Task#5: Two Presidential Candidates Knocking Facebook on Twitter: Let's Get Their Attention To Steem [Earn Rewards]

4년 전


Yesterday, @andrarchy blogged about Two Presidential Candidates Knocking Facebook on twitter. And here we are grabbing the opportunity to spread STEEM magic once again. There is a good chance to get some eyes rolling towards this blockchain. Do the task and earn rewards too!


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Start date: 13 - Mar - 2019
End date: 20 - Mar - 2019


Share the below meme in the tweet with a caption about how STEEM Blockchain is perfect for FREE SPEECH Enthusiasts and how it is censorship resistant. Let's go!

Steem Freedom of speech.png

PROJECT/CLIENT DETAILS & Background Research

Here's the link to Ted Cruz's tweet: https://twitter.com/tedcruz/status/1105523954087849984

Here's the link to Elizabeth Warren's tweet: https://twitter.com/ewarren/status/1105256905058979841

Link to @SteemNetwork's response to Ted Cruz: https://twitter.com/SteemNetwork/status/1105585699955314688

Link to @SteemNetwork's response to Elizabeth Warren: https://twitter.com/SteemNetwork/status/1105585248325324801


  1. Like and Retweet @SteemNetwork's Tweets shared in the above section.
  2. Reply to or address your tweet to Ted's (https://twitter.com/tedcruz) or Elizabeth's (https://twitter.com/ewarren) Tweets by posting the image shared in the "GOALS" section. While replying, also write a caption about how STEEM Blockchain is perfect for FREE SPEECH Enthusiasts and how it is censorship resistant.
  3. Upvote & Resteem this task post that you are reading.
  4. Post the links of your work and screenshots of like and retweets in the comments of this post.
  5. Tag 5 Steemians and ask them to do the same.
  6. You can also choose to mention Steem Ninja's Link to buy an instant STEEM Account. (https://account.steem.ninja/?ref=steem.ninja) Use your own username in the link instead of "steem.ninja" in order to get commissions for referrals.

Make sure you use the following tags in your vlogs/videos:

#STEEM #CensorshipResistant #FreedomOfSpeech


Please follow these guidelines for best results and high upvotes:

  • Create only high-quality professional blogs, videos, images, graphics, tweets etc..
  • Follow the instructions and task specific details.
  • Do not Spam
  • Original content only. Plagiarism will get you banned.
  • Enjoy your task and upvotes.

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  ·  4년 전

Already sent out a tweet before this post was published, but it follows most of the guidelines. Not going to make a new one, since that would look kind of spammy.

Do you guys want to join in? @harry-heightz @d0zer @meno @arunava @runicar ?


Thanks for the mention @daan! I'm promoting Steem on twitter daily! Will see what I can do for this initiative.


  ·  4년 전

Yeah, that's why I tagged you ;-) Saw your posts on the Trending page :)


Twitter has a trending page? Damn, I didn't know. I'm such a Twitter noob. Never actually used it before I started to use it to promote Steem.

Btw, @oracle-d here is my reply to @tedcruz


  ·  4년 전

Oh lol, no I meant that I saw some of your posts on the Steemit Trending page. That one post were you were trying to get Steem listed on Coinbase :)



Ye, that was a fun little contest. We should have such initiatives on a weekly basis by many different Steemians all the way until they decide to finally list STEEM on their exchange.


Would love to @daan. I'm not so good at creating memes.


u can just use the one above in the blog


Isn't that plagiarism?


not when the instruction in the blog above is to copy the image no.


oh okay. I'll engage then. Thanks @stakerz


I just Tweeted to her right now. Even though I am not a huge Twitter User but I like to dabble in it from Time to Time. Thanks for the Tag.

  ·  4년 전

I joined already brother ;)

  ·  4년 전

Didn't expect anything else @meno ;-)

Yeah.. Did done all that few hours ago.
Screenshot (306).png

Great you jumped on this as well..
The thing is that these guys are politicians and dont really care (i dont think they even understand fully what FB is doing) about these issues. Someone told them that they can collect some political points so they attack FB.

But this is an opportunity to share #steem on twitter and maybe catch the interest of some folks (i.e. voters) that might actually care about those things since Steem is extremely relevant in this discussion.

  ·  4년 전

I am not super familiar with Twitter, but here you go. I tag @verhp11, @slobberchops, @daan, @cryptoandcoffee, and @ilsaione




Wow! Athother Excellent task coming up. I am taging my friend @paultarpan @max1994 @akramkhan @nahid1993 @hafizullah
My tweets


Hello @oracle-d I have my Participations in a well written post and a Dtube video.

I love this and am using the opportunity to tag: @zoneboy @rabiujaga @honomaus @crypto.piotr @merlin
Here is my reply screenshot:

Good initiatives @oracle-d.. first of all. I got this post resteemed and voted..

I followed steemnetwork on twitter and also like its tweet, here is the ss to that


Thereafter, I tweet a message to tedcruz


I hope we achieve our aim with this and I would also love to get my people to this task

@rehan12 @udezee @ifeoluwa88 @mango-juice @akomoajong @ferrate @donefezy @pearlumie @dhavey

steem all the way!!

