What motivates you here on Steem? | 你在Steem上的動力是什麼?

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In the time of a bearish crypto market, what motivates you to keep in the cryptocurrency / decentralized world?

Or you don't really own any other tokens except STEEM, then let's bring it closer, in a time where STEEM keeps going low under $0.3, what would you do to keep yourself happy for holding it?

Let's start it with how I would have reacted:

1. Blogging

I guess pretty much everyone reading this is also a blogger of Steemit / Partiko / Busy. Writing technical articles, sharing fun thoughts or even posting memes could bring joy to the community and yourself included. I think there is no need of justification as you can see there are so many different posts going on per day here on Steemit. People loves blogging and communicate through the STEEM platform.

Now that there is a service like @dclick letting you monetize your posts even more by inserting Ads for more STEEM rewards (or @dclick token TBA). That's cool, isn't?

2. Play Steemmonsters

The recent red hot popular on STEEM is the @steemmonsters.

If you don't know much about @steemmonsters, it is a decentralized, digital collectible trading card game built on the STEEM blockchain.

ref link: https://steemmonsters.com?ref=nuagnorab

Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 6.06.35 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 6.07.09 PM.png

It is fun and could be a bit addictive if you are into card games. Moreover, @steemmonsters utilized STEEM blockchain as a platform for players to easily securely transfer and trade their digital assets. As the cards are in limited supply, players might be able to flip the values of their digital monsters.

If you haven't join @steemmonsters and feeling adventurous or would like to start owning some digital assets on STEEM, you are welcome to join us through my ref: https://steemmonsters.com?ref=nuagnorab

3. Play Magic Dice

Feeling lucky and want to test your luck on STEEM? Well, you should not miss @magicdice!

ref link: https://magic-dice.com/?ref=nuagnorab

Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 5.16.58 PM.png

Like other online dice gambling app, all the results are provably fair and transparent. For more information go to Provably Fair.

The best way to play Magic Dice is with KeyChain, a STEEM browser wallet for Chrome.

You now can earn dividends (The MAGIC token) by playing Dice. The MAGIC token is a utility token that rewards users with dividends. The more you play, the more tokens you will receive. The more tokens you have, the more dividends you will receive from the profits that Magic Dice generates.

I am lucky and have earned some amount of STEEM with @magicdice. However, don't gamble too much unless you are okay with it. Only gamble the amount you are willing to lose.

Much appreciate if you join with my ref link: https://magic-dice.com/?ref=nuagnorab

4. Delegate to people who work hard on STEEM

If you have bags of STEEM and nowhere to spend and are also not active posting articles. You can consider delegating out your STEEM to earn dividends in returns.

I recommend delegating STEEM to your community and the STEEM project that excited you. Many of them distribute dividends in term of STEEM/SBD to their delegators daily.

@justyy, @cnstm, @cnbuddy are the accounts/projects that work hard to make STEEM a better place for my language community.

Some other famous accounts/projects to delegate to are:

@smartsteem, @upmewhale, @appreciator, @therising and many more.

You can check this out here. https://steembottracker.com/

5. Use more STEEM Dapps

As STEEM Dapps DAU (Daily Active User) goes up, the value of STEEM will go up too.

If you haven't noticed, yes STEEM Apps are Dapp (Dapp is a Buzzword meaning decentralized application).

Guess what? The platform (either Steemit / Partiko / Busy, etc.) you are reading with now is a Dapp too. But our STEEM Dapps don't stop right there. Care to see Dapp ranking across all blockchains?

Check here https://www.stateofthedapps.com/rankings

Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 6.02.34 PM.png

At the time of writing this article, 6 out of 10 Dapps ranked within the Top 10 Dapp are on Steem blockchain on stateofthedapps.com.

And for more STEEM Dapps, you can check it here on https://steemapps.com/
The is a great site that shows you the details of Dapps that are currently running on STEEM blockchain. (Thanks to @therealwolf)

In short, in order to keep yourself happy holding STEEM while the whole crypto market is bearish, you should try to use more STEEM Dapps. By doing so, you are supporting the STEEM community by participating. How?

Blogging more with Steemit / Partiko / Busy etc. and

Play more STEEM Games like:

@steemmonsters (ref: https://steemmonsters.com?ref=nuagnorab)
@magicdice (ref: https://magic-dice.com/?ref=nuagnorab)

Delegate to people who work hard on STEEM

Use more STEEM Dapps

Many more great idea STEEM Dapps on the way in 2019! Let's grow STEEM together! :)

And don't forget to dclick me :)



或許你除了Steem之外沒有擁有任何其他加密貨幣,那麼我想問問,在Steem持續低於0.3美元的時候,你會做些什麼來保持你對 Steem 的熱情呢?

