Support Steem on the @BittrexExchange's Latest Tweet [Win Upvotes]

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Yesterday, @theycallmedan and @aggroed brought our attention to the @Bittrex's latest tweet. They asked us a million dollar question: "What USD market pair would you want to see in 2019?"


This means that we have an opportunity to have STEEM-USD and SBD-USD trading pair on Bittrex Exchange! That would be a welcome move to open a new direct fiat exchange market for us. This also means that it would be easier to obtain STEEM directly with US Dollars which is the widely used Fiat currency all over the world.

If we can help get a fiat to steem pair it will change EVERYTHING for our wonderful community! We deserve this! Let’s blast it! Steemrollers!!!


Start date: 13-Jan-2018
End date: 20-Jan-2018


Reply to @bittrex's tweet and support STEEM!


  • Go to this tweet and take a moment to reply with $STEEM, #STEEM and/or $SBD, #SBD.
  • Post the screenshot of your reply in the comment section to get rewards.
  • Tag 5 Steemians in your comments and ask them to participate.
  • Resteem this post.


Comments posted meeting all requirements will be rewarded with upvotes. Amount of upvote will be at the discretion of Oracle-D.

Note 1: This is an OPEN TASK AVAILABLE TO ANYONE ON STEEM and hosted by Oracle-d! Only posts that follow the directions in this task sheet will receive an upvote for their contribution. Questions may be posted in the Oracle-D Discord.

Note 2: Strictly one comment per person. Anyone found abusing this in any way will not be upvoted and may be banned from participating in future tasks via Oracle-D.

NOTE: All liquid rewards will be donated to @girlsfoundation - non-governmental organization committed to the enlightenment of women and helping their need.

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is a new STEEM blockchain business venture bringing new investment into the ecosystem. Founded by @starkerz and @anarcotech, we previously were co-founders of the #promo-steem and @steem-ambassador projects, and we developed the CAMPUS curation system, which is a fully decentralised system for distributing rewards.

Core Mission

We remain apolitical, and our number one goal is to raise the price and utility of the STEEM blockchain, improve culture and education about the blockchain, and create opportunities which support exceptional quality content creators through collaboration with investors and clients. In other words, to add as much value to the blockchain every day as we can.

Account Creation API

If you are a DApp owner, your might be interested in our new account creation API. It helps small DApps with little SP or RCs to create their own sign up process to onboard new users on the Blockchain. You can read more about it in this blog or directly go to to register. It is available only for the DApp owners and not for the regular endusers.

How to support us.png
You can support us in the following ways:

  • Go to our campaign's link given above and donate to us. The funding we get will be used only to cover the expenses of the events we will attend to attract more investors.
  • Upvote & Resteem this blog and spread the word about Oracle-D and our campaign.
  • Support our writers and their content which will ultimately empower quality on the STEEM Blockchain.
  • Join our curation trail in SteemAuto to maximize your curation rewards.

Upvote @Oracle-D witness by going to

or directly through SteemConnect

Any kind of contribution is much appreciated and thank you for being a part of this Journey! Also, please do not hesitate to connect with us for any kind of collaborations that can help the STEEM Community grow.

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Connect with us at the following:

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We will love to appreciate @oracle-d for the love and support also for the effort put in place to make steemit a better place



@surfyogi, @mcsamm, @bleepcoin, @raymondbruce and @prettyjulies


A heart of gratitude.

Didn't know about the contest, I already have done it from some accounts. Going to resteem now <3

From my personal account @Azizbd

From Our Community Account @Steemitbd

From my Charity Account @SchoolForSDG4


From my ADSactly promotional Account @ADSactlybd


From my organization's account @theroadto2030

I request for action if you didn't notice it yet. Let's have some noise for steem.

@oracle-d Team, Yes, if Steem's USD pairing added on bittrex then for sure it can open the gate for flexibility and we can expect more investors which is inturn boost for the Steem Blockchain and Steem Ecosystem. Keep up team.



And donating your Liquid Rewards of this post is really kind act team. Stay blessed. 🙂


Thank you for pulling me here.

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We doing it together, thanks for the infor.


