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You may have noticed a big crash in SWIFT/BTC today and be wondering who has dumped so many coins all of a sudden and why? I have some pretty sad news that has ruined my day. Someone seems to have broken into the computer of a community member and has stolen all of his coins including his swiftcash and insta dumped them all :/

So why am I writing this? Because it really hurts and I don't want to see this happen to someone else. I'm not the victim of this hack myself but I know the victim. He has been following swiftcash before launch and was a big investor and had bought and earned all the coins above 80 sats. And today he lost it all to a scumbag, plus some other cryptos he had on his computer.

After looking into the incident to figure out how exactly it happened, he found out that someone who impersonated a support guy on CryptoBridge's discord had sent him a link to download something called "bridge fixer", and he had downloaded and installed it on his computer. Below is a snippet of the conversation between the hacker/scammer and the victim on discord a few days before the hack.

What is to learn from this story? Well first and foremost, this is literally security 101! NEVER EVER download something you have no idea what it's actually about. Be very careful with support staff of different exchanges on Discord and/or Telegram. Most hacks happen just like that - you get a link from the scammer, and you click and install their crap and bang! Next thing you know is you're hacked! Be very careful guys. These scumbags are everywhere and have absolutely no mercy. Always double check what you're clicking on or downloading.

What's even sadder is that our friend @alao is now thinking of leaving the crypto space. He told me in DM that he's done with crytpo :( These scumbags don't give a damn to the crypto space. They only care about their own pockets. But we need to be strong and use these incidents to raise awareness to avoid similar tragedies in the future. I really don't want to see @alao leave the crypto space because of this. I want to see him come out of this stronger instead. So I wrote this post to not only raise awareness about these types of scams/hacks, but to also send all the liquid rewards earned from this post to @alao so if you want to support the crypto space as well as @alao, make sure you upvote and resteem.

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Hate to hear these things

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Yeah it's gut-wrenching isn't it :(

Oh no this is very sad news

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Yes indeed the poor bloke is feeling like shit now :(

all my solidarity to @alao. It is difficult to find someone to trust now, surely you have to pay attention to unknown nickname first. even if sometimes the nice people soul tends to trust people who don't deserve

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Very sad news to read.

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Sad to hear this. Anyway nothing is finished, always a great hope for crypto and Swiftcash.

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