This is another approach to raise @steem to the world. I am calling all vlogers to bounce on board and complete this. @zhangfapei @neilamarcano @bredcovin iskandarishak @abdullah50 @mitchtokita.

My tweets

Awesome task!
Here are my screenshots:


I will tag @superpanz, @sorin.cristescu, @joycamp-benny, @cryptofinally and @lukewearechange. Cheers to all

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I have already tweeted that before @andrarchy posted about it:



Awesome! Great to see @sorin.cristescu!

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Here is what I replied!

@tonygreene113 @paulmoon410 @kingsleymond @nandy4eva @missaj

Check this out if you wanna join in on the steem twitter marketing and get rewarded..


Retweeted on Twitter platform..

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MissaJ is not on Twitter. Fixing that right now.

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We're making the right noise and that's what matters. I'm sure they heard the noise https://twitter.com/belemo__/status/1106010488922689537 https://twitter.com/belemo__/status/1106010492542300168 https://twitter.com/belemo__/status/1106011772727840768
Screenshot (118).png !

Screenshot (117).png

Screenshot (119).png

Here are my tweets and replies:
WhatsApp Image 2019-03-14 at 18.51.43.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2019-03-14 at 18.51.35.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2019-03-14 at 18.51.34.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2019-03-14 at 18.51.35 (1).jpeg

This is a great initiative! I also encourage my friends to do the same @shula14 @atongis @shikika @purpledaisy57 @aquinotyron3 @shawmeow @bloghound @diosarich





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I have carried out all the tasks.

I equally referred them to Steem Ninja as well as liked other replies of Steem.

Link to my tweet 👉 https://twitter.com/asimcard3/status/1105967001128849409?s=19

I will invite @mango-juice @minhaz @rehan12 @oclinton @rem-steem @hermannsol to participate in this.





Thanks Ako for the invite


Anytime bro 😊

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Thanks for tagging me. I will check it out.

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Cool 👍

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Thanks for the shout out

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👍 Anytime buddy 😊

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Another great errand coming up. I am taging my accessory
@patrickczu @mountainjewel @phoenixwinter @yann0975 @tibfox

I followed all the steps and while I was reading all the Twitter Comments I found something interesting which I will be sharing in one of my Recent Posts.



I am also tagging @nainaztengra @steemflow @mango-juice @welcometonepal and @firepower for the same


Calling my Steemit friend @jacqueline2 @jenny2 @jerry1994 @miller1 @mushfica

Another Great task nonce again😄😄 Did it yesterday but doesn't hurt to re-emphasize once again today👌👌

I just retweeted, liked, and sent out reply




wow Another great contest coming up

My Tweet

Calling- @ nahid1993 @steemersayu907 @talhayakeen @littlesorceress @ikram12

Excellent task. Calling my 5 friend @selina2 @ irvanhelmi @nikolina @sima369 @carnot @farizalm

My tweet

Spread the news to partners, we can do this.

@weareunblocked @tlavagabond @kenanqhd @edwinbeutti @alphaccino.art @nonsowrites

My tweet

Spread the news to companions, we can do this.

@nanoz, @ramela, @prechyrukky @imbigdee @daniel-otaniel @rebeccafl @dhavey

Wow another great tasks

I invite my fewllo friends.. join this...
@reconnectnature @rezoanulvibes
@memes777 @maxer27 @hiddendragon @travoved @stever82 @amar15 @simonjay


Completed my work thanks for the tasks @oracle-d my link https://twitter.com/MonikaP82295370/status/1106025810694004736?s=20 .I would like to tag @kawaicrush @indiatour@fitinfun@adashi

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As a lover of the blockchain I did it happily-
My tweet to the persons-

and the retweet proof

I am also nominating my friends to do the task - @hmetu @mamun123456 @rehan12 @priyanarc @blind-spot

Once again, let's bring awareness on what is Steem all about, people outside the community needs to know about this platform. Thanks @oracle-d for this opportunity to spread the word.





Upvote and resteem done.

I want to participate this contest. And I am calling @michaeljack @jaxsonevan @isabellalucas @lifeyourlife @hugonelson @frankhood @patrikcooper @dhaka123 @enjoy22a @secretecandy @lanzjoseg


My response to STEEM's tweets on the original posts:

My Tweet to the two candidates:
and here is the link to that tweet.

Gonna Tag @wonderwop @mariannewest @cryptojiang @akomajong and @theycallmedan

That's now cool.
Come on Steemians, grab these candidates to Steem xD
Just knock hard at them, compel them to be our guests :D
Probably 10-20 tweets with cool Steem banners would do it.
It's a cool initiative.
I really like the sincere efforts by the team of @oracle-d in trying to spread the word about Steem blockchain on various platforms.

I think it’s time to open up another task for the President himself!


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  ·  4년 전

My first knee jerk reaction to this... is onboarding completely fixed? I haven't paid much attention to onboarding lately.. bit even a couple days wait to get an account will put off a huge surge in political orientated people IMO.. instant gratification generation and all.. but I fully support this cause!!!