Welcome brother and enjoy your day. 🙂

Done!😉 I invite my friends @khussan @steemflow @dreemsteem @aple @nuthman to tweet to support Steem! Screenshot_20190112-174149.png


Hehhehe sorry I don't have a Twitter account!
I got rid of EVERYTHING except for Steem




Already done...thanks so much

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Thanks for add me here :)

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Already did...thanks for the heads up 👍

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Thank you for using @sleepagent bid bot serves.
This post has received a 28 % upvote from @sleepagent.



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Thanks for your daily effort to make the Steem blockchain a better place.
@papadog @kenanqhd @nicolcron @stickchumpion @intrepidsurfer

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I would love to see STEEM on the Moon...
Here is my friends- @clicked, @lavanyalakhsman, @afrinsultana, @embomb701 & @alokkumar121

Thank you so much :-)

Done ! I truly appreciate your effort to giving straighten to #STEEM



Thanks for placing my name in your comment.

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Already done brother. Have a blessed time ahead. 🙂


I already done friend. Thanks for mentioned me.

Would love to see steem pairs and inviting my friends... @kiel91 @moghul @certain @kardiva @vickykarma

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You are a bad guy. Why have you made multiple comments here? @ahmanik
@magoo-2 flagged you. If you answer my question, then I'll remove the flag.

I have supported steem-usd and steem dollars are on bittrex. and I invite other friends @pupu93, @siipank, @midun, @sudutpandang, and @jhoni, hopefully we can all make it happen.


Thanks guys for making this contest, I participated in the previous one about netcoins and I will participate in this. I'm sure that @dtube community will make a lot of this from now. I tag @cryptospa , @soufiani , @eaglespirit , @behelen and @emsonic for this. I hope guys you will participate in this and let's help steem go to the moon. Let it be as soon and possible. Bittrex is the biggest exchanger in the world.

Here is my reply :

I've also recorded a video about this topic, so more dtubers will do this task :

Thanks @oracle-d for supporting steem.


Thank you for add @clixmoney ! Peace :)

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@xawi @mango-juice @ifeoluwa88 @clicked @akomoajong , guys join the campaign, steem to the top

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@clicked @jlordc @fredkese @paajohnny @afolwalex come and make your comment

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sbd pair for oracle.PNG


Tagging you to see if you want to support STEEM and get a great comment upvote

Reminds me of when we rallied for the Netcoins listing.

Hmmm 5 Steemians to tag. Let's see. Hope y'all don't mind. I know at least a few of you have Twitter.

@jlsplatts , @overkillcoin, @steemseph, @snowpea, and @paulag.

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Apoyen al STEEM y reciban recompensas @nieuscarin @edgargonzalez @sarix @cimillan @keisslermt

Let us show them, @bittrex what we've got. Support #steem:

show your support

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Thank you💞

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Invited @deantonio @cdaveboyles23 @ediah @g10a @kneelyrac and @delpha to join and do your part

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I voted for Steem. But a lot people voted for NOAH. Where are all the Steemians? I invite the following people to vote: @tarazdk, @taskmaster4450, @spectrumecons, @exyle, @pennsif.

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Thank you for inviting me @zephalexia

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  ·  4년 전

Already done ;)

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  ·  4년 전

Oh no! I'd already done it!
@mariannewest @stinawog @loch @ecoinstant @honeydue

I invite @mermaidvampire @otom @olivia08 @sweetkathy and @sweetcha to join and support steem and sbd

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  ·  4년 전

Yup, but my twitter account is suspended and was also mentioned by @zephalexia a couple of hours ago, thanks a lot we need @tazky @ankarlie @jurich60 @mers @dizzyapple

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@abidemiademok21, @mickey1036, @teeflow, @damascene, @hayomi I invite you all to participate

bittrex midun.png
Let's do it guys : @chalidy @muzac @inesanugerawati @saffana @yati


Okey my friends

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OK, Thank You dek😊

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I should need to call up @martin5, @amr008 @adam21 @jack333 @mismi to be a bit of it !

Done I would like to invite@abcor ,@adran@alax,@onepracticalcat,@ballo. to do the same thanks for supporting #steem

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Support Bittrex with Steem and SBD? Have you voted @robertoueti @aracieli @braaiboy @eto-ka @bucipuci



For Sure! Multiple accounts actually :P


Should have guessed you all fired up to go already...

