How to always win on Steemit!

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There’s a lot for us, on @Steemit, to learn from satellites in space!
Read on.


    Attitude determines altitude 
         more than aptitude!
    There is a guaranteed way to 
          win on Steemit.


* How do satellites orbit, in space?
* How do you orbit, on Steemit?


* How far a satellite is from ground level.
* The height at which a satellite orbits.
        What is the height at which you orbit?
        Where do you consider yourself to be?
        Are you satisfied with where you are?

         Do you own Steemit?
               A witness?
               Take responsibility for the Steemit platforms?

This could be you.
Do you feel at the top of your game?


* The orientation & position of a satellite.
* The way it's antennae are pointed on to earth.
* The way they spin on all the three axes.
All satellites have attitude control devices to control their pitch, roll & yaw.
Small thrusters or momentum wheels may spin to produce a counter-spin to the satellite.
     What is your attitude to life?
     Where are you aiming at?
     How far do you want to go?

     Why do you want to do what you are doing?
     When do you want to achieve want you desire?

      What is your responsibility to the Steemit community?
           Do you feel that you have a responsibility to 
                 the Steemit community?
                      If so, why?
                      If not, why not?
                 What are you doing about it?
                      Do you have any specific plan?               

A satellite’s orbit is managed by experts.
You can learn the skills & develop your own expertise to manage your Steemit experience.


*In born natural potential to proficiently perform certain tasks or works.
* Different for different persons; can be trained to reach the highest potential.
    What are you good at?
    What is your aptitude?
    Did you do an aptitude test?
    What do you like?

The eagle sees everything from a higher altitude!
Attitude is at the heart of what you see.
How high are you flying?
What is your vision for yourself on Steemit?

Altruism or being a good guy is not my primary motivation of being on Steemit. Here’s an excerpt from So, why are you on Steemit?
    Though I 
    did not come to
    for the money, 
    yet, I stuck on 
    to Steemit for it.

    I’m still here
    on Steemit,
    the people, 
    the community.
Newbies, who are onboarded a Steemit USP of make your social media pay you, experience Steemit with a razor sharp focus on how much did my post or comment earn.
            The expectation of quick, easy money 
            sets up a minnow to be:
                  Disappointed, then
                  Discouraged, leading to
                  Passivity, and then becoming

              If a full blown buyer’s remorse kicks in,
                  that can even lead to outright 
                  hostility towards the platform!
As a salesman, sales trainer & manager, I observed that the most successful over the long term, had a constant focus on solving problems for their customers, before generating sales, revenue or profit for their companies & commission or income for themselves.
They constantly looked for ways to build their customer’s business. Their customers recognized their sincere approach. A consequence was increased sales & commissions.

In “Field of Dreams”, an Iowa corn farmer hears a voice, "If you build it, he will come."
“He” is his father, an ardent baseball fan.
The farmer builds a baseball diamond in his fields.
After he does, Shoeless Joe Jackson & other dead baseball players emerge from the cornfields to play ball!

Steemit is people; a community: before it is a blockchain, a vehicle to earn crypto or to create & host your ideas & content censor-free.
         If you sincerely 
         approach Steemit 
         with an attitude to
         build up other Steemians, 
         like @Papa-Pepper &  @GoldMatters,
         they will come.

         measured in Steem, 
         will come.                

What is your success metric?

           How do you measure 
                  your life?
                  your success?

            What is your Steemit 
                  success metric?
The Steemit Rules

Steemit Rule 2

Who have you helped build up today?

Hardfork, bots & whales
Experiment running off the rails?
Even on the Steemit blockchain
This hyper game still remains,
"Who have I helped build up today?"


Corollary to Rule 2

  • Your attitude counts more than your aptitude.
  • What is your attitude to
    Learning new things?
    Changing the way it’s always done?
  • Are you willing to
What do you think?
Who will you build up today?
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