Getting New Livestream Studio Set Up

3년 전
in steem

Image from iOS 2.jpg

Getting the cameras set up in my new livestream studio. Looking forward to bringing you Quality Updates and Info!

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You are into media now, Anticipating to know what is coming. I believe something new is cooking. I might fix a cool meme for this pix.

We look forward to seeing you on @vimm 😉

<<<< Still the best hair on steemit.

Going to be a cool studio Ned!

Hi Ned, I am a Netcoins reseller also doing the promoting for Netcoins.
I can show you permission emails from Michael Vogel to do this.
Can I ask how I may claim the @netcoins steemit account?
It was available a few days ago? looks like someone has claimed it along with @gonetcoins ?
Please advise.

Shouldn't you be on your way to Steemfest? Very Eager for the Q&A Session. Also, that studio looks like it will be Fire!

oh this is stupid awesome! can't wait to see this unfold :)

Them Suspenders Again! Is this what the cool kids are into now? Or ya pants falling?lol


😎 😎 😎


I am so down with a 'State of the Network' address every once in a while.


.gif courtesy of @elgeko

This update feels my heart with joy. Looking forward to those live stream.

Steem Forever !!!!

Now @nathanmars is going to hook up with you soon, that man promotes video contents more than anyone I know, perhaps you should contact him for more ideas, with your standing position and your head down I guess your thinking what to do next...

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@ned you will look back at this photo in 5 years and say, "Look at how big everything was back then. #blockchainforever

I want to see something about technology.

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@ned, We are waiting for the new updates and news. And enjoy your time at SteemFest and also waiting to watch the Q&A session. Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Nice brotha!! Looking forward to it. 🤘😎

I like the suspenders bro.

Where’d you get them? Lol




LOL hot topic, I see

Steem Forever

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Can't wait to hear the updates sir

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@ned what do you think about my drawings? I've drawn you and some other steemit celebs. You can make gif from video
snap (1).jpg


great @ned. of course it becomes a pleasure

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The setup looks pro :O

Cryptic again. Oh well keep up the good works

Dude! Heck yes! 💪🏻💪🏻

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It's great to see all the activity lately and combined with all the projects happening right now make it a lot more interesting to be involved. Big times ahead.

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Of COURSE you can come on @thesteeminpile and talk about it @ned

Really, you don't even have to ask...nobody does!

It's Steem's first & ONLY weekly open space broadcast streaming every Tuesday night!


Tonight is episode #31 with special election night coverage.

Check your local listings :)

Seriously though, looking forward to seeing what you're putting together and you've got an open invitation!

@ned Hello front of Venezuela

Let's all tune into NedTV!

AMAZING ned ! :)

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Awesome, spread those good news into the world! :-)

Livestream studio, something special is cooking 😋. Can't wait for them update and infos

Are you streaming to Vimm?

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sorry captain kirk, you ain't got nothin on captain ned- sail on! can't wait to watch

Hey @ned I'll be leaving South Korea next month to head back to Austin. When you have time out of your busy schedule, I'dlove to have a tour of the Steemit, Inc. HQ

Sweet momentum!

Amazing bro you are the boss here ! I really appreciate your work, dont have words to be more grateful

@ignacioarreses from Buenos Aires, Argentina

That's great @ned, I am good at editing videos, if you needed any help you can count on me :)
we are waiting for the new updates man! thanks for the hard works! keep up the good works!!

Thank you, finally I understand why everybody is talking about your hair!

woo looks so professional