Beem test

4개월 전

Finally it works!

Now I can hand out Tokens automaticly.

Steem-Engine Airdrop

Thanks to the 'seairdrop' Python script, made by Steemian The Marky Mark, I was able to send out a few MCD {Milcendo}. All running on BEEM thanks to the work of Steemian Holger 80. Now I just have to make some text lists to spread the love of Milcendo. The Python programming language is somewhat new to me, but so far so good. Currently it is mostly a commandline thing on Linux, but I'd like to add some Graphical User Interface.

But for now it is working like it should. And that means that I can automate my own (Steem-Engine) Token Airdrops. Now the way to do it...? Well, that will be the next step. For now I'm okay with the results. Using the Steem Blockchain as a storage for JSON data holds a lot of potential. More fun to come!

Steem on!


The ODS genesis JSON transaction on Steem
Screenshot taken at SteemD dot Com.

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Will do so Felixxx! 😎👍


Nice tutorial series, seems I missed out on number 4 before. Which is a quite interesting one. 👌

Some MCD Tokens will come your way.