What worthless coin do you hold ?

2년 전

In this terrible market we all have the worthless coins

I have 1100 BelugaPay coins worth $48 when I buy them it was well over $1000. I thought it was a good idea at the time they had a good ad haha

Its like all the coins they have suffered a bad death in this market place

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Came across that ICO myself, but never invested. Most of them are down big-time never to return. You're at the point where you can only hope. Convert it to Steem, that's what I'd do

Don't worry sir about it. Sometimes bear market makes the coins worthless like Eth, Bch and you say BelugaPay. We have to wait more , at this moment we can hold steem for bigger profit.

@newmarket65, I just hold the Steem and that is because, i didn't Invested in it and i am just investing my energy and efforts.

But yes, due to the downtrend of market we can see many coins which really fell in prices like house of cards.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

I don't have any although I did lose some money on Bitcoin.
Do you have any profits that you can still take?

Friend, how are you? the Venezuelan currency is not enough for anything and it's worth nothing but what are we going to do


yeah u will have to leave soon

Hello Brother how are you? if it is true the currency of Venezuela is worth nothing, but we are innovating with other currencies that go up and down their value and that is the important thing


Bit coin the rock everything else seems to fail

The truth is that so far I do not have any solos Steem and Sbd but the truth is that they are very low I hope this happens

In my country there is a cryptocurrency that was created by the president and the truth is not worth anything that currency and does not have a backup is called the petro thanks to God I have none of that hand although they say it is worth a lot but that is a lie


Worthless petro for sure