Want to Win a 1,000 Steem Power Delegation?

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It's been a few months since I last did something to give back to the community and properly support minnows, so I figured it's about time I gave back again. While the last thing I did went excellently and I ended up giving many different people rewards from what was initially going to be a one winner reward of 500 Steem, I've decided to remove the 500 Steem side of the competition entirely and just offer out 1,000 SP delegations to minnows.

These delegations will last for an extensive period of time, providing it's evident that you continue to use them wisely: curating others, supporting others, and not posting questionable content and/or poor quality posts. I'll post more about certain rules soon, but for now I wanted to explain why I'm offering these delegations:

In short: because I can. The last hardfork introduced new measures to increase curation by offering a larger sum of post earnings to the curators, the only issue here is that with a poor market and few wanting to invest, the earnings they had both before and now wouldn't be all that different. Minnows still don't have a whole lot of growth coming their way, and upvoting can still feel a bit of a pointless chore.

With a long-time delegation, of which I'm sure I'm not the only one thankful for, from @eeks, I'm capable of starting to delegate my own personal Steem Power to others while maintaining enough Steem Power to continue curating others. Currently, I am capable of offering out a total of 3,000 of my own Steem Power.

And now, for some rules:

  • You must have less than 1000 SP currently (delegations that amount to a total SP larger than 1,000 aren't qualified).
  • Your content must have some quality to it (doesn't have to be specific to any tags).
  • You must be a frequent user of Steem (upvoting daily, posting somewhat frequently).
  • No abuse of any sort towards others.
  • YOU MUST WRITE A REVIEW OF THE LAST MOVIE YOU SAW AND POST IT IN THE FOLLOWING TAGS: #NAMSCONTEST #FILM #MOVIES there are no other requirements regarding word count and such.
  • Alternatively, you may just post the link to the review in the comment section of this post.
  • Review must be written after this contest was posted.

If you aren't a particularly good writer, that's fine, it won't be a deciding factor into whether you receive a delegation or not, it's just to add a bit of fun and fresh content to Steem, plus, I'm a huge fan of movies. You will, however, be picked based on your own posting and curation efforts on Steem.

Reviews don't have to have large word counts or be amazing, just write about the last movie you saw, what did you like? What happens? Did you like it? Try to make it interesting, of course, as others will see and curate your reviews, as well as me.

Have fun!

This post is set to 100% Steem Power rewards to maximise future delegation amounts.

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Forgot to add that this contest will run for two weeks, to ensure people are capable of discovering this post and participating. :^)

Wrote a Dark Waters Review just for this contest. The movie amazed me and shocked me both at the same time.

Has this contest ended yet? I entered my post 6 days ago. Thanks.


I actually just saw this comment just after posting an update on it, haha. I'll give you a short answer: two people have been chosen, but I'm currently in the process of monitoring the rest and choosing a third.

It's a bit of a tough decision to make at the moment, following the rest and their curation/posting habits is going to be a priority in choosing the final one.


Thanks for responding to my query. Appreciate you taking the time. I know you're busy @namiks.


I knew people would start to get curious, but I wanted to try to be a bit sneaky and hand out the two ones I had already decided without making it too public -- I want to be able to monitor the rest without them suddenly improving their habits, keeping them natural so that I could basically see who comes out on top.

That said, I may even just make it four total delegations.


lol. that's a bit unusual tactic. But it makes sense. Good luck. I understand your intentions. You are indeed generous. Well, I submitted my entry before the deadline I hope, so if you have time, I'd appreciate you taking a look at my account. I just advanced to Minnow.

Thanks, and have a great day.

I have too much Steem Power to participate myself, but I've re-steemed in the hopes some deserving minnows see and jump on it. :)

Oh, great idea! I went to the cinema 3 times during the new year holidays.

Thank you @namiks for his idea!

My Impressions of Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

Wow...am just seeing this and am glad I did now, definitely going to enter in..Thanks for your kindness!! 😀

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You are so very awesome helping people grow ❤ @namiks!
What a great topic for one of the rules, ''Movie review''!
I want to thank you again for all the support you have given me and the
support you give others! Thank you so much!! You really helped me grow! :-)

Best of luck to everyone! Resteemed for more visibility!

This is lovely! I'm bookmarking it! First gonna watch a movie.

Perfect! I have a pending movie review to finish. Haha.

Too bad I can't participate. But anyway, I am happy to know that there is someone trying to help others using the movies as a main attraction.

Good luck, folks! :-)

Thank you for this fun and generous contest. Here is my entry 🌱

@inuke don't forget it. (Reminder to self)

Thank you for this kind hearted gesture, we need more people like you on Steem

This post has been appreciated and featured in daily quality content rewards. Keep up the good work

Not sure if it counts as a review - rather a sort of waffling: https://steemit.com/namcontest/@ecotone/oscars-2020
And I might be too late.
But the thought of someone reading it is more than enough for me.