寫這文是想和大家討論一番,也希望能為各 STEEM 友介紹一下其他有趣的 STEEM 應用。


我想每個讀這篇文章的人都是Steemit / Partiko / Busy的博主。撰寫技術文章,分享有趣的想法甚至發布 memes 都可以為社區和自己帶來歡樂。不需要多 講理由,你可以看到 Steemit 每天都有成千上萬不同話題的帖子。顯言不少人們喜歡通過 Steem 平台撰寫博客和進行交流。

現在有了像 @dclick 這樣的服務,通過插入廣告以獲得更多Steem獎勵(或@dclick token)。那很酷,不是嗎?

2.玩 Steemmonsters

Steem 最近流行的熱門是 @steemmonsters。相信許多朋友都有在玩。

但若果你對 @steemmonsters 不太了解,它是一個基於 Steem 區塊鏈的分散式數字收藏交易卡遊戲。

(ref link: https://steemmonsters.com?ref=nuagnorab)

Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 6.06.35 PM.png

屏幕截圖2019-01-12 at 6.07.09 PM.png

注意!如果你喜歡卡牌遊戲,這遊戲可能會使你上癮。此外,@steemmonsters 利用Steem區塊鏈作為平台,讓玩家輕鬆安全地轉移和交易他們的數字資產。卡片供應有限,玩家有很大機會能夠低買高賣數字怪物卡牌。

如果你還沒有加入 @steemmonsters 並且喜歡卡牌遊戲或者想在 Steem 上開始擁有一些數字資產,歡迎你使用我的 ref link:

3.玩 Magic Dice


(ref link: https://magic-dice.com/?ref=nuagnorab)

屏幕截圖2019-01-12 at 5.16.58 PM.png

與其他在線骰子賭博應用程序一樣,所有結果都可以證明是公平透明的。更多信息,請訪問Provably Fair

玩 magic dice 的最佳方式是使用KeyChain,一個在Chrome browser 的Steem瀏覽器錢包。

你猜怎麼著?您現在可以通過玩骰子賺取紅利(The MAGIC token)。 The MAGIC token是一種實用型的代幣,可以為用戶提供股息獎勵。你玩的越多,你將獲得的代幣就越多。你擁有的代幣越多,你從Magic Dice產生的利潤中獲得的紅利就越多。

我很幸運,並且通過玩 @magicdice 贏得了一些 Steem。但是請記得要玩得適可而止,不要賭博太多,只賭博你願意失去的金額。

你若喜歡這 @magicdice 的介紹,歡迎使用我的 ref link:

4.代理給 STEEM 有心人

如果你有許多 STEEM 但也沒有活躍發帖。 您可以考慮委託出你的 STEEM 來獲得回報股息。

我建議將 STEEM 委託給您的社區和令您興奮的 STEEM 項目。 他們中的許多都每天向其代理者分配STEEM / SBD的紅利。

@justyy,@cnstm,@cnbuddy都是努力使 STEEM 促使華人社區更好發展的人/項目。




5.使用更多 STEEM Dapps

隨著 STEEM Dapps DAU(每日活躍用戶)上升,STEEM 的價值也將上升。

如果你沒有意識到,STEEM 上的 Apps 是 Dapp(Dapp是一個Buzzword,意思是分散的應用程序)。

你猜怎麼著?您現在正在閱讀的平台(Steemit / Partiko / Busy等)也是 Dapp。但我們的Steem Dapps並沒有就此止步。想看看 STEEM Dapp 在所有區塊鏈中的排名?


屏幕截圖2019-01-12 at 6.02.34 PM.png

在撰寫本文時,在stateofthedapps.com 上排名前 10 位 Dapps 中就有6個是在 STEEM 區塊鏈上運行。

希望查看更多 STEEM Dapps,您可以到 https://steemapps.com/。
這是一個很棒的網站,向你展示當前在 STEEM 區塊鏈上運行的 Dapps 的詳細信息。 (感謝@therealwolf)

簡而言之,你應該嘗試使用更多的 STEEM Dapps。

  1. 使用 Steemit / Partiko / Busy 來寫博客

2 & 3. 玩更多 STEEM 遊戲,如:

@steemmonsters (ref link: https://steemmonsters.com?ref=nuagnorab)
@magicdice (ref link: https://magic-dice.com/?ref=nuagnorab)

  1. 代理給 STEEM 有心人
  2. 使用更多 STEEM Dapps

如此你將以行動支持 STEEM 社區的發展。未來還有更多有趣偉大的 STEEM 應用在2019年途中!讓我們跟 STEEM 一起成長吧!一起來 dclick 我吧! :)

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謝謝 O哥 支持!

Great article! I've never heard of EOS Knights or Magic Dice before. Definitely going to check them out. Thanks!


Hey thanks! Magic Dice is one of the fews dice gambling on Steem! And its own token just out recently.

If u own some EOS definitely try out EOS Knight and betdice. It is by far the few Dapps that are profitable to EOS holders. For EOS Knight, We can both get a referral bonus 1000 magic water if you enter my account name “pythonpandas” in the referral section. :)

Here is a guide found on Steem and it pretty much covered everything


Anyway, Steem on!

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