Recommend Your Favourite Steem Users That You Think Deserve More Rewards

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With the next hardfork coming in just a few days, it's an exciting time to be on the Steem network for a lot of minnows. While there's a lot of controversy surrounding the 50/50 reward split, I believe it's a minor positive step in the right direction. It has a lot of potential to improve the decentralisation over time.

Does it make the whales larger? Yes. But it also makes the minnows grow significantly faster through more natural, manual curation. Instead of earnings being redeemed and almost immediately dumped onto the market, users are now going to receive larger stakes. More SP is going to be allocated throughout the users of the network.

I can see why many are angry at this, but I believe it's a necessary action to fix things. Though, if you're on some very low SP to begin with, it will take more time than it would others to see some nice growth in the account. So, in preparation for the hardfork, recommend some people who you wish you could curate properly but can't due to SP limitations. Think of those who really deserve more, and I will follow them if I agree, and begin curating their posts alongside you.

What does that mean? It means you both get larger rewards. That user gets my upvote, and you get larger SP gains as a result of my upvotes, assuming you upvote the user before me. The next hardfork is a chance for communities to act as such; to come together and generate some growth on the network via the proof-of-brain concept. Let's take advantage of that.

I'm not looking for anything specific here. The person can be a photographer, poet, general blogger, or an artist.

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Well written blog regarding HF-21 @namiks.
Also nice tomeet you and I love the fact that you are asking the community to recommend you their favourite Steemians. You are putting your SP in good use ✌

My recommendations will be :

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So happy to see your account growing and making moves.... I hope this hard fork doesn't mess it up too bad for you cause it seems like you were on a roll now. Anyhow, take care my friend and #spud on!!


Thankss bro. Let's just wait and see. I don't thinks it's gonna affect my account so much but I'm worried about minnows. I don't care if I make a couple of $$ less tha usual but minnows will most propably suffer. Unless whales really start curating and throwing upvotes to everyone!

Follow @akiroq. Very thoughtful and insightful writing.

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Wow, thank you @wholeself-in. That is so nice of you to think of me.

Goodness, there are so many amazing people on Steem. I am not sure I can think of just one.
Here are just a few from the top of my head(there are many many more):

@ravenking13 (Poetry, music and more)
@logiczombie (New user:philosophy, logic, psychology, and more)
@warpedpoetic (Poetry, thoughts and more)
@brumest (Photography)
@numberofthingz (Music, thoughts and life)
@multiversity (Discussing intriguing topics)
@csguitar (Music)
@jhspp (Music and more)
@cahlen (Philosophy, psychology, and other interesting writings/adventures)
@honeydue (Poetry, writing, thoughts, life)
@bobaphet (Psychology and other interesting stuff)

...and of course I have to add my sweetie @futuremind! (poetry, writings, thoughts, music, plants, curation, and more) <3


Thank you for thinking of me 😊

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And just like that, I found some cool new people to follow :)

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A account/ace fellow that has struck me lately is @knowhow92. He has brought the skateboarding community together through @steemskate and initiated lots of brilliant inspired contests in a really short space of time.

A worthy addition to the list I’d say.

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Thanks for the love Ash.
I've been learning a lot of things about video editing and filming while watching videos on dtube and you are one of the best here bro 🍻

Thanks again and #SKATEFORLIFE

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@ashtv - Filmmaker. Music video director.

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yes, 🙏 indeed



Going to tout @janenightshade. She's been a little quiet as of late, but she does fabulous film reviews.

@ahmadmanga has fun writing about/reviewing the video games he plays.

@teamashen is great if you enjoy cosplayers who are really serious about their art.

@domgreg has a bunch of tastes that run all over the place, from comic books to cars to movies. Plus he's friends with @blewitt, which makes him pretty OK in my book. :)

I'm not sure who I'd say my favorite is, but I do quite enjoy @krispnatz.

He posts his youtube videos here, and while every so often he seems to get hit by a big curator largely his posts barely get votes here.

He's pretty funny if you can get into the high energy and flamboyant personality he has.

Number one you are so awesome @namiks!

@oldmans photography, man who introduced me to you! :-)
@whatisnew butterfly and bug contest freewrites
@melinda010100 shadow photo contest
@tatoodjay Wednesday Walk challenge
@dpet daily pet photography contest
@bambuka photography, wood and stone carvings
@david777111 writes interesting posts about life
@redheadpie photography, writing
@deerjay photography, writing
@snowyknight helps many small fish
@happyfree food and learning language

There are many more on my list, tho my list
needs weeding of inactive accounts.
Let me know if it's ok to add a few more.
Thank you very much and take care ❤



We can do it

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Keep up the great work!


This is such a wonderful idea. I love it! Thank you for doing this.
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