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Hey @sn0n, @Steem.ninja helps instant onboard with a 2.50 usd card payment.

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Check my another contribution with Dtube Vlog, also yourtube and Twitter link include the vlog-


This is fantastic programme and I have posted in twitter. here are the links and snapshots. I also invite @certain @rdradhe @rituraz @ajks @guurry123 to participate in this.




Hello @starkers since we saw the post from @andrarchy we did it, thanks for supporting this campaign, regards

My big question is, what's the easiest free sign up? Someone must have designed one by now, but I don't know it.

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That's a nice job you are doing our there @oracle-d and @oracle-d.tasks!
I think most of the recent steem pump is because of your efforts! Thanks for your efforts. I will vote your witness too!

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Plus there are reports Facebook was down for hours yesterday, it was trending on Twitter under the hashtag Facebook down! #Steemit wasn't down, I was here all day yesterday and used that in my tweets against the privacy stealing social media giant!😂

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Upvote & Resteem don
Another good contest. tag @ramela @rabada2001 @mulder2000 @nanoz @priya1

Nice and liked the way Oracle D is making a difference .

My Retweets


My Tweet

I wanna invite @sanach @xawi @ayahsa @priyanarc @ifeoluwa88


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Due to phone's defect can't post 2 photos at one time so here is the another pic

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I am not useing twitter but i just post this on FB and give a link to steem.

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Another exciting task from you and your community
Here is my twitte replying to @steemnetwork tagging #tedcruz and #ewarren

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here is the link to my steemit blog https://steemit.com/steem/@adeyemidrey/promoting-steem-on-twitter-steemit-shun-dictatorship-allowed-freedom-of-speech-6167817cbf7c8 .i really appreciate the support of oracle-d.tasks all these while. Steem to the moon.

Nice, let's spread the word of our beloved blockchain :)

twitter bounty steem joel 3.PNG

Link to the tweet

twitter bounty steem joel 4.PNG

Link to the tweet

twitter bounty steem joel 1.PNG

twitter bounty steem joel 2.PNG

Come and join this community effort @truelovemom, @krathos, @chrstnv, @mirzantorres, @sthephany

the task is done and dusted, I have always appreciate oracle-d.tasks for their supports and golden opportunity given to everyone in promoting steem to the moon on social media. I nominate @mistakili @olumideolowoyeye @tifebaba @soundwavesphoton @femcy Screenshot_20190315-190804.pngScreenshot_20190315-190333.pngScreenshot_20190315-185932.png

Resteemed this article. Thank you for supporting Steem community. @Oracle-D @Oracle-D.tasks @andrarchy

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Replied to both, pointed out the collaborative nature of Steem in the tweets.

I hope one day an open type of a BlockChain to be used for a Presidential Election.

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Utopian is now live on Indiegogo

Thanks for supporting the development of Utopian Colony on Indiegogo!


Thank you sir I just trying to Champaign my vlog

My dtube link....

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Another Great undertaking nonce again I tag @borna, @mulder2000, @ramela, @nanoz, and @elva1999

My tweet

This is a call to @mismi, @maisa, @poetsunited, @roxy-cat and @angel35mm to come give their remark and welcome others to do likewise. See you at the best!

Am welcoming all of you to go along with me in doing this @julietisrael @taylor10, @ikrahch, @chireerocks, @madushanka

That's a great idea and I'm going to adapt it for our Federal election which will be fairly soon, it hasn't been decided yet. We have a slightly different system here in Australia.

Saya sangat suka postingan tentang utopian

Another amazing chance! It would be ideal if you head here @trebla2002 @ajks @orgoniteog @mohamedhany @groynes... If you don't mind prop the labels up.

Saya sangat suka postingan tentang utopian

Upvote and resteem

@dmilliz, @pittsburghhodlr, @emsonic, @honourmaus and @lordjeijo All of you should come and play your role.

Saya sangat suka postingan tentang utopian

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Hi @oracle-d.tasks

I realize that I'm late to the show here and I've not done all the tasks in this post but I wanted to share a screen shot of me involved in the conversation on twitter between the two presidential candidates.

Screenshot (374).png

And also be a bit cheekily and ask if you could take a look at the twitter tweet storm I have organised to help push for steem listing on coinbase. Many of us are active on twitter daily hustling to bring steem visibility. Any support and promotion of this tweet blast would be massively appreciated as my main influence is with the Seven77 twitter movement. If this post could get out to a wider steem audience and we get a tone more comments on Brian Armstrong's tweet asking which coin coinbase should list next, it could be the straw that breaks the camels back and wins us a listing. Check out my video and text presentation below. Thanks


About 121.7$ has been spent to promote this content.

This is a great idea, keep it up!

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And we want politicians meddling in STEEM why?

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My tweet

Much obliged for this stunning offer once more. taging my friend

@wilmerguedez @molynar @roxanac98 @electricbrails @ronalassidiq

My tweet

Upvote & Resteem done
Calling @foodndrin @sujun @villani @destinysaid @valchiz

Yeah lets go

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Saya sangat suka postingan tentang utopian

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