A new user's perspective on steem

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First Impressions

As far as any cryptocurrency goes this one is a new one. Nothing has ever been done to this extent before in which a community is as involved as it is. The ability to share your thoughts and ideas and get paid essentially by the community is astounding and the fact that it works is even crazier. The fact that it is the current Number 28th coin is even more impressive. (https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/steem/) This being said the coin presents some questions for the future. This is all coming from the perspective of somebody new so please let me know if i'm missing something


As far as pros go the list is quite long

Community Centered

Creators have designed the platform in a way that allows the best posts to be showcased at the top of the website

Payments/upvotes based on quality (mostly)

Aside from bots regular votes and comments help to produce more and more growth throughout the community

No real favoritism among posts

No real substantial algorithm that helps worse posts get more votes than better posts mostly on merits

Art has just as much of a chance of a blog post etc

Some of the top posts ive seen have been art, videos, blogs, and really anything you can produce


Still trying to learn more about this whole area

Freedom to post what you want


Bot driven

Thousands of different posts are happening every couple of minutes and one way that posters appear to stand out is to get upvoted by bots and while supporting people this way is not bad it does leave potential for abuse and devaluing

Somewhat confusing to new members on the intricacies of the platform

Ie: SBD, Steem, Sp, delegations, currations, etc

Final Thoughts

Overall i am really excited for the future of the platform and plan to post more in the future. The innovation on the site really demonstrates the creators design choices and influences a sense of community.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Do you research about bots and how the system "really" works. Welcome!