I Contacted Coindesk About The Recent Soft Fork & Justin Sun's SR Voting on Tron


First off, I want to make it clear that I'm not taking the throne over the fact that this particular article did end up being published over at Coindesk. The article states that the writer had been in contact and asked @riverhead a few questions regarding the recent events. The article could entirely be a result of his own doing, through several days of contact or perhaps spontaneous.

The main reason for this post is to highlight the recent events in a manner that others aren't really doing: getting our opinions regarding this recent event noticed by the rest of the cryptocurrency community. If there's one thing for certain, it's that Steem is drastically overlooked. If these recent events had happened with bitcoin or any other coin, it'd be hot news. There'd be massive amounts of outrage and a plethora of various social media posts getting their thoughts out.

The issue with Steem? We don't have such a large outreach. We don't have a large market price or tons of e-celebs shilling the coin with referral links on Twitter. If this were some shitcoin like Ripple or Verge or the other thousands of shitcoins, things would certainly be different.

As someone that has been concerned with the recent events, and definitely wanting to help do my part as one of the many Steem holders, ensuring that our voices were heard and that this new acquisition of Steemit Inc results in something that really does reflect our interests as a community, benefiting each and every single one of us, old and new, I made the decision to contact Coindesk via email; they had previously ran a piece on the acquisition by Tron, in addition to a piece on Justin Sun himself. It only felt natural to give them the perspective of a Steem holder next.

Here is the email:


I didn't want to give an overly negative opinion that could be deemed on behalf of the entirety of Steem; instead, I wanted to simply highlight a few key recent events and the reasoning behind the soft fork. I provided two different articles on Steem from other users regarding the fork: its reasons and what it means.

Now, whether this post that was published a few hours later is a result of that email, or thanks to whatever contact @riverhead had with them either before or around the same time, I wanted to highlight the importance of contacting various publications about news here on the Steem blockchain. If we are to consider ourselves a truly decentralised network, even with Steemit Inc and investment, we, the community, should be the ones to spread the news. Both positive and negative.

Otherwise, people will never know that we exist, they won't know of the struggles we've faced and managed to overcome as a network. And very few will bother to discover the news and publish it without the tips. Especially when there's a plethora of other coins out there pumping out news and updates with their massive centralised teams and foundations.

Again, thanks to @riverhead for whatever contact he managed to obtain with Coindesk. His input was certainly useful. Otherwise they wouldn't have mentioned it.

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Good of you to reach out to them and to explain the reasoning.

  ·  작년

I genuinely doubted they were even aware of the soft fork. Or the fact that the community wasn't particularly happy with the initial plans. I find it strange that the didn't cover his SR voting on Tron at all. But they did throw out a positive article on him instead. :^)