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Obviously I am a fake steemian because I tried to start a discussion about why so many people choose Medium instead of Steem.


And I thought Steem was against censorship and pro freedom of thought. I remember Hitler and Stalin killing people for being bad Nazis and Communists.

I wish I could express my disagreement with a downvote but I know this guy would come back and downvote every post of mine and destroy my account.

Doing this to minnows just sends the wrong message and will of course send them to other networks where they are not bullied.

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Firstly, some people try to shut down debate with insults, some with downvotes. It is best to ignore them. Steem is against censorship (in that they will not block you) but they rely on the users to decide what is good and what isn't (upvotes good, downvotes bad). So there is a form of self censorship. If someone continues to post stuff they have stolen from someone else, they will be downvoted until they have no reputation, and their posts can't be seen. That is a form of censorship I guess.

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Also, I guess you need to know your audience. Steemians are very proud of their blockchain and will leap to its defence with an attack. Try finding a solution for Steem. How can it appear more professional? Do we need a medium style dapp?

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I had a bad time when I first use steem. I had downvoted by a whale so my post end up with $0. It was sad that sometimes some things we share can be offensive to others. Learned the hard way like make sure you use the correct Tag. Some tags are owned by certain group. Like anywhere on earth, we humans will end up fighting in groups. Imagine this like a jungle, prison and the real world. Try to game it.

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Don't worry what people say. I've got some comments which were tough to face too.

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