Steemit on Fire Today

2년 전

Steemit on Fire Today

Up 19 % Today

I don't know but its about time at a $1 its long over due its been taking a hammering over the past few months. However it will be able to hold at $1 but on the exchanges Bittrex over the past few days people have not been able to sell Steem which maybe why the price is higher.

Let just see how long it stays about $1

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Yeah, Steem is on fire. I think very soon Steem will be back with his full power.

Steem is now running like a bull....

In recent months this has been a little stressful Steem price but a few weeks ago was stepping the dollar and then when I realized under

Today the price and Woow reached $ 1 I wanted to make a change for a change house that changes me to my country currency where I live but apparently having problems with wallets we will see what happens

Maybe steem follows the path of Dogecoin as recently 1k doge has pumped 2.30$ to 6.50$. I hope steem will do the same work.

Hahaha, how are you?

You are right, the Steem is burning, I get to the dollar, I hope things improve, it has not been very good here