Why a well articulated comment is Steemit gold!

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First, a shout out to @SteemitQA, whose encouragement has resulted in this post.


     Comments are worth
         more than upvotes!

to remind people what they do!

Here’s a little more. 😊

Your comments are gold!

Here’s how your comments are your potential Steemit goldmine.

Finding a following

Before you begin using Steemit comments to find a following, ask yourself these questions:
  • Who would I like to follow me?
  • Why should the person that I would like to have as a follower follow me?
  • What expertise do I have?
  • Will this expertise help add value to my targeted potential follower?
Tags help drill down target followers.
 Research Steemit tags
 which match your 
        interests or expertise: 
        gardening, internet,
  Comment on posts with those tags.
When making a comment, always ask yourself:

• Am I adding value to the post that I am commenting on?
• Is my criticism, disagreement respectful & constructive?

  Comment on posts of people 
  who you would want 
  to follow you.
If you don’t mean it, don’t good post, beautiful picture everything. 👌
When someone asks for help or advice, if you can add value: help!

Potential unintended benefits.

Your comment can be upvoted.

• Upvotes from the author, of course.
• Readers of your comment may also upvote you.

Gain followers from readers of your comment.
  A reader of your comment 
  may decide to follow you, 
  even if he is not the authour 
  of the post that you 
  are commenting on.

Are you ready to lift off?
What do you think?

The Steemit Rules

Steemit Rule 4

Well articulate comments are Steemit gold.

Corollary to Rule 4

You can gain both upvotes & followers from well articulated comments.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I'm ready man!💪😁 I will put on practice that cool tips!

Social interaction on any post is what drives more readership and post popularity. I get frustrated when I come across a well constructed post only to see bots and autovoters driving the comments column. Good conversation leads to followers leads to earnings. It's pretty simple really.


Good conversation leads to followers leads to earnings. It's pretty simple really.

That's well said.

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