Sure thing, I will support Steem 100%! Do you want to join this as well, @metzli @chekohler @jenina619 @netzisde @bububoomt ?!?


Done <3

I encourage @sumonsha, @purepinag @harbysco @ugela @yandot to do likewise and furthermore get out other 5 companions. See you at the moon!

I am moving toward caring for you to do the proportional @maisa, @jacquiline5, @miller1, @masud1, @selina2 !

I have done resteem,it is a easy task join it guys

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Thank you @oracle-d for your efforts! Below is a screenshot of my tweet and I invite @microlead, @good-jessica, @shila @gefa and @nki.


So I think I was the first to make a video about it, does that help? 😅

@dnews @alphasteem @blind-spot @onefatindian @graylan @techcoderx @toddmck

The power of 7 💪


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I invite to vote $STEEM, #STEEM
@sondormon @walid321 @saafir @sharif77 @rabiul23


@angoujkalis @sho-t @tonpa @ytrphoto @yukiando

We are Japanese Steemian.

Here's my screenshot and I invite: @crypt-skip, @derekrichardson,, @goldendawne, @mariannewest Please help get Steem on Bittrex by replying to their Twitter.
bittrex for steem.JPG


So I am approaching sympathetic for you to do the equivalent @nanoz @artaddict @dimarss @zebraprint @maisa and @damla !


Spread the news to partners, we can do this.

@african1, @masud1, @nanoz @miller1 @maisa @selina2 @jenny2

On Twitter Screenshot

Twitter Invitation

And Dtube Post Link-

I trust that my buddies @wizardzap @lordnigel @derekrichardson @mariannewest and @manuel78 won’t mind me asking them for a mention for this cause. Let’s promote Steem IRL! 😁

I actually responded with “Steem” before seeing this post. So, I’m gonna reply to them again with a fierce beta fish image.

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Replied and made a retweet

bittrex screeshot.jpg

Also shared on Instagram and posted on SteemIt

My tags: @abh12345, @wolfhart, @lynncoyle1, @bashadow, @thedarkhorse


Yep, done my bit the other day :D

And done :)

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 3.26.44 PM.png

come and help this



Already done 💪

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well done!!


I tweeted them yesterday... My first tweet in months!

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I am trying to get back in my social media game - not easy...

IB Bittrex.png

I'm calling upon @papa-pepper, @tojukaka, @purpledaisy57, @tesaganewton, @mariez to help get steem and SBD listed.

Already did....

I done this and I would like to invite @sumitshukla ,@clayrawlings ,@adsactly , rahul1998

@honoru @abcallen @ericet @softmetal @myreader come and join this event.

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I am inviting @uche-nna @kristenantai01 @udezee @mbj @inspiredgideon1 to join in voting steem to the Top.

Thanks sir @oracle-d
Join it all guys
@onelafa @bangladesh71 @bigredd @rahim @karim

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You are a bad guy. Why have you made multiple comments here? @ahmanik
@magoo-2 flagged you. If you answer my question, then I'll remove the flag.

Done. Has to be Steem and SBD

@wilhb81 @bboyady @honoru @ericet @softmetal

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HI @oracle-d

I am also in this fight man...I also tweeted bittrex and commented on their post.

I also made a post to make us steem people more aware about it.

steem to moon!

I would like to invite @clicked @minhaz007, @ferrate, @burlarj and @xawi to get involved!

Brilliant shout @oracle-d. Here's mine.

My 5 are: @thevillan, @rentmoney, @working2005, @britishbeef, @twowheeledmonkey

Lets hope we smash it!

in the same way as other tweets on steem as you see there.

Steem to the moon.

Go along with me, let us do this for steem..

@miller1 @paajohnny @masud1 @jenny2 @masud90 @masud91

I welcome the majority of my followers to surrender and support steem. @chrisian, @david, @samuel, @jeline, @bookons, @oredebby, @emekasegun, and so on. The best is coming soon

I am welcoming @aarohi @borna, @soan55 @mitchel55 @inspiredgideon1 to participate in casting a ballot steem to the Top.

