bumpy...


Unfortunately that is the true for the moment

The huge difference between Fb and Steem is: 'maintaining old relationships' vs 'building communities/new relationships'. So I don't think Facebook and Steem are replaceable yet, except if everyone starts to come over so to say. But most won't. That's why I believe we shouldn't even try convincing our friends, but we should try to convince the micro-communities we're part of. Since those might actually survive and even thrive from moving from Fb/other media to Steem - look at WeedCash, the first 'SMT' on Steem - any community can do that now: build their own platform and share their own coin! <3 Exciting times.

Surely a conversation that needs to be had amongst the community but I think the solution will be what also helped Facebook grow and become the behemoth which are the experiences of Dapps and other ancillary forms of engagement available when connecting. This, in addition to a improved mobile experience, should help adoption and engagement improve.

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