Done at teh very start


I invite @ifeoluwa88 @xawi @jlordc @mango-juice @ferrate

Done!! :)IMG_20190113_174853.png

Done replied and shared
@janicechua @auleo @bboyady @joelai @pizzapai

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what is this sir blanchy and who's profile picture is that? I'm not on twitter.


Just had to tag 5 people . Unfortunately you were one of those ! That’s my profile . Trying to get steem on my beloved bittrex .

Lets make steem/usd, guys I know we can do it
@rufans @tezzmax @valchiz @honourmaus @hornblende @destinysaid


@oracle-d . Bittrex states trading pair so $steem won’t suffice . We need to put steem/USD if we want any chance . Just seeing some twitter relies fillings the instructions above .

Done... Hope for the best. @veenang @wilsonkoh @robmojo @tommyl33 @nickychu

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Hehehe sorry..I just told @jenina619 also
...I don't have a Twitter account.

I can resteem! Hehhee. But Steem is my only social media that I use!!!! 😍

#soldoutforsteem Lololol


Ahahah well I keep using Twitter🐣 to attract more people coming into Steem!😉

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It's a great idea!!!

I just was never very active on it anyway... So I just dumped it 😂😂😂😂

I would like to see #STEEM paired with USD Because I like #STEEM

I want mention my freinds @certain

I comment and tweeted.



I invite @apiprincz, @enolife, @emma001, @samminator and @ayobaba to come do their own part.

@trumpman @idikuci @holybranches @doomsdaychassis @dj123 @diebitch get your assess over here and vote for steem on twitter

Feeling Happy to support STEEM

I would like to invite some of my sleepy friends- @robertt @luckys, @mamun123456 @jyoti-thelight @gaboski

Thank you @oracle-d & I really appreciate your effort...


... don´t you think that would be great for the future of STEEM? Go on so we might get the USD - STEEM pair listed at bitrex exchange

Have done it before this post ;)
@artakush @kevinli @captainbob @camuel @myndnow


I call upon the following steemians to participate in this task:



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I like to invite my real friends and I already like to steem

@memes777 @maxer27 @ashikstd @urme33

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Join this contest
@lordgod @minhaz007 @surpassinggoogle @kwaiicrush @osyvv

**make this post for Bengali community

Sir @oracle-d i translate this Article For Bengali Community check please

Bengali Community support steem on @bittrex Exchange

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You are a bad guy. Why have you made multiple comments here? @ahmanik
@magoo-2 flagged you. If you answer my question, then I'll remove the flag.


Already done. Enjoy your day. 🙂

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I invite @payama @hersmart4ever @romblomanon @fotograpiade14 and @reginacatajay to check this tweet post and join the campaign.

I invite @payama @hersmart4ever @romblomanon @fotograpiade14 and @reginacatajay to check this tweet post and join the campaign.


I will do it bro

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Happy to see people from all the corners are coming together to make something happen.

@monikaa @urindianconsumer @steemflow @rea @bluengel

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This is my eighth nomination in a single day ..glad I made it before..😉

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Thanks...I already completed it

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Steem would be the great pair with USD.. I'd like to mention @sanach @aamirijaz @abdulmanan @syedumair @kamchore @xabi


スクリーンショット 2019-01-13 16.15.16.png

Done Thanks @bitrocker2020 for the tag... And I remember someone else tagged me earlier but I couldn't remember who... Thanks a lot!

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I would love my great companions to join the battle
@perry1, @villani, @lararose, @sumonsha, @namtra

done @oracle-d

I approach some dynamic Steemians to get the word around @taylor10, @ikrahch, @chireerocks, @madushanka


Already done brother. Stay blessed. 🙂

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I invite @vheobong, @zizymena, @aniky3reasure, @jhon and @k-banti to come check this out and do their part.


Awesome! Seen and participated 😊

I would love to see bolster from my extraordinary companions on the steem blockchain @xawi @rehan12 @ifeoluwa88 @akomoajong @jlordc @ferrate @udezee


Done that yesterday already. Love to see you guys keeping your eyes open to all this stuff